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  • Private plane slides off Bend runway; no injuries - Tue, 16 Jan 2018 PSTPrivate plane slides off Bend runway; no injuries - Tue, 16 Jan 2018 PST

    Gary Judd, manager of the Bend Municipal Airport, tells The Bulletin newspaper that nobody was injured in Tuesday's mishap and the Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 does not appear damaged. Judd says the plane skidded at the end of the runway and went about 10 yards off the runway into a dirt bank.

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  • 8 Types of Charts Made Possible by Data Visualization8 Types of Charts Made Possible by Data Visualization

    There’s a lot that can be gained by pouring over dense pages of research, or individually looking at sets of data. In fact, the most successful individuals and companies often spend a lot of time doing both of these things. Fortunately for those who aren’t eager to spend hours on end parsing through esoteric jargon and numbers, data visualization makes the process a whole lot easier.   It’s no secret that data is crucial for businesses, which is why the biggest, most successful firms integrate it into as many areas as possible. Luckily for all the non-data analysts out there, this information is becoming more accessible by the day. Here are eight types of charts made possible by data visualization.   Dot Distribution Map You’ve probably seen maps that show voter turnout over a state. Certain numbers of votes will be represented by a blue or red dot on the map. This is commonly referred to as a dot distribution map. There are many potential applications for this sort of data visualization tool. It has the benefit of being extremely easy to understand in most situations.   Scatter Plot A scatter plot shows the distribution of data points as pertaining to two variables. These data visualization tools often will reveal patterns among data that might otherwise not have seemed particularly valuable. Connected scatter plots show a sequential progression of data when variables are fixed. However, it’s more common for the dots to be truly scattered, showing a general correlation versus a cut-and-dry line.   Temporal Temporal data visualization just shows a visual representation of how the variable of time affects other variables. There are several types of graphs and other tools that can represent this. Data visualization tools that can trend data and extract insights instantaneously are some of the most valuable for organizations trying to understand temporal trends.   Pie Chart It’s one of the first visual aids you learn in school. Despite its simplicity, a pie chart should be taken seriously as a valid form of data visualization. Understanding proportionality can be extremely challenging in verbal or written form. Seeing a pie chart can lend perspective to concepts that otherwise might be too abstract for the normal person.   Tree Diagram There are several ways of formatting a tree diagram. The most important characteristic of them in general is that they branch out, similar to a tree. This kind of data visualization is extremely helpful for laying out the hierarchical nature of something.   Ring Chart A ring (or donut) chart sort of synthesizes the ideas of a pie chart and tree diagram into one. On one hand, it shows proportionality in a circular fashion, similar to the pie chart. It also incorporates the hierarchy of a tree diagram with the concentric layers of rings. This data visualization tool can incorporate a lot of seemingly unrelated information into one, highly relevant outline.   Node-Link As the name suggests, a node-link diagram utilizes both nodes and links. What does this mean? Like a scatter plot, the nodes show certain points of data. These can be arranged in a variety of ways based on the information and intent of the diagram. The links then show how those nodes are related to one another. There can be one, or many, kinds of links that highlight the similarities or differences of various nodes.   Alluvial Diagram Alluvial diagrams aren’t necessarily intuitive, but can be extremely useful for a wide range of applications. Essentially, this kind of data visualization tool shows relationships between various data streams. These diagrams flow across different time periods or other constraints, and can break into smaller flows over the progression.   These are a few of the most useful ways companies can use data visualization in order to create applicable charts. If you’re a business owner or manager, it’s a good idea to understand how these tools can potentially help you see underlying data in a new way. The post 8 Types of Charts Made Possible by Data Visualization appeared first on Cascade Business News.

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  • Construction Safety Summit Coming to Central OregonConstruction Safety Summit Coming to Central Oregon

    The safety and health of workers in the residential, commercial, and industrial construction industries will take center stage during a two-day training conference in central Oregon. Topics covered during the January 29-30 Mid-Oregon Construction Safety Summit will include ladder safety, excavation rules, electrical safety, construction-related health hazards, and elimination of fall hazards. Oregon’s Occupational Safety and Health Division (Oregon OSHA), a division of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, is one of several partners presenting the 17th annual summit at the Riverhouse on the Deschutes Convention Center in Bend. Those partners include the nonprofit Central Oregon Safety and Health Association. The summit’s keynote speaker is Russ Nicolai, safety director for Snyder, a commercial roofing contractor with offices in Oregon and Washington. During his Jan. 30 presentation, “Changing One’s Perspective,” Nicolai will discuss how innovations can create successes in protecting workers and boosting company performance. The summit also offers opportunities for attendees to earn continuing education credits through Oregon’s Construction Contractors Board and Landscape Contractors Board. Moreover, certification and re-certification will be offered for first-aid personnel and workzone flaggers. The two-day summit’s other workshops include: * Construction A-Z. This session reviews the many hazards found in construction and demolition, and the best practices — and requirements — for correcting them. * General excavation safety. * Electrical safety and you. * Understanding and implementing the new silica standard for construction. * Defensive driving strategies for central Oregon. * Hand/power tools and personal protective equipment. Registration for pre-conference workshops (Monday, Jan. 29) is $50. Conference registration (Tuesday, Jan. 30) is $85. Registration for the OSHA 10-hour training for construction is $140 for both days. To register, go to https://safetyseries.cvent.com/summit18. If you have questions or need help registering, call the Oregon OSHA Conference Section, 503-947-7411. About Oregon OSHA Oregon OSHA, a division of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, enforces the state’s workplace safety and health rules and works to improve workplace safety and health for all Oregon workers. For more information, go to www.osha.oregon.gov. The Department of Consumer and Business Services is Oregon’s largest business regulatory and consumer protection agency. For more information, go to www.dcbs.oregon.gov. The post Construction Safety Summit Coming to Central Oregon appeared first on Cascade Business News.

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  • “Know Transformation” throughout February at Deschutes Public Library “Know Transformation” throughout February at Deschutes Public Library 

