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  • Woman killed in rollover crash in South Bay identifiedWoman killed in rollover crash in South Bay identified

    Authorities Monday released the name of a woman killed in a single-car crash on Interstate 5 in Chula Vista. Rhonda Fay Berry, 58, of National City, was driving south in the far left lane of Interstate 5 just south of state Route 54 about 9:30 p.m. Sunday when she lost control of her car and veered to the right across all lanes of traffic, according to the San Diego County Medical Examiner's office and California Highway Patrol.

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  • Woman killed in single-vehicle crash in Chula Vista identified - KUSIWoman killed in single-vehicle crash in Chula Vista identified - KUSI

    KUSIWoman killed in single-vehicle crash in Chula Vista identifiedKUSIAuthorities Monday released the name of a woman killed in a single-car crash on Interstate 5 in Chula Vista.Woman Dies When Car Rolls and Crashes into Pole on I-5 in Chula ...Times of San DiegoWoman killed in rollover crash in South BayCBS 8 San Diegoall 3 news articles »

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  • Censure stays in place, Gastelum won’t changeCensure stays in place, Gastelum won’t change

    At its first meeting of the new year Jan. 3 the Otay Water District’s board of directors elected Division 1 Director Tim Smith as board president. Among his first actions—maintaining the censure of a colleague. Last year then-freshman board member Hector Gastelum, 43, was publicly rebuked and censured by his colleagues for comments critics say expressed anti-Muslim sentiment he made on his personal social media accounts. In a series of Tweets on Feb.19, 2017, Gastelum called for more countries to be included in President Donald Trump’s alleged Muslim ban. The tweets also referred to Muslims in those countries as “subhuman” and “scum.” Gastelum has maintained that his Tweets were taken out of context. The censure stated, in part: “the board of directors finds it necessary and prudent to publicly acknowledge that director Gastelum’s public behavior is reprehensible and intolerable.” “… Director Gastelum’s comments to the media, on social media have demonstrated that he is not impartial and responsible to the people he represents and he has not conducted himself in a manner above reproach.” Previous board president Mark Robak kept the censure in place throughout his year in charge, leaving the next board president with the responsibility of deciding when to remove the reprimand. Smith said he would reevaluate lifting the censure in April, waiting at least a year from when the censure was imposed on April 22, 2017. In 2017 Otay Water District board member Hector Gastelum posted on Twitter referring to Muslims as subhuman. In deciding whether to remove the censure, Smith said he would have to look at Gastelum’s social media commentary since the censure was put in place. “I think it’s a matter of whether he has changed (his social media behavior),” Smith said when asked what will it take for the censure to be removed. Recently Gastelum, who represents Division 4, took to Twitter to defend controversial comments allegedly made by President Donald Trump about immigrants coming from Haiti, El Salvador and some African nations, countries he reportedly referred to as “s**tholes”. “If you felt offended by @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #S**thole ‘private’ comment to describe #Haiti #ElSalvador & Most of #Africa, why don’t you suggest going there for #ValentinesDay2018 #Honeymoon and see how that goes? Let’s focus on what’s important & #MAGA” Smith said he has not viewed any of Gastelum’s tweets since the censure because he does not use Twitter very often. However, Smith said he will log-in to his account in April to evaluate Gastelum’s postings. Gastelum said he has not let the censure affect his social media use. “I have to be who I am and I won’t change for anybody,” he said. “So, if people don’t like what I post (on social media) it is on them. I can’t change who I am and I can’t change my opinions to get people to like me.” The censure prevents Gastelum from sitting on any of the water district’s internal committees and organizations.  But Gastelum can still represent OWD and ratepayers at outside events and be paid for his time. For instance, last May Gastelum attended the Association of California Water Agencies three-day conference in Monterey and the California Special Districts meeting. OWD directors make $100 on a per diem basis for each day of attendance at meetings related to water or the water district. Directors cannot exceed 10 meetings in a calendar month. Directors also get reimbursed for mileage and travel when attending conferences. Smith assigned his colleagues to five organizational committees, four standing committees, and one ad-hoc committee, excluding Gastelum from serving on any of them. Gastelum said although he does not serve on any of the water agency’s committees he can still do the job his constituents elected him to do. “At the end of the day everything that goes on in a committee has to be voted on the dais, so I’m there 100 percent for my constituents when it comes to voting. Everything that we talk about in a committee still has to be approved at the dais.” “If they put me on committees, they put me on committees, if they don’t, they don’t,” Gastelum said. Smith said he has not discussed the censure with Gastelum and that their only conversations pertain to water business. Last year, before he was president, Smith along with Division 2 Director Mitch Thompson prepared and wrote the censure. Smith said he co-wrote the censure because he could see how Gastelum’s comments could be considered offensive to the Muslim community. “It’s unfortunate that (Gastelum) brought his own public views into a public setting,” Smith said. He added that a censure was necessary because Gastelum’s comments created a “distraction” at several board meetings as by protestors filled the board room calling for Gastelum’s resignation, a request that Gastelum has continuously refused. Protestors had initially said they were going to start recall efforts to remove Gastelum from the board, but since Gastelum was put on notice of a recall last June protestors have been silent.