    If you’ve resolved to change something in 2018, you’re not alone—it’s estimated that roughly 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. From eating healthier to learning something new, the turn of a year can spark the desire for transformation. This February Deschutes Public Library invites you to explore transformation in a variety of forms. From personal renewals to the changing geography of our region, you’ll learn about transformation from experts, artists and scholars. All programs are free and open to the public; registration required for programs noted with an asterisk (*). Transformation as a Way of Life Research shows that people who have a growth mindset are more likely to be resilient, know and utilize their inner and outer resources, and be both successful and innovative. Using some experiential tactics, this talk will bring people into direct contact with their own inner wisdom as an inner resource for being on the journey of transformation as a way of life, and will give ongoing practices for participants to do in their lives if they wish to live more fully with a growth mindset leading the way.          Sunday, February 4  1:00 p.m.  Downtown Bend Library | 601 NW Wall Street, Bend          Tuesday, February 20  12:00 p.m.  La Pine Library | 16425 1st Street, La Pine Central Oregon Volcanoes Volcanic activity has occurred in Central Oregon for the past 40 million years, and will likely continue in the future. The volcanoes scattered throughout Central Oregon make up one of the most active and diverse sections of the entire Cascade range. Geologist Daniele McKay explores the history of these volcanoes, from explosive eruptions to quiet lava flows. We’ll examine how volcanic activity has transformed the landscapes around us, and what future eruptions in Central Oregon might look like.          Sunday, February 4  3:00 p.m.  Downtown Bend Library | 601 NW Wall Street, Bend          Saturday, February 24  2:00 p.m.  Redmond Library | 827 SW Deschutes Avenue, Redmond From Vintage to Valentines Workshop* Create vintage Valentines that will make any heart swoon. Use colorful ruched crepe paper with vintage trims and embellishments. Tinseled and glittered trims line larger paper hearts with the loveliest Valentine patterns. Vintage embellishments include velvet flowers, glittered hearts and cupids, golden arrows, and vintage Valentine postcards. Hung with elegant ribbon to ensure these large tiered valentines spread love to all of your valentines. Space is limited and registration is required; register online at http://bit.ly/2AN4MXY for the Sisters workshop, and http://bit.ly/2Fq9pL1 for the Downtown Bend workshop.          Friday, February 9  noon-2:00 p.m.  Sisters Library | 110 North Cedar Street, Sisters          Saturday, February 10  1:00-3:00 p.m.  Downtown Bend Library | 601 NW Wall Street, Bend Deschutes National Forest From the crest of the High Cascades eastward to the High Desert, the Deschutes National Forest is one of America’s great national treasures. Learn about the history of our treasured land from one of Bend’s top historians, Les Joslin. Les wrote a book on the Deschutes National Forest, published in 2017; he has also written book on local legends from Bend, the Tuzigoot National Monument, and many other historic subjects.          Tuesday, February 20  6:00 p.m. | Downtown Bend Library | 601 NW Wall Street, Bend My Nutritional Transformation Transform your health with nutrition! In this class we’ll explore how making small yet impactful changes to your everyday habits can lead to a healthier, happier you. You’ll leave armed with an action plan, and a baseline health score you can compare to in the next 30 days. This class is more than learning how: when you understand why and get clear on your motivation for your health goals, you are more likely to follow through. Mari Jacobson is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in Bend. Her business My Nutrition Thing focuses on your nutrition and lifestyle, personalized to fit your specific needs.          Thursday, February 22  6:00 p.m.  East Bend Library | 62080 Dean Swift Road, Bend          Friday, February 23  noon  Sunriver Library | 56855 Venture Lane, Sunriver For more information about these programs, please visit the library website at www.deschuteslibrary.org. People with disabilities needing accommodations (alternative formats, seating or auxiliary aides) should contact Liz Goodrich at lizg@deschuteslibrary.org or 541-312-1032. The Deschutes Public Library, located in the high desert of Central Oregon, serves Deschutes County residents through libraries in Bend, La Pine, Redmond, Sisters and Sunriver. Outreach services to senior centers, day care providers and homebound residents are an integral part of the Library. The Library’s website provides access to hundreds of resources, magazine articles, downloadable eBooks, and more from the comfort of home and work. The Library also offers free and dynamic cultural programming for all ages to enrich our daily experience and encourage all residents to Know More. The post “Know Transformation” throughout February at Deschutes Public Library  appeared first on Cascade Business News.

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  • FBI Tech Tuesday: Building a Defense Against Diet ScamsFBI Tech Tuesday: Building a Defense Against Diet Scams

    Earlier this month, we talked about setting New Year’s resolutions to keep your new tech gadgets safe. This week, are sharing some advice from our friends at the Federal Trade Commission about a different kind of resolution — the kind that has you desperate to drop a few pounds. This time of year you are likely seeing all kinds of ads on social media for the latest new gadget, drug or breakthrough to help you lose weight or get in shape. The before-and-after photos are stunning — if that person can do it, as the story goes, you can, too! The best part — you often don’t have to diet or work out. Shell out a few dollars, and the new you will be shopping for bathing suits soon. As the FTC can tell you, though, there are plenty of scams mixed in with legitimate offers — and if you fall for one, the only thing that will lose weight is your wallet. The FTC recommends: * Pass on any patch, pill or gadget that promises you can eat all you want and still lose weight permanently. Losing weight requires sensible food choices, and long-term success will require permanent lifestyle changes. * Electronic devices that offer to slim and tone your body usually only have temporary effects on muscle strength. Most were made for physical therapy and rehabilitation — not to give you 6-pack abs. Getting real exercise is your best bet for that. * Be wary of the photos that allegedly prove what money can buy you. The photos can easily be faked, and even if they aren’t — there’s no guarantee that the now-skinny person in the “after” picture didn’t actually diet and work out in addition to using whatever the miracle product was. * Recognize that everybody is different. Even if the item is legitimate and does help some people — it won’t necessarily help you. Bottom line — there is no “miracle” drug or product that is going to make your body lighter or stronger for the long run. If you are tempted, make sure you do your homework, talk to your doctor and think before you give online scammers your credit card number. If you need more detail on diet and device scams, go to FTC.gov or FDA.gov. If you have been victimized by an online scam, be sure to report it to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at www.ic3.gov or call your local FBI office. The post FBI Tech Tuesday: Building a Defense Against Diet Scams appeared first on Cascade Business News.

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  • Free Tax Preparation SessionsFree Tax Preparation Sessions

    Bend Public Library Saturdays and Sundays, February 3 – April 14, 2018 AARP Foundation Tax-Aide is offering free tax preparation sessions for Central Oregonians at the Downtown Bend Public Library.  Come to the library to learn more about tax credits and have an IRS-Certified Volunteer prepare your taxes.  Taxes are prepared online, using IRS certified software and then electronically transmitted to the IRS.  Certified tax volunteers will also be available to answer some your tax questions. Walk-in sessions at the Downtown Bend Library are on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m. beginning February 3rd.  For more information visit http://cashoregon.org  for a list of items to bring with you to the session. The Deschutes Public Library, located in the high desert of Central Oregon serves more than 175,000 Deschutes County residents through libraries in Downtown Bend, East Bend, La Pine, Redmond, Sisters, and Sunriver.  The Library’s website provides access to hundreds of resources, magazine articles, downloadable books, from the comfort of home and work.  The Library offers free and dynamic cultural programming for all ages to enrich our daily experience and encourage all residents to Know More. The post Free Tax Preparation Sessions appeared first on Cascade Business News.

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  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Bend’s Board of Directors Announce the Addition of Four New Board MembersBoys & Girls Clubs of Bend’s Board of Directors Announce the Addition of Four New Board Members

    (Photos above: L-R Jana Michel, Tressa Shuttleworth, Andrinna Leask and Jeremy Lewallen | courtesy of Boys & Girls Club of Bend) The Boys & Girls Club of Bend is excited to announce the addition of four new board members: Jana Michel, Tressa Shuttleworth, Andrinna Leask and Jeremy Lewallen. The four new directors join an organization that has, for 24 years, been dedicated to serving the youth and families of Bend. Michel works as a CPA for SGA CPAs and Consultants, with experience working closely with nonprofit organizations. Shuttleworth is a Sales Consultant at Kendall Mercedes in Bend and has a passion for marketing and event planning. Leask is knowledgeable in organizational development and currently works in human resources with local company, Hooker Creek. Lewallen is experienced in the business and accounting world and owns Riverview Tax & Accounting PC. Boys & Girls Clubs of Bend’s Executive Director, Amanda Gow said, “We are excited to welcome the new members to the Board of Directors for Boys & Girls Clubs. Each new member brings a valuable skill set to our team and a passion for the young people we serve. We are looking forward to making great things happen at the Club with our new team!” Michel, Shuttleworth, Leask and Lewallen join the now-15-member-board along with current members: Steve Shropshire, Shon Rae, Sarah Harlos, Aaron Trudel, Jim Crowell, Johanna Sylvester, Jacob Espinoza, Katie Gibson, Andee Phillips, Dan Hill and Kameron Neal. www.bgcbend.org 541-617-2877 ext. 0 The post Boys & Girls Clubs of Bend’s Board of Directors Announce the Addition of Four New Board Members appeared first on Cascade Business News.