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  • Local Students Build Temporary Housing for HomelessLocal Students Build Temporary Housing for Homeless

    In an effort to help solve the homeless crisis in San Diego, students at High Tech High are building temporary housing structures. NBC 7's May Tjoa reports.

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  • Esoteric Astrology as news for week January 17 – 23, 2018Esoteric Astrology as news for week January 17 – 23, 2018

    Becoming Grownups Uranus is part of the new moon, Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Uranus brings humanity vital and unrelenting change. The question at the new moon, and continuing onto the full blue moon at month’s end, concerns hopes, dreams and visions. Perhaps our dreams have changed. What visions and dreams did we have before? What are our dreams and visions now? Have they expanded (Jupiter) or consolidated (Saturn in Capricorn)? As 2018 unfolds we find ourselves working more than usual. In the last years, we pondered upon far reaching goals. This year, we sense the need to structure our goals, dreams and visions, finding pathways where we are useful. 2018 is a slow & steady year. A fertile year for visionary enterprises to be anchored and stabilized in form and matter. It’s a year of tending to responsibilities. Making a list each day and checking it once, twice, three times. Finding Saturn in our astrology charts. Discovering what we must do each day in terms of daily tasks that care for ourselves, offer us structure, order & organization. This year, we create Saturn Journals. What does that mean? Our journals of daily, weekly, monthly tasks, responsibilities and structures that we want to bring forth & complete this year. Saturn in Capricorn will assist us. That is Saturn in Capricorn’s job description. To work steady and persistently in the task and responsibilities, plans and agendas. Saturn remains in Capricorn until December 17, 2020, prior to winter solstice. By then we will have achieved much, matured more, have greater strength and purpose, having moderation and caution. We will have become respected, sincere, serious and authentic – like grownups! Especially in America! ARIES: In the next several years you will make critical decisions concerning your work, reputation and professional image. There will be rewards, achievements, accomplishments. There will be learnings about limitation and yearnings to create a firm foundation for the future. There is a ladder you must be climbed. Strength, security and leadership will be cultivated. You rise up slow and steadily. TAURUS: You sense a seriousness, somberness, depth in thinking. You wonder what you’ve been doing for the past years and what will the future bring? You take one step forward and two steps back. Starting over and over every day. You call upon Spirit to sustain, direct, guide and hold you. You may even speak quietly with Mary, Mother of the World to assist you. Mary listens at dawn. GEMINI: You will find it’s a time to tend to things financial, to taxes, insurances, legacies, trusts – all things shared with others, too. You may wonder who truly supports you emotionally. You will question intimacy and if your needs of intimacy have changed. You will need greater independence from someone or something. Desires and attachments come forth. New ones. You’re surprised. CANCER: Be aware of changes in relationships. All types of relationships. Intimate and close friendships, too. There may be a need for compromise and flexibility, or perhaps a call to strengthen the “other”, or to let them go. Some may feel loneliness, seek a marriage partner. Some will feel the need to commit, or be urged to. Relationships may feel serious and demand to be redefined. Everyone’s true needs emerge. LEO: All things in daily life will be challenged. Daily work, routines, habits, structures, tending to self and to health – all these will call you to be present, responsible and conservative. Everything will be like the order and organization of Virgo. You may need to tend to things neglected and put aside. Every day will be a no-nonsense day. You will learn how to manage everything quietly and with care. Especially health. VIRGO: So many things will come your way to relax, lighten and loosen you up. Your task is to play with them in all ways possible. First, your creative expression will come forth in a more structured way, and this is good. You will seek children out, discover new hobbies, take tests for fun, think about romance with no commitment, yet with a touch more discipline than usual. Just have fun, Virgo. LIBRA: Everything domestic, homelike, personal, nourishing and nurturing are the points on the family compass you are drawn to. You will realize all the past, including childhood, was your field of experience, where you learned a certain discipline, a realism and a way to structure your adulthood. Now, you seek to create traditions that sustain self- sufficiency. All family ancestries, backgrounds and heritages are good, unique and just what we all needed spiritually. SCORPIO: It will be good to take up a new course of study or a training that interests you. If you haven’t yet trained in Compassionate Communication, the next two years prove to be the right time for this. A restructuring of your mind, thinking and belief system takes place, entailing detail and research you’re excellent with. You will participate in challenges and tests. They will be serious, satisfying and life-affirming. Remember not to worry. SAGITTARIUS: Saturn left your sign in December and the seriousness and somberness worn like a cloak is gone. The past years have been introspective, concerned with self and work, finances and a place called home. The upcoming years will see a steady, slow and sturdy flow of energy. Be sure to maintain your perception of self as effective, financially savvy, responsible, resourceful, realistic and always useful. These are true, you know. CAPRICORN: If it’s at all possible for Capricorns to become even more capable, responsible, serious and mature, this will definitely happen in the next two plus years. Here is what all Capricorns must understand and repeat daily, hourly, moment by moment. “I am always enough and I always DO enough and there is always enough in my life.” These words will create a deep sense of inner strength and a confidential sense of true identity. These words define your true identity. AQUARIUS: You may sense you’re living a life of contemplation even when out and about in the world. You may sense a feeling of discontent which is usually a divine discontent. Ask what this discontent is…for discontent tells us something needs changing. You may consider all the things you hope to accomplish in your life, eliminating what is no longer important or necessary. You may begin to attend church. Or pray more. You find comfort there. PISCES: You will need to set aside time each day for the tending to your own health and welfare. In the future, you will be called to do even more work with groups and people who depend upon you. This work is important for it contains your purpose, the plan for your life….and lives yet to come. You can make long term plans for the future. Allow nothing to frustrate those plans. Your life moves forward, upward. It’s a good time for the fishes. Visualize your warm pool and new home.

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  • Authorities identify woman killed in South Bay car crash Sunday night - 10NewsAuthorities identify woman killed in South Bay car crash Sunday night - 10News

    10NewsAuthorities identify woman killed in South Bay car crash Sunday night10NewsCHULA VISTA, Calif. (CNS) -- Police have identified the woman who was killed after the car she was driving hit a utility pole Sunday night. Police say 58-year-old Rhonda Berry was traveling south on I-5 near SR-54 around 9:17 p.m. Sunday when she hit a ...and more »

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  • Statistics Homework HelpStatistics Homework Help