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  • Area Credit Unions Fund Youth Bullying & Suicide Prevention EffortsArea Credit Unions Fund Youth Bullying & Suicide Prevention Efforts

    (Photo above: Credit Unions Working Together present a check for $10,000 to Younity for anti-bullying and suicide prevention programs. From left: Kyle Frick, Mid Oregon Credit Union; Stephen Wymer, OnPoint Community Credit Union; Wayne Hanson, Mid Oregon Credit Union; Arlene Gibson, Younity; Hailey Beckwith (a recent Challenge Days participant), student at Obsidian Middle School; Wendy Graunitz, OnPoint Community Credit Union; Jeff Ludeman, SELCO Community Credit Union, and Matt Nicasio, First Community Credit Union. Not Pictured: Tricia Wanous, Oregonians Credit Union) In response to a recent uptick in local teen suicides, area credit unions have joined forces to help make a difference for young people in Central Oregon. As part of its fundraising efforts in conjunction with the annual Drake Park Rotary Duck Race, Credit Unions Working Together has presented Younity with a check for $10,000 to fund a series of Challenge Days to combat bullying and teen suicide in local middle and high schools. The funding provided by Credit Unions Working Together will provide Challenge Day programs at four local schools in the spring of 2018, to a total of 600 students. Credit Unions Working Together is a coalition of local credit union employees and executives who cooperate to raise funds for local community efforts. The coalition includes Mid Oregon Credit Union, OnPoint Community Credit Union, First Community Credit Union, SELCO Community Credit Union and Oregonians Credit Union. “As credit unions, our members expect us to take an active role in the communities we serve, and issues affecting the health of local families always take highest priority,” says Kyle Frick, VP Marketing for Mid Oregon Credit Union. “We believed we had a unique opportunity to respond quickly to this critical issue affecting young people in our community. I’d like to thank our partner credit unions, as well as our local Rotary Clubs for their partnership in providing this opportunity. We’re delighted that we can help Younity provide its award-winning program to even more local students.” Younity is a Central Oregon-based nonprofit celebrating its 10th year of operations, dedicated to helping students, parents and teachers effectively respond to bullying by providing bully-awareness and prevention programs and events to youth and adults throughout Central Oregon, including the award-winning Challenge Day (developed for middle and high school students) and our own Inspiration Day program (developed for elementary school-aged youth).  An entirely volunteer-driven program with no paid employees, Younity funds, supports and conducts workshops that: Teach—youth and adult participants how to effectively respond to bullying in its many forms. Help—participants discover their own self power, become more aware of their actions. Develop—greater compassion in the way they treat others. www.younityus.org www.midoregon.com The post Area Credit Unions Fund Youth Bullying & Suicide Prevention Efforts appeared first on Cascade Business News.

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  • Tax Reform & Your Employee BenefitsTax Reform & Your Employee Benefits

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“tax reform”) was signed into law in late December, and if you are still processing how this law affects your business, you are not alone. The late passage date and far-reaching effects of the law have left many businesses struggling to understand where to focus their attention. While the final version of the law omits many of the employee benefits changes that were discussed at varying stages of the law’s development, the final version does in fact have (sometimes surprising) effects on employee benefits, and in some situations the way employers may choose to offer those benefits in 2018. Tax Reform and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) The most common question that I have gotten since tax reform passed is “does this repeal the ACA?” This question comes from the fact that tax reform does repeal a component of the ACA: the individual mandate. The individual mandate is the piece of the law that requires individuals to pay a tax if they do not maintain health coverage. The Supreme Court determined that the individual mandate was a tax when it considered the issue, so the mandate was on the table for repeal through tax reform. However, tax reform does not repeal any other aspects of the ACA. Employers with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees still have penalty exposure if they do not offer health coverage, and the ACA’s reporting requirements remain in effect. The individual mandate repeal is effective in 2019. Commuting Expenses Many employers have historically assisted employees by paying for bus passes, parking, or other transportation-related expenses. These benefits have been part of the package of benefits offered to employees and have been a tax-deductible expense for employers. Where employers have not directly paid for all or part of an employee’s transportation expenses, employees have had the option to pay for certain qualifying expenses on a pre-tax basis through a qualified transportation plan offered by the employer. Tax reform changes how these benefits are managed because effective for tax years on or after 2017 (this means 1/1/18, unless your company operates on a tax year other than the calendar year), transportation expenses are no longer deductible for the employer. Employers can still pay for these benefits; they just cannot deduct the cost. For those worried about the deduction, a simple workaround is to pay employees the cost of these benefits as wages and then let them pay for them directly on a pre-tax basis through a transportation plan. Moving Expenses For employers who regularly ask employees to relocate for work or hire employees from other parts of the country, another important aspect of tax reform is the bill’s treatment of moving expenses. Starting in 2018 and continuing for eight years, most employees will lose the ability to exclude moving expenses from income or deduct moving expenses. Exceptions exist for certain members of the Armed Forces. Employers that maintain a qualified plan to address moving expenses may want to have that plan reviewed and adjusted to ensure that employees understand the current treatment of moving expenses. Other Fringe Benefits Tax reform eliminates in full or part several other deductions related to fringe benefits offered to employees. In particular, beginning with an employer’s first tax year after 2017, the special exception that allowed employers to deduct certain meal expenses at a 100 percent level is eliminated (50 percent remains deductible). In addition, the partial deduction for certain work-related entertainment has been eliminated, and stricter limits now exist related to the deductibility of employee-achievement awards. 401(k) Changes To the relief of many, tax reform left 401(k)s and other retirement plans largely unchanged. However, the bill does include some adjustments. In particular, when a participant severs employment with an employer, and that participant has a retirement loan outstanding, the participant used to have to pay off the loan within 60 days or face tax penalties. New rules allow a participant until the due date (including extensions) for a participant’s tax return for a given year to make payment. Loan documentation should be updated to reflect these new rules. Tax Credit for Employers that Offer Paid FMLA Leave Beginning in tax years after 2017, employers that opt to pay at least 50 percent of an employee’s wages for at least two weeks of FMLA leave are eligible for a tax credit of 12.5 percent of the wages actually paid. Where employers pay for more than 50 percent of wages, the tax credit rate can increase to as much as 25 percent. The tax credit is available for wages paid up to 12 weeks and is limited to leave taken under FMLA. Iris Tilley, partner at Barran Liebman LLP, advises employers in all aspects of employment law, from advice and litigation to the design, administration, and termination of qualified retirement plans, non-qualified deferred compensation arrangements, and health and welfare plans. www.barran.com The post Tax Reform & Your Employee Benefits appeared first on Cascade Business News.