    Statistics Homework Help The developing training is multifaceted while using the creative and sizeable engagement of analysts, write writers, editors and proofreaders. All of them work together attractively for you to demonstrate overall Higher education Essay Composing Software concerning the needy. That’s why, every amount of drafted material we deliver displays world-wide regulations. Be definitely all set; it truly is not much too late to transfer toward educative quality.Essay Writer Free OnlineIf the essay is finalized, you could have the chance to go through it. Way down reload your task when you may be finalized taking a look at the cardstock and after make the best settlement. Not information considering the fine quality in our essay making alternatives? You’ll have the opportunity to prefer to make a choice out whenever you wish. We potential the reimbursement of one’s monthly payment that far too inside of a inconvenience-spare approach. Your transactions are secure and protected with.The top quality towards the essay writers tend to make the improvement. There does exist truly nuances in the The english language vernacular that basically a indigenous English language babbling man or woman may very well be in any job to acknowledge.write my essay custom writing When an ESL particular initiatives creating an essay it really does not audio identical; they should only get a sub-customary advanced that you simply in reality don’t plan to use in your own college essays.Assignment SitesWe use many generating products and solutions coordinating the sell arrange benchmarks if you want to art quite a amount of content. We modify, proofread utterly mainly because of amazing levels to negate the scope of construction substandard resource. Our specialists give their most outstanding chance in just one go, yet still if our customers will never be happy as to what we now have mailed, we motivate a spherical of revisions across the essays. The only real purpose is often to construct an offbeat making product which could endure instead of the gang.Our course of action commences with you talking with. We have now been exceedingly endowed to possess this type of a wonderful back-up and support aid staff trying work for all of us. “Competent” is not going to even occur in the proximity of to conveying how these impressive humankind contend with our professions. These are typically committed to your academic getting good results, and tend to be readily available to your account really for appointment 24-7 even swiftly next they already have addicted you up with your individualized contributor.Buy AssignmentAs we’ve been a dependable and committed essay designing application that assists pupils heal results and much better levels of their total school teachers, we only give reports that can be f-r-e-e from the amount of money of plagiarism. We transaction specialized essays net generating help and support also bring about countless cost free revision options for students if they’re not articles and other content by using the paper sent although circumstances.

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  • Police looking for suspect after man stabbed in neck in Chula VistaPolice looking for suspect after man stabbed in neck in Chula Vista

    Chula Vista police are looking for a woman who they say stabbed a man in his neck while the two were arguing. Chula Vista police are looking for a woman who they say stabbed a man in his neck while the two were arguing.

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  • Police looking for suspect after man stabbed in neck in Chula Vista ... - The San Diego Union-TribunePolice looking for suspect after man stabbed in neck in Chula Vista ... - The San Diego Union-Tribune

    The San Diego Union-TribunePolice looking for suspect after man stabbed in neck in Chula Vista ...The San Diego Union-TribunePolice are looking for a women who stabbed a man in a neck after the two were fighting Sunday afternoon.Girlfriend Allegedly Stabs Mate During Argument at Chula Vista IntersectionTimes of San DiegoTeen arrested after gun scare at South Bay mall | fox5sandiego.comfox5sandiego.comall 3 news articles »

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  • 93-Year-Old Man Killed in Chula Vista Hit-and-Run Identified93-Year-Old Man Killed in Chula Vista Hit-and-Run Identified

    A 93-year-old man killed in a hit-and-run while walking across the street in Chula Vista was identified by authorities Saturday. Gregorio Noriega-Huerta, who lived nearby, was walking across the street in the area of Third Avenue and Anita Street on Jan. 4 just after 7 p.m. when he was hit by a passing vehicle, according to the Chula Vista Police Department.

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  • 93-Year-Old Man Killed in Chula Vista Hit-and-Run Identified - NBC 7 San Diego93-Year-Old Man Killed in Chula Vista Hit-and-Run Identified - NBC 7 San Diego

    93-Year-Old Man Killed in Chula Vista Hit-and-Run IdentifiedNBC 7 San DiegoA 93-year-old man killed in a hit-and-run while walking across the street in Chula Vista was identified by authorities Saturday. Gregorio Noriega-Huerta, who lived nearby, was walking across the street in the area of Third Avenue and Anita Street on ...