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  • Ascent Architecture & Interiors Launches Small Business TeamAscent Architecture & Interiors Launches Small Business Team

    (Photo above: Ascent designed Silver Moon’s downtown Bend pub, which won the High Desert Design Council’s “Best Commercial Interiors” award in 2017.” | courtesy of Ascent Architecture & Interiors) Ascent’s new Small Business Team delivers exceptional value and design for small business owners. A thoughtfully designed space can make all the difference in a small business’ long-term success. For example, architecture and interior design communicates a business’ identity, affects employee workflows, and influences overall customer experience. To better help business owners navigate the often-complex design and permitting process—and ultimately create spaces business owners and their customers love—Ascent Architecture & Interiors has launched its Small Business Team (SBT) for 2018. Ascent’s SBT offers a streamlined tenant-improvement and permitting process to help business owners get back to doing what they do best—running their businesses. Led by Ascent’s award-winning interior design department, the SBT has all of Ascent’s resources behind it, including the firm’s supervising architects, engineering consultants, and drafting support. These are the same professionals who designed the Silver Moon Brewing Pub (named High Desert Design Council “Best Commercial Interiors” for 2017), Agency Revolution, TenThirty Coworking, 900 Wall, Distinctive Dentistry and many more. Ascent’s talented designers, combined with the SBT value-based pricing, ensure tenant-improvement (TI) projects are beautifully designed, comply with building codes, and meet budgets. Small business owners will work one-on-one with: Lynn Baker, Ascent Lead Interior Designer: An NCIDQ-certified (No. 29584) interior designer, Baker has spent more than a decade creating award-winning commercial and medical spaces. Her specialties include life-safety, code compliance and incorporating brand into interiors. Tia Hanson, Ascent Small Projects Specialist/Designer: Hanson combines her master’s degree in interior architecture with her undergraduate study of human development to understand how employees and clients interact with spaces. She works to understand small business’ needs to create functional and attractive spaces. “When we work with small business clients, we strive for a collaborative approach, taking the client’s ideas and input and working with them to design the best space for their business,” says Baker. Ascent SBT project types include retail, restaurants, medical clinics, dental clinics, veterinary hospitals, administrative offices and more. lbaker@ascentarch.com, thanson@ascentarch.com ascent-architecture.com The post Ascent Architecture & Interiors Launches Small Business Team appeared first on Cascade Business News.

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  • WinterCreek Nursery Celebrates 25 YearsWinterCreek Nursery Celebrates 25 Years

    (Photo courtesy of WinterCreek Nursery) This year, WinterCreek Nursery celebrates 25 years in business! WinterCreek Nursery started out in 1993 as a small perennial nursery, and has grown into the largest native plant nursery in central Oregon, thanks to our customers and continuing community support. Originally named Sage Creek Gardens, the nursery merged in 2002 with Winter Farms, Inc., a native plant landscape company formally established in 2000. The names were combined to create WinterCreek, and the business has continued to flourish ever since. The company now includes the native plant propagation nursery, landscape design services, consultation, and a full-service landscape construction division. In twenty-five years, through the good years and the lean years, WinterCreek has maintained their original mission; the conservation of native plant communities throughout the west. WinterCreek Nursery started propagating central Oregon native plants in 1994, and has never looked back. It now propagates over 120 species of plants native to central and eastern Oregon, and provides plant material to homeowners and contractors. Some of the plants are purchased by nursery stock brokers and resold to retail distributors in Nevada, Utah, and California. WinterCreek has remained a strong community supporter throughout the years. They regularly contribute to various local organizations through donations of plant material, in-kind labor, or monetarily. They also provide educational seminars to school groups, gardening clubs, professional societies, and institutions such as Oregon State University. All of us at WinterCreek Nursery want to thank everyone who has supported us through the years; our customers, enthusiasts, and loyal facebook followers around the country. We look forward to the next 25 years! The post WinterCreek Nursery Celebrates 25 Years appeared first on Cascade Business News.

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  • Private Plane Slides off Bend Runway; No Injuries - U.S. News & World ReportPrivate Plane Slides off Bend Runway; No Injuries - U.S. News & World Report

    KTVZPrivate Plane Slides off Bend Runway; No InjuriesU.S. News & World ReportBEND, Ore. (AP) — A private jet carrying six people slid off a runway after landing in Bend, Oregon. Gary Judd, manager of the Bend Municipal Airport, tells The Bulletin newspaper that nobody was injured in Tuesday's mishap and the Embraer EMB-505 ...Icy roads spark crashes; jet off Bend Airport runwayKTVZSmall private plane slides off Oregon runway; no injuriesNews & ObserverPrivate jet skids off runway in BendBend Bulletinall 5 news articles »

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  • Prineville Plans Major Infrastructure Projects in 2018Prineville Plans Major Infrastructure Projects in 2018

    PRINEVILLE, OR -- The City of Prineville has big plans for infrastructure improvements in 2018, all thanks to a partnership with ODOT, and $3 million from the State through the Transportation Grant.   Phil Stenbeck, Planning Director for the City of Prineville, says growth is one of the main reasons for the work. "We have a roundabout going in on the Highway, at the intersection of Tom McCall Road and Highway 126. That particular roundabout is going in, and is particularly designed to, help the traffic in the area. So, that is the area where we have data center growth going on, it is the industrial area of our community, there's needed improvements there to handle the flow of traffic."      Stenbeck says a lot of the work involves improvements to Prineville's main drag. "Our 3rd Street plan is a look at our Downtown area, and ODOT is putting fiber in the ground to run the street lights, as part of that, they'll be doing some ADA ramp work. And our Downtown strategic plan committee wants new sidewalks the length of 3rd Street, new street lights, flowers hanging in baskets off of them, they'll have a drip system into them, we'll have the ability to have baskets on one side and banners on the other, giving the Downtown a cohesive look, that's a little bit upgraded."   Stenbeck says the money is coming from a partnership with ODOT, as well as funds from the State through the Transportation Bond. "ODOT had budgeted for about $1.8 million in improvements. And Representative McLane did a good job representing our community, finding some dollars, and so we ended up with about $3 million from the State and the Legislature to help us. That was our vision, to make Prineville look a little bit nicer, and make some improvements."   Stenbeck's hope is that the work can be completed in such a way that Prineville ends up looking like an improved version of her historic self.

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  • Local Utility Protects Bird PopulationsLocal Utility Protects Bird Populations

    BEND, OR -- Central Electric Cooperative has been building and installing custom platforms on power poles all over their 5,300 square mile territory, all for the benefit of local bird populations.   CEC has over 2,200 miles of overhead distribution lines, many near water, and Jeff Beaman, the Member Services Director, says protecting birds has always been a high priority. "Birds are an issue the utility industry has been dealing with, and aware of, and addressing, for decades. It goes back to the very early days in the 1940's when we first started. And, there are places and locations on every utility line where we needed to incorporate certain protective measures in order to reduce any kind of threat to the bird populations."   Beaman says the vast majority of concerns the utility company addresses are for osprey, as they tend to nest near water, but issues can arise with geese or other birds that have a wingspan of greater than three feet.   Beaman says the utility company has several practices for protecting local birds from power lines. "Sometimes, there are roosts put atop what are called cross-arms on power poles so a bird will land on and actually roost above a power line, and in other places, we will put a platform above the cross-arms to set their nest in place so it's not on top of the power lines."   According to Beaman, the best way to learn how to protect the birds is to follow their lead. "Many of the problem spots have been remedied in the past, and what we have to address now are when new locations present themselves. Essentially, the birds tell us where protections need to be installed. When we learn from the birds, or observers in the area, that we have an area where a platform nest would be helpful, then we go out and install in that place."   In addition to nesting platforms placed above cross-arms on the lines, CEC also installs perches, and configures cross-arm placement to increase the distance between electrical phases, which keeps the birds from being able to contact two lines at the same time.   