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  • Aztec hoop men come back to top Barons with second-half rushAztec hoop men come back to top Barons with second-half rush

    The Montgomery High School boys basketball team ended the week in first place in the Mesa League standings with a 3-0 record following Wednesday’s 67-47 win at Bonita Vista. The ninth-ranked Aztecs, who improved to 14-3 overall, trailed 11-10 after the first period and were on the bottom of a 32-27 score at halftime before catching fire in the second half to out-score the Barons 40-15 to come away on top. Montgomery out-scored Bonita Vista 24-10 in the third quarter to jump ahead 51-42 on the scoreboard. Sebastian Morgan led the Aztecs with 15 points in the comeback win while Tim Crawford contributed 14 points and Rahin Williams added 13 points. Kyle Paranada tossed in 12 points as four Montgomery players finished in double-digit scoring. Morgan dropped in three treys. Williams led the victors with 10 rebounds while Crawford grabbed eight rebounds. Morgan and Williams each had four assists. Ze’Tiam Burton had two blocks and three steals for Montgomery, which next plays at San Ysidro (0-4 in league. 6-15 overall) on Wednesday, Jan. 17. The 67 points scored in Wednesday’s game was the lowest output in nine games for the Aztecs, who are averaging 76.6 points per game. Paranada leads the Aztecs in season scoring with 19.8 points per game, followed by Crawford with 17.2 points per game, Williams with 12.6 points per game and Morgan with 10.0 points per game. Williams and Crawford top the team with 7.1 and 6.8 rebounds per game, respectively. Crusader Nation Seventh-ranked Mater Dei Catholic matched Montgomery’s league start with a pair of wins this week to improve to 3-0 in Mesa League play, 13-5 overall. The Crusaders topped visiting Otay Ranch, 77-59, on Wednesday and bested host San Ysidro, 95-52, on Friday (Jan. 12) to remain undefeated in league play. Mater Dei next plays at Rancho Christian in a showcase game on Saturday, Jan. 13, and meets Grossmont in a non-league game on Tuesday, Jan. 16, in East County. The Crusaders return to league play on Wednesday, Jan. 17, when they host Eastlake. Beon Ja Riley tops Mater Dei Catholic with a 16.9 scoring average this season while Joshua Tawhiao is averaging 15.2 points per game and Trey Anderson is averaging 15.0 points per game. Anderson leads the team with 6.9 rebounds per game. Riley had 24 points while Anderson had 17 points in the win over Otay Ranch. Kaelin Rains led the Cougars with 20 points in Friday’s game. Mater Dei is scheduled to play at Montgomery in a league game on Jan. 24. In another Mesa League game on Friday, Otay Ranch defeated visiting Bonita Vista, 73-55 behind 16 points from Chris Stanek and 16 points from Diego Sanchez. Stanek sank 12 points in the loss to Mater Dei Catholic. In another Mesa League game on Friday, Eastlake remained undefeated in league play at 2-0 after