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  • New Taphouse & Food Truck Lot Slated For NE Bend - KBNDNew Taphouse & Food Truck Lot Slated For NE Bend - KBND

    KBNDNew Taphouse & Food Truck Lot Slated For NE BendKBNDBEND, OR -- Food truck lots have popped up in nearly every Central Oregon city over the past few years; the latest is slated to open this spring on the east side of Bend. Eric Kramer and his wife are leasing a vacant lot on NE Cushing, near 27th and ...

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  • Dave Matthews Band returns to Les Schwab - Bend BulletinDave Matthews Band returns to Les Schwab - Bend Bulletin

    Bend BulletinDave Matthews Band returns to Les SchwabBend BulletinThey did it: Four years after selling out its debut show at Les Schwab Amphitheater, Dave Matthews Band will once again crash into Bend this summer. Matthews and company return to the amphitheater at 7 p.m. Aug. 28. The show was announced Tuesday ...Dave Matthews Band returns to the Gorge for annual Labor Day weekend performancesThe Spokesman-Reviewall 70 news articles »

    Google News / 9 h. 48 min. ago more
  • New Small High Schools Prepare For RecruitmentNew Small High Schools Prepare For Recruitment

    BEND, OR -- Bend-La Pine Schools is pushing forward with plans to open two small high schools in the fall. Realms High School and Skyline both have principals and a building.    Roger White is currently the principal at Realms Middle School; he’ll expand its “Expeditionary Learning” model as principal of Realms High School. He tells KBND News there will be "Lots and lots of opportunities for hands-on learning, both in the classroom and in the field." He says, "Students at Realms Middle School, and this will be true for students at Realms High School, as well, will have an opportunity to pursue lots of field work; hands-on activities where they’re taking content from their classroom studies and applying it in the real world."   Deputy Superintendent Jay Mathisen says Skyline will feature flexible schedules for students looking for something beyond the traditional 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. day, "Lots of opportunities for, in particular, older students to have internships for large chunks of their school week, where they’re earning high school credit; perhaps taking numbers of courses at our local college campuses while being high school students. So, we’re interested in flexibility, harnessing some blended learning or some online learning, mixing it with face-to-face."   Realms and Skyline will open together inside a facility on Northeast Brinson Boulevard. They’ll start with a combined enrollment of 200 ninth and 10th graders. While the programs will be in the same building, White says students will be separated, for the most part. "There will be an opportunity, especially early in the two schools’ development as they’re both really small schools, to pursue some shared, building-wide culture pieces that help students between the two programs understand each other and get to know each other; and also potentially some shared staffing for some of those specialty positions."   Bend-La Pine Schools will host an informational session for families interested in one or both schools. It begins Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. at the district's admin. building in downtown Bend.   To hear our full conversation with Realms Principal Roger White and Dep. Superintendent Jay Mathisen, click HERE or visit our Podcast Page.

    KBND / 10 h. 46 min. ago more
  • Bend in the Road Could Lead to Top Tech Talent - Workforce ManagementBend in the Road Could Lead to Top Tech Talent - Workforce Management

    Bend in the Road Could Lead to Top Tech TalentWorkforce ManagementWhen Gray Skinner tried to recruit developers for Droplr, his growing software start-up company in Bend, Oregon, he was disappointed by his options. Bend is known more as an outdoor sports mecca than a tech hub, but even when he expanded his search to ...

    Google News / 11 h. 5 min. ago
  • New Taphouse & Food Truck Lot Slated For NE BendNew Taphouse & Food Truck Lot Slated For NE Bend

    BEND, OR -- Food truck lots have popped up in nearly every Central Oregon city over the past few years; the latest is slated to open this spring on the east side of Bend.   Eric Kramer and his wife are leasing a vacant lot on NE Cushing, near 27th and Medical Center Drive. He says the area needs a family-friendly gathering place. "We’re going to have six food trucks. We do have an acre, so we’re going to have lawn games and plenty of green grass and places for kids to hang out- dogs to hang out. And, we’re just one of the newer places on the east side to hang out – a place that’s lacking in cool hangout spots." He adds, "The east side, in general, is underserved. But, especially at this location, you have the hospital there, you have all the other medical buildings, Phagans Beauty School, it’s all right there. And, it’s just a bunch of employees with really nowhere for them to go have lunch- or very few places for them to go have lunch, and maybe walk over and have a beer after work."   Kramer tells KBND News construction is under way on the On Tap taphouse, which will anchor the property. "We’re hoping to be open the beginning to middle of April. We’re building right now, and with this very mild winter, everything’s kind of cruising along pretty nicely." He says the one-acre lot will provide lots of room to grow in the future. 

    KBND / 11 h. 47 min. ago more
  • St Charles, COPA Create Pediatric PartnershipSt Charles, COPA Create Pediatric Partnership

    BEND, OR -- St. Charles Health System and Central Oregon Pediatric Associates are joining forces in Bend and Redmond. Beginning in mid-February, COPA will lease space inside the St. Charles Family Care Bend South clinic (pictured) near Badger Road.   In Redmond, The sole pediatric provider for St. Charles has taken a new role and COPA plans to offer patients the option of choosing a provider at its Larch Avenue clinic. And, St. Charles is expanding a program that provides behavior health consultants to work alongside COPA providers at its pediatric clinics.   Leaders from both organizations call it a unique partnership that will improve the overall quality of health for children in the region.  

    KBND / 12 h. 4 min. ago more
  • Reward Increases Again In Swan Shooting CaseReward Increases Again In Swan Shooting Case

    SUNRIVER, OR -- The reward in the Sunriver swan killing case has increased again. According to the Sunriver Nature Center, an anonymous donor is providing an additional $500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for shooting the well-known bird on Thanksgiving. The total reward is now $3,000. Anyone with information is asked to call Sunriver Police at 541-593-1014.    "Chuck," the trumpeter swan, and his mate "Gracie" were placed in lake Aspen in an attempt to reintroduce the species to the area after it was hunted nearly to extinction. Investigators believe the shooting was intentional. 

    KBND / 12 h. 31 min. ago more
  • Bend's affordable housing manager retires - Bend BulletinBend's affordable housing manager retires - Bend Bulletin

    Bend BulletinBend's affordable housing manager retiresBend BulletinBefore his 13 years with the city of Bend, Long worked on affordable housing issues for 13 years at the city of Salem and three in Springfield. He also served for four years and eight months in the U.S. Navy, which sparked his interest in working with ...

    Google News / 18 h. 49 min. ago
  • Prineville Shelter Welcomes Homeless MenPrineville Shelter Welcomes Homeless Men

    PRINEVILLE, OR -- Prineville’s new emergency shelter is finally open. Regeneration House is managed by Redemption Ministries. It was supposed to open several months ago, but Executive Director Greg Sanders says there were delays after last fall's ribbon cutting celebration, "Part of the issue at that point was getting all of the finished permits completed before we were able to get moved in. The thing that took the longest was getting power hooked up to the building itself. Once we were able to get that accomplished, we were ready to go."   The previous men’s shelter was torn down to make room for the Crook County Jail; Sanders says they served 47 people, last year, before it closed. Regeneration House hosted its first 10 residents Thursday night. "We expect them to come in in a way that they’re able to receive our services – which means not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and not to bring anything like that into the shelter itself," Sanders tells KBND News. "When they come in, they get a meal for the evening, they get showers, can do laundry, they get a bed for the evening. And then also, they get breakfast and then they have to leave in the morning." He says they can currently house 13 men, but there are plans to soon bring in more beds, which will raise the capacity to 16.   Sanders says the new facility wouldn’t have been possible without a generous donation. "There was a lady who left a beneficiary gift when she passed on. Through her generous gift, that’s why we were able to purchase the land and get the building and get this up and going. We’re just thankful for her and then all our volunteers – there are a lot of people who really kind of gave their heart." Redemption Ministries also manages a 22-bed shelter for women and children in Crook County.

    KBND / 1 d. 11 h. 38 min. ago more
  • Walden Tours Deschutes Brewery, Touts Tax ReformWalden Tours Deschutes Brewery, Touts Tax Reform

    BEND, OR -- Congressman Greg Walden was in Central Oregon Friday, promoting the success of the GOP tax reform bill. "You’re seeing over a million Americans now that are getting bonuses and that are getting starting-wage increases, whether you’re at Walmart or whether you’re at – some of the banks, some of the airlines are putting out bonuses, and all," the Oregon Republican told reporters, "We are stimulating the economy, we’re putting money back in the pockets of working Americans, and then we’re growing jobs.   He toured Deschutes Brewery and talked with the company's founder about how reforms will benefit the state’s craft brew industry. Walden says he worked for several years to reduce the excise tax on beer, "We cut it in half in this bill. That’s substantial savings – whether you’re Free Bridge in The Dalles, Oregon or you’re Deschutes Brewery, here – that will be reinvested in new equipment and growth. We also said to companies, small businesses, you can write-off in the first year whatever you invest, in terms of new plant and equipment." He added, "I worked directly with Kevin Brady (R-TX), who Chairs the Ways and Means Committee, where all this was happening. This was one of my priorities because I knew it was important for Oregon, I knew it was important for our craft brewers, and I knew the importance they have on our local economy. And we succeeded."   And, the Congressman says the average family will see about a $1,900 reduction in federal taxes. "That’s not crumbs; that’s real money to working people in this state and in this district. And again, to this industry – the craft brewing industry – cutting that excise tax in half makes a real difference, as well, and allows for money to be reinvested going forward, in new plant and equipment."   Walden also denounced alleged vulgar remarks recently made by President Trump, during his stop in Bend. While in Central Oregon, Walden met with members of the Crook County Farm Bureau Saturday, to talk about how agriculture will be positively impacted by tax reform. 

    KBND / 1 d. 12 h. 4 min. ago more
  • Convicted Thief Accused Of Redmond BurglariesConvicted Thief Accused Of Redmond Burglaries

    REDMOND, OR -- A convicted thief was arrested Saturday, suspected in a number of new burglaries. Investigators say 49-year-old Dennis Madden matches the description of a man seen breaking into cars near NW 10th and Birch. Witnesses saw a man leave the area in a red Ford Explorer.    When officers stopped that suspect vehicle, Saturday, they contacted Madden and found a window punch, ski mask, gloves and other burglar tools in his possession, as well as a woman’s purse reported stolen the night before.    During a search of his southwest Redmond home, officers found property believed to be stolen from several residential and vehicle break-ins in Bend and Redmond. Madden has an extensive criminal history and, at the time of his arrest over the weekend, he was on supervised release following a 60-month prison sentence for burglary and theft relating to a 2010 Redmond PD investigation.    Investigators credit the detailed observations by victims for leading to Madden's arrest. Police remind everyone to remove valuables from vehicles and encourage the itemization of property, including a record of serial numbers and detailed descriptions. RPD is partnering with LeadsOnline to assist in the task. Click HERE to create an online account where you can document necessary information. In the event of a theft of loss, the owner can retrieve the data and provide it to law enforcement. 

    KBND / 1 d. 12 h. 30 min. ago more
  • New Sign Discourages Distracted DrivingNew Sign Discourages Distracted Driving

    BEND, OR -- Bend city crews installed a “Don’t Text and Drive” sign on Reed Market Road, Friday, to honor the memory of a 16-year-old hit by a driver who was texting. In 2011, Forrest Cepeda was killed while riding his bike on Reed Market, near Pettigrew.    Police hope the sign will help discourage distracted driving. Bend PD Sgt. Eric Hagan says the agency averages more than 500 cell phone-related tickets and warnings a year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly 3,500 people were killed by distracted driving in 2015, nationwide, and 391,000 were injured.    Bend’s City Manager granted an exemption to the city’s rules for road-side memorials to allow the sign.

    KBND / 1 d. 12 h. 39 min. ago more
  • Resin-coated lining to replace main Bend sewer pipeResin-coated lining to replace main Bend sewer pipe

    A finished, 36-inch pipeline created by inserting a resin-coated liner in an old pipe and curing the materials. - Bulletin A finished, 36-inch pipeline created by inserting a resin-coated liner in an old pipe and curing the materials.

    Bend News / 1 d. 16 h. 23 min. ago
  • Woman sues Safeway after slipping on macaroni and cheeseWoman sues Safeway after slipping on macaroni and cheese

    A Bend woman is suing the grocer Safeway after she broke her hip and neck slipping on macaroni and cheese. Kathleen Chism, 70, is seeking $575,952.76 in damages from the national chain for failing to identify the spilled pasta and notify customers at Safeway's East Bend location, according to a complaint filed Dec. 29 in Deschutes County Circuit Court.

    Bend News / 1 d. 23 h. 4 min. ago more
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  • Sustainable practices profit cannabis companiesSustainable practices profit cannabis companies

    Justin Clapick of Deschutes Growery checks the progress of a female cannabis plant Jan. 3 at Deschutes Growery in Bend. - Bulletin Justin Clapick of Deschutes Growery checks the progress of a female cannabis plant Jan. 3 at Deschutes Growery in Bend.

    Bend News / 2 d. 19 h. ago
  • Students use computer skills to counter sex traffickingStudents use computer skills to counter sex trafficking

    Computer science students at OSU-Cascades work together to create software tools to help the Bend-based counter-sex-trafficking nonprofit the Guardian Group during a "Hackathon" on Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018. - Bulletin Computer science students at OSU-Cascades work together to create software tools to help the Bend-based counter-sex-trafficking nonprofit the Guardian Group during a "Hackathon" on Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018.

    Bend News / 2 d. 23 h. 15 min. ago more
  • Driver in fatal bicycle crash had empty beer cans, painkillersDriver in fatal bicycle crash had empty beer cans, painkillers

    The alleged drunken driver who struck and killed a bicyclist Dec. 30 east of Bend had empty beer cans and prescription drugs in her pickup truck and told police she was on painkillers and muscle relaxers, according to court documents. Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Sgt.

    Bend News / 3 d. 23 h. 23 min. ago
  • OSU-Cascades to honor Martin Luther King Jr.OSU-Cascades to honor Martin Luther King Jr.

    Former MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry will help Oregon State University-Cascades celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and legacy Monday. Harris-Perry, a political commentator and the author of two books about being black in America, will speak at OSU's Corvallis campus at 11 a.m. Her speech will be livestreamed to the Bend campus, and OSU-Cascades faculty will follow her presentation with a panel discussion at Tykeson Hall, Room 111.