edging visiting Olympian, 46-45, as Brian Leonhardt led the winners with 11 points. Gio Martinez keyed the Eagles with 15 points in the loss. Red Devils, Lancers tip off South Bay League with 2-0 starts Sweetwater received 28 points from Neilryan Pangilinan and 19 points each from Jimmy Mattox and Craig McMillan to overcome a game-high 33 points from Southwest’s Diego Edwards to post a 73-58 home court victory to remain undefeated (2-0) in the early going of league play. The Red Devils tipped off league play with a 75-41 win at Mar Vista. Hilltop kept pace with Sweetwater at the top of the South Bay League standings after edging visiting Mar Vista, 60- 59, on Friday. Justin Wilson led the victorious Lancers with 14 points while Marcos Deanda tacked on 12 points. Mar Vista’s Justin Stonebraker led all players in the game with 24 points while teammate Carl Villanueva dropped in 10 points in the setback. Hilltop opened league play with a 56-32 win at Castle Park on Wednesday. Chula Vista topped visiting Castle Park, 55-42, on Friday to pick up its first league win behind 14 points from Carlos Arevalo and 12 points from Francisco Escobar.     Mesa League Standings (Through Friday, Jan. 12) League/Overall Montgomery Aztecs 3-0, 14-3 Mater Dei Catholic 3-0, 13-5 Eastlake Titans 2-0, 10-7 Olympian Eagles 1-2, 12-6 Otay Ranch Mustangs 2-2,10-6 Bonita Vista Barons 0-3, 12-8 San Ysidro Cougars 0-4, 6-15 Tuesday, Jan. 9 Olympian 37, Helix 34 (non-league) Wednesday, Jan. 10 Montgomery 67, Bonita Vista 47 Olympian 54, San Ysidro 46 Mater Dei Catholic 77, Otay Ranch 59 Friday, Jan. 12 Eastlake 46, Olympian 45 Otay Ranch 73, Bonita Vista 55 Mater Dei Catholic 95, San Ysidro 52 Monday, Jan. 15 Bonita Vista at Eastlake, 6 p.m. Otay Ranch at Santana, 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 17 Otay Ranch at Olympian, 6 p.m. Eastlake at Mater Dei Catholic, 6 p.m. Montgomery at San Ysidro, 6:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 19 Olympian at Mater Dei Catholic, 6 p.m. San Ysidro at Bonita Vista, 6 p.m. Montgomery at Eastlake, 6 p.m.   South Bay League Standings (Through Friday, Jan. 12) League/Overall Sweetwater Red Devils 2-0, 7-6 Hilltop Lancers 2-0, 4-12 Southwest Raiders 1-1, 6-10 Chula Vista Spartans 0-1, 5-13 Castle Park Trojans 0-2, 0-13 Mar Vista Mariners 0-2, 4-11 Wednesday, Jan. 10 Southwest 70, Chula Vista 48 Sweetwater 75, Mar Vista 41 Hilltop 56, Castle Park 32 Friday, Jan. 12 Hilltop 60, Mar Vista 59 Chula Vista 55, Castle Park 42 Sweetwater 73, Southwest 58 Monday, Jan. 15 Sweetwater vs. West Hills at Christian High School (MLK CClassic), 3 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 17 Chula Vista at Hilltop, 6 p.m. Southwest at Mar Vista, 6 p.m. Sweetwater at Castle Park, 6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 18 Mar Vista at High Tech High Chula Vista, 6 p.m. Friday, Jan. 19 Hilltop at Southwest, 6 p.m. Castle Park at Mar Visa, 6 p.m. Chula Vista at Sweetwater, 6 p.m.

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  • Voegel versus Devaney showdown produces 10-8 roller hockey win for Patrick HenryVoegel versus Devaney showdown produces 10-8 roller hockey win for Patrick Henry

    With both teams fielding somewhat depleted rosters, Thursday’s (Jan. 11) non-league CIF-Metro Conference game between the Patrick Henry Patriots and Otay Ranch Mustangs at the Castle Park High School roller rink turned into a match-up of standout players: Matt Voegel for the Patriots versus Sean Devaney for the Mustangs. Voegel scored all 10 Patrick Henry goals while Devaney chalked up seven goals of his own as the Patriots skated to a 10-8 victory. The 10 goals in one game is a career best for Voegel, a junior, who is playing his first season of roller hockey. “It feels amazing,” Voegel explained. “I tried to take passes from my teammates, get the open shots, rebounds, get the opportunities, it felt good to win.” Patrick Henry improved to 3-5 overall with the win while Otay Ranch dropped to 3-3 on the season. The Patriots matched their win total of last season, their inaugural campaign in the conference. “This year we’ve improved a lot,” said Voegel, who leads the team in scoring with 22 goals. “We beat Cathedral in overtime, that was a big win for us, big motivation for us.” Thursday’s victory provided a bit of redemption for the Patriots, who lost 11-8 to the Mustangs in the opening round of last year’s Kiwanis Cup playoffs. “That was a great game, too,” PHHS head coach Chuck Russell remarked in regard to last year’s playoff battle. “To beat them 10-8 today is a little bit of a redemption; it was a great game out there tonight, they played well, we matched up well and came out with the victory.” Devaney, who plays ice hockey for the San Diego Junior Gulls 16U AAA team, opened scoring in Thursday’s game before Voegel ripped off four unanswered goals to propel his team to an early 4-1 lead. But it quickly appeared no lead was safe in this game as Devaney countered with a pair of goals to trim the Patriot lead to 4-3. Voegel made the score 5-3 before Devaney countered once more to make it a 5-4 game. Voegel scored a power play goal to up the Patrick Henry lead to 6-4 at the end of two periods. Devaney opened the third period with goals 10 seconds apart to quickly tie the game, 6-6. Ryan Strodtman to put the Mustangs up 7-6. The exciting finish was on as Voegel and Devaney combined to score the game’s five goals. Voegel tied the game 7-7. Devaney made it 8-7 Otay Ranch before Voegel tied the game 8-8. The turning point came when the Mustangs were awarded a power play and it looked like the balance might tip back in their favor. But Voegel scored a shorthanded goal with 3:30 to play to put the Patriots up 9-8. He scored again with time ticking down to ice the win in the wild ride roller coaster game. Tyler Daniel picked up two assists for Patrick Henry while Cameron Elswick and Brett Miller each contributed assists. Patrick Henry is competing for the second consecutive year in the North County League. The Pats dropped a 16-1 decision to Rancho Bernardo in a league game played Monday (Jan. 8) at Skate San Diego in El Cajon and fell 14-3 to Westview in a league game Wednesday evening (Jan. 10). Patrick Henry owns league wins over Cathedral Catholic and Poway so far this season, with many more games to play. “We’re looking good, today we started a first-time goaltender, our starting goaltender will be back Feb. 6, and we’ll be stronger then,” Russell said. “We have a good strong team. We’ve got about 15 guys and eight really good, strong players. We’re looking forward to a good run in the playoffs and to give some of those teams a run, definitely Rancho and Cathedral Catholic, and some of those others we’ll be doing our best to compete with.” Eastlake 10, Hilltop 4 The Titans remained undefeated on the season, improving to 6-0 overall and 5-0 in Mesa League play, after charging back from two one-goal deficits to roll past the Lancers. Hilltop’s Trevor Fune scored two early goals to stake the upstart Lancers to lead to 1-0 and 2-1. The Titans were finally able to put the puck in the back of the net and reeled off three consecutive goals to lead 4-2 at the end of the first period. Fune scored the only goal in the second period and the Lancers managed to shut out Eastlake in the second period to trail just 4-3 entering the final period. But the Titan attack proved relentless and Eastlake went on the attack by scoring six unanswered goals to lead 10-3 on the scoreboard. Fune notched his fourth goal of the game in the dying seconds for the 10-4 final. HHS head coach Paul Tesner was ecstatic with his team’s performance, terming the first two periods played by his team “awesome.” Two players did all the damage for the Titans on the score sheet: Braden Mayer led all players on the court with six goals and one assist while Will Hamilton chalked up four goals. Kristen Lambertson added an assist on Hilltop’s final goal. The Lancers dropped to 2-3 in league play, 4-3 overall. Castle Park 5, Bonita Vista 3 The Mesa League has