    Bend News / 4 d. 3 h. 53 min. ago more
  • Walden Denounces Alleged Derogatory RemarkWalden Denounces Alleged Derogatory Remark

    BEND, OR -- Congressman Greg Walden (R-OR) was in Bend Friday, touring Deschutes Brewery and discussing how the Republican tax reform bill will benefit the craft brew industry. During the visit, Walden was asked about recent remarks reportedly made by the President during an immigration meeting, when he allegedly used a derogatory term to refer to African countries. The Oregon Republican was quick to denounce the term used by President Trump as “Offensive and Unnecessary.”    He told reporters, "I think we all have to be careful about the words we choose. I know Nancy Pelosi got in trouble the other day for saying it was, ’just four white guys sitting around talking about immigration reform.’  And Steny Hoyer, the Democratic Whip of the House, was very offended by that." Walden added, "I think we all have to be careful about the words we choose. I know Nancy Pelosi got in trouble the other day for saying it was, ’just four white guys sitting around talking about immigration reform.’  And Steny Hoyer, the Democratic Whip of the House, was very offended by that."   While several lawmakers in Thursday’s immigration meeting confirmed President Trump used the derogatory term, he has denied it.   Photo: Congressman Greg Walden tours Deschutes Brewery's tasting room with founder Gary Fish.

    KBND / 4 d. 5 h. ago more
  • Holidays drove tourism, despite mild weatherHolidays drove tourism, despite mild weather

    ORIG 01/10/18 Skiers and snowboarders in the dining area at West Village Lodge at Mount Bachelor January 10, 2018. - Bulletin ORIG 01/10/18 Skiers and snowboarders in the dining area at West Village Lodge at Mount Bachelor January 10, 2018.

    Bend News / 4 d. 8 h. 21 min. ago
  • Art Contest Decides Future Voters' Guide CoversArt Contest Decides Future Voters' Guide Covers

    BEND, OR -- Deschutes County students will compete for a chance to have their artwork featured on two upcoming voters guides. County Clerk Nancy Blankenship says her office is now accepting submissions from fifth through eighth graders. "For the fifth and sixth grade winner, their art piece is going to be on the Deschutes County Primary Voters’ Pamphlet. And, for the seventh and eighth graders, their art will be on the cover of the November General Election Deschutes County Voters’ Pamphlet."    Entries must be original works of art and should reflect year’s theme of “Voting Shapes the Future," which is intended to get kids thinking about how the simple act of voting impacts the world. Blankenship tells KBND News, "We’re hoping that kids will send that in, either submit it electronically, in person or through the mail; the deadline is Friday, February second.  And, I’d like to give a shoutout to the League of Women Voters, they’re going to be doing the judging for us."    For more information, visit the Deschutes County Clerk website.      Photo: Student art was featured on Deschutes County's section of the November Voters' Guide in 2016

    KBND / 4 d. 10 h. 54 min. ago more
  • Bend High Honored By Special Olympics OregonBend High Honored By Special Olympics Oregon

    BEND, OR -- Bend Senior High was honored Thursday for its commitment to helping students of all ability levels feel included, in the classroom and in athletics.   Jean Hansen, with Special Olympics Oregon, helped present a banner recognizing the school as a Unified Champion School at a school-wide assembly. "Bend High was one of our first schools, 10 years ago, to start a Unified Champion School program. And so, Bend is one of 83 to receive national recognition and one of four here in the state of Oregon; so we’re very proud of what they’re doing here." The other Oregon high schools are in Forest Grove, Sutherlin and West Linn.   Hansen tells KBND News, "Bend High School has a Unified soccer team, a basketball team and a softball team. That ‘unified’ means you have students both with and without intellectual disabilities competing on the same teams; and then, they compete against other high schools who have unified teams. Last year, they were one of four schools to participate in the first ever OSAA Unified Championship. Bend is totally leading the charge and that’s why we’re here celebrating them."    Athletes from those unified teams crashed through a Lava Bears banner to raucous applause from the student body, to kick off Thursday's pep rally. The Special Olympics Unified Champion School banner was unveiled during the event, which was co-hosted by ESPN soccer analyst Kasey Keller and featured a special video appearance by Portland Trailblazer Damian Lillard (pictured below). He told students, "Congratulations Bend High School, on creating a school climate of inclusion, of being an example and a model for schools across the country."   To earn Unified Champion School status, Hansen says, "There’s 10 standards that the school had to complete: Youth advocacy, inclusion – in both the school community and in the classroom, and in the sports field, had to do with leadership, respect – showing respect for all. And so, Bend High School exceeded all of those 10 parameters." She says the attitude of respect extends beyond the school into the community as a whole. And, she adds, what Bend High has been doing for a decade is now being duplicated at other schools in the district and across Oregon.   

    KBND / 4 d. 11 h. 58 min. ago more
  • Prineville Sex Offender SentencedPrineville Sex Offender Sentenced

    PRINEVILLE, OR -- A 38-year-old Prineville man will spend nearly the rest of his life in prison for sexually abusing three children between 2008 and 2013. A Crook County jury convicted Robert Clark on 15 counts, following a one-week trial last fall; he was sentenced Thursday.    District Attorney Wade Whiting says the investigation began in 2015, when an 11-year-old came forward. "She had a trusted friend that she confided in that ongoing sex abuse was taking place. Her friend appropriately encouraged her to go to her mother. As soon as the mother had received this report, she immediately contacted law enforcement. Once he was in custody, two more children ended up coming forward, once they felt safe."   Whiting tells KBND News, "This type of case is considered a Jessica’s Law case; and by that, when sex offenses are of such a serious nature, involving children under the age of 12, mandatory minimum sentencing laws apply." He adds, "In this instance, the mandatory minimum, once he was convicted of sodomy in the first degree involving a child under the age of 12, is 25 years in prison, without the ability of any form of early release. Due to the fact that there were three separate child victims involving six separate criminal episodes, the judge ordered that he serve over 54 years." He's not eligible for early release, would be required to register as a sex offender and will be on lifetime post-prison supervision.   Additional charges against Clark are pending in Wheeler County. 

    KBND / 4 d. 12 h. 32 min. ago more
  • Deschutes police radio chatter back up, but on delayDeschutes police radio chatter back up, but on delay

    Law enforcement radio chatter is again publicly available in Bend, though it's online and on a 30-minute delay. The Deschutes County 911 Service District's director, Steve Reinke, announced in a media release this week that radio feeds will resume for Bend and Redmond police departments and the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office, which includes Black Butte Ranch and Sunriver police center.

    Bend News / 4 d. 13 h. 6 min. ago more
  • In Central Oregon, snow is a no show so farIn Central Oregon, snow is a no show so far

    Employees with Alpine Abatement Associates use snow blowers to remove a thick layer of snow from the roof of Bend High on Monday, Jan. 16, 2017. School roofs through out the Bend La Pine School District are being cleared after heavy snow caused the roof collapse over the gym at the Highland Magnet at Kenwood School in Bend, prompting Bend-La Pine Schools to cancel classes at all schools in the district on Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017.

    Bend News / 4 d. 17 h. 46 min. ago more
  • Third arrest made in hotel robberiesThird arrest made in hotel robberies

    A third arrest was made Wednesday in connection with a pair of weekend Bend hotel robberies, and an intense police investigation is winding down. His arrest occurred around 3 p.m. outside Motel West on Northeast Irving Avenue.

    Bend News / 4 d. 22 h. 14 min. ago
  • Special ElectionSpecial Election

    Measure 101 stands as the sole item on the January 23 ballot By now, most Oregon voters have received a ballot in the mail, containing just one item.…

    The Source Weekly / 6 d. 0 h. 50 min. ago
  • Winter Events HereWinter Events Here

    A run-down of all things cold and frosty. Just add snow! Please! FRIDAYS 1/12, 2/9, 3/9…

    The Source Weekly / 6 d. 0 h. 50 min. ago
  • Almost BrokenAlmost Broken

    An Olympian and pro U.S. skier opens up about her accident, recovery and journey toward racing again. It was a beautifully terrible day.…

    The Source Weekly / 6 d. 0 h. 50 min. ago
  • The Unsinkable Molly Bloom - The Source Weekly (press release) (blog)The Unsinkable Molly Bloom - The Source Weekly (press release) (blog)

    The Source Weekly (press release) (blog)The Unsinkable Molly BloomThe Source Weekly (press release) (blog)... morality in a cutthroat business. Yet the film is so perfectly paced that by the time the final credits roll, it's hard to complain about the movie needing a tighter focus. "Molly's Game" isn't perfect, but it's wildly entertaining and a fairly ...and more »

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  • Bend PD: Shooting getaway driver, 18, arrested - KTVZBend PD: Shooting getaway driver, 18, arrested - KTVZ

    KTVZBend PD: Shooting getaway driver, 18, arrestedKTVZAn 18-year-old Bend man was arrested his home on Wednesday, accused of being the driver in a weekend marijuana robbery by two 15-year-olds at a northwest Bend apartment, during which a 16-year-old was shot and seriously wounded. Police learned shortly ...and more »

    Google News / 7 d. 23 h. 51 min. ago
  • Two Bend boys, 15, held in shooting of teen in marijuana robbery - KTVZTwo Bend boys, 15, held in shooting of teen in marijuana robbery - KTVZ

    KTVZTwo Bend boys, 15, held in shooting of teen in marijuana robberyKTVZBEND, Ore. - Two 15-year-old Bend boys have been arrested on attempted murder and other charges, accused of shooting and critically wounding a 16-year-old boy during a robbery of marijuana Saturday evening at an apartment near the Central Oregon ...Two 15-year-olds accused of shooting Oregon teen in marijuana robberyKATUall 8 news articles »

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  • Delicious Bites Benefit COCC Scholarship Program - The Source Weekly (press release) (blog)Delicious Bites Benefit COCC Scholarship Program - The Source Weekly (press release) (blog)

    The Source Weekly (press release) (blog)Delicious Bites Benefit COCC Scholarship ProgramThe Source Weekly (press release) (blog)A tasty benefit raising funds for the scholarship program at Central Oregon Community College—features an evening nibbling on tasty bites from some of Bend's best restaurants while listening to live music from The High Street Band. At Taste of the ...

    Google News / 12 d. 23 h. 25 min. ago more
  • New Year, New Ideas.New Year, New Ideas.

    A guide to what's on the docket for 2018, #inBend. When sorting through the various projects, initiatives and ideas for the upcoming year, a common theme emerges: out with glamourous investments (waterpark, anyone?)…

    The Source Weekly / 13 d. 0 h. 50 min. ago
  • Bicyclist killed in collisionBicyclist killed in collision

    The driver of the truck that struck and killed a bicyclist on Dec. 30 has been arrested and charged with manslaughter in the first degree, DUII, reckless driving and three counts of recklessly endangering another.…

    The Source Weekly / 13 d. 0 h. 50 min. ago
  • Police discover body near Bend ParkwayPolice discover body near Bend Parkway

    After responding to a vehicle crash east of Bend Parkway near Hawthorne Avenue last Wednesday evening, Bend police officers discovered a man's body nearby between the Parkway and rail lines.…

    The Source Weekly / 13 d. 0 h. 50 min. ago
  • 2017 in Natural Disasters2017 in Natural Disasters

    From massive wildfires to melting ice, the calamities that affected the West this year A variety of natural forces—floods, fires, droughts and more—pounded the West in 2017, many of which are intensifying thanks to climate change.…

    The Source Weekly / 13 d. 0 h. 50 min. ago
  • Central Oregon's Top Stories of 2017Central Oregon's Top Stories of 2017

    It was the year of wacky weather and hazy air, eclipse prep and falling roofs, surprises and sadness: Here's a look back at 2017. Wait, what happened? APOC-ECLIPSE...NOT!…

    The Source Weekly / 20 d. 0 h. 50 min. ago
  • THE LEDGER: Because 2017 was...well, it was a doozy.THE LEDGER: Because 2017 was...well, it was a doozy.

    Wait, what just happened? Phhheeeewwwww. Take a breath folks, 2017 was , well, we're still trying to figure that one out.So, it may of been hard to keep track of ALL the happenings.…

    The Source Weekly / 20 d. 0 h. 50 min. ago
  • The End of A Free & Open Internet?The End of A Free & Open Internet?

    As net neutrality is repealed, some experts think the fight for a free Internet is just beginning "You could make the analogy that Internet bandwidth is like water," begins Dan Alberghetti, an associate professor at Central Oregon Community College.…

    The Source Weekly / 27 d. 0 h. 50 min. ago
  • Big Times for Little Big ManBig Times for Little Big Man

    His human was killed in a car crash. Thanks to a bystander at the scene, an adopted dog is on the road to recovery—and in a new home On Dec. 6, Aaron Beaty was one of several bystanders to arrive on the scene of a two-car crash on Highway 97 near Sunriver.…

    The Source Weekly / 27 d. 0 h. 50 min. ago
  • Presidential PreferencesPresidential Preferences

    Cascade-Siskiyou: Under attack or saving a way of life? This month, the president slashed about 2 million acres from two national monuments in Utah.…

    The Source Weekly / 27 d. 0 h. 50 min. ago
  • Windstorm Topples Trees, Cuts Power in Bend, Oregon - U.S. News & World ReportWindstorm Topples Trees, Cuts Power in Bend, Oregon - U.S. News & World Report

    The Source Weekly (press release) (blog)Windstorm Topples Trees, Cuts Power in Bend, OregonU.S. News & World ReportWindstorm Topples Trees, Cuts Power in Bend, Oregon. A windstorm lashed the Bend area Tuesday, knocking out power to many snapping trees and power poles and putting thousands of homes and businesses in the dark. Dec. 19, 2017, at 5:38 p.m.. Windstorm ...Extreme Weather in Central Oregon Sparks Wild Fire and Causes Mass Power OutagesThe Source Weekly (press release) (blog)Strong winds blow through BendBend Bulletinall 4 news articles »

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  • Like a Tuxedo at the Beach?Like a Tuxedo at the Beach?

    Your guide to the new proposed tax plan While the U.S. House and Senate work to synthesize the two versions of the proposed tax plan into one they can attempt to pass by the end of the year, some local people are bracing for impact.…

    The Source Weekly / 34 d. 0 h. 50 min. ago
  • The Oscars of TeachingThe Oscars of Teaching

    Bend High teacher is the only Oregonian to win the $25,000 Milken Educator Award this year Out of 44 recipients of the prestigious Milken Educator Award this year, only one was from Oregon—and she happens to be a teacher at Bend High School.…

    The Source Weekly / 34 d. 0 h. 50 min. ago
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