become quite competitive this season and this game was no exception. Martin Mari put Castle Park on the scoreboard first, then Nick Stark tied the game for Bonita Vista. Eleazar Cruz broke the tie for the Trojans and CP teammate Jared Fuentes added a goal for a 3-1 lead. But Stark was persistent and scored to cut the lead to 3-2 midway through the third period. Cruz made the score 4-2 in the Trojans’ favor with 5:40 to play, but Stark came through again with a clutch goal to trim the Castle Park lead to 4-3 with 39.4 seconds to play in regulation. The Barons held the puck in the Castle Park defensive zone as time ticked down before Mari intercepted a pass on the wing and skated down to score an empty net goal with two seconds left. Mari and Cruz each scored twice for the Trojans while Stark finished with the game’s only hat trick. BV goaltender Ashley Massarene played solidly to keep her team within striking distance. With the win, Castle Park improved to 3-2 in Mesa League play, 4-2 on the season. Bonita Vista dropped to 0-5 in league play, 0-5 on the season.   Pam Wiser Classic Eight teams will compete in this year’s Pam Wiser Classic. Games are Saturday, Jan. 13, and Monday, Jan. 15, at Castle Park High School. Teams are grouped into two pools for round-robin play on Saturday. Teams will advance to Gold and Silver division playoffs, semifinals and placement games (first through seventh) on Monday. Group A – Saturday morning 9 am – Otay Ranch vs. Chula Vista 9:30 am – San Ysidro vs. Bonita Vista 10 am -Otay Ranch vs. Bonita Vista 10:30 am -San Ysidro vs Chula Vista 11 am – San Ysidro vs. Otay Ranch 11:30 am – Bonita Vista vs. Chula Vista Group B – Saturday afternoon 1 pm -Eastlake vs Mar Vista 1:30 pm – Hilltop vs Southwest 2 pm -Eastlake vs Southwest 2:30 pm -Hilltop vs Mar Vista 3 pm – Southwest vs Mar Vista 3:30 pm – Hilltop vs Eastlake Monday schedule TBA Falcons top defending Kiwanis Cup champs in overtime, zip to 6-0 record Matthew Gauthier, set up by a pass from teammate Cody Sherman, scored at the 2:26 mark in sudden-victory three-on-three overtime to push the Scripps Ranch Falcons past the Westview Wolverines, 7-6, in a North County League game played Thursday (Jan. 11) at the Escondido Sports Center. The game was an exciting one to watch between league heavyweights. Scripps Ranch led 4-0 after two periods but the Wolverines retaliated with six goals in the third period to force the game into overtime. With the dramatic OT win, Scripps Ranch improves to 5-0 in NCL league, 6-0 overall. Westivew suffered its second NCL loss of the season to drop to 4-2 in league (and 4-2 overall) on the season. Sherman collected three goals and one assist to lead the Falcons on the scoreboard while Gauthier had two goals and two assists. Cody Ayers had one goal and two assists while Kyle Fraser scored one goal in the victory. Westivew cut the Scripps Ranch lead to 4-3 early in the third period on a run of three consecutive goals in a span of just over two minutes – all scored by Laurent Lee. The Falcons scored two unanswered goals to lead 6-3 but the Wolverines again responded with three unanswered goals of their own to knot the score 6-6 with 14 seconds to play in regulation. Lee scored with 1:36 to play in the third period to make the score 6-5 while Andrew Chua netted the game-tying 6-6 goal. Lee led Westview with four goals in the loss. Scripps Ranch piled up a 26-22 edge in shots in the win. Gauthier continues to lead Scripps Ranch in scoring with 18 goals and eight assists for 26 points. Sherman has collected 10 goals and 11 assists on the season for 21 points while Cody Ayers has 10 goals and eight assists to his credit this season for 18 points. Fraser has five goals and four assists for nine points.   Broncos roll past Patriots 16-1 in Monday Night matchup Rancho Bernardo defeated Patrick Henry, 16-1, Monday night (Jan. 8) at Skate San Diego in El Cajon to remain undefeated on the season at 5-0. The game was originally scheduled for Wednesday (Jan. 10) at the Escondido Sports Center. RB captain Miles Cook led the scoring with five goals. Trevor Marquez had four goals and Nik Thomas added three goals. Goaltender Ethan Shute stopped nine of 10 shots to backstop the victory — the Broncos’ fifth consecutive win to start the season. Patrick Henry fell to 2-4 on the season. Matt Voegel tallied the lone goal for the Patriots in the loss. Cook leads the Broncos on the season with 14 goals.     Mesa League Standings (Through Jan. 11) League/Overall Eastlake Titans 5-0, 6-0 Castle Park Trojans 3-2, 4-2 Hilltop Lancers 2-3, 4-3 Otay Ranch Mustangs 2-2, 3-3 Bonita Vista Barons 0-5, 0-5 South Bay League Standings (Through Dec. 15) League/Overall Chula Vista Spartans 3-1, 3-2 Mar Vista Mariners 3-1, 3-2 Southwest Raiders 2-1, 2-3 Sweetwater Red Devils 1-2, 1-4 San Ysidro Cougars 0-4, 0-5 CIF-Metro Conference Scoring Leaders Sweetwater district teams (Through Jan. 11) Will Hamilton (Eastlake) 19 goals, 8 assists – 27 points Braden Mayer (Eastlake) 20 goals, 6 assists – 26 points Martin Mari (Castle Park) 21 goals, 4 assists – 25 points Luke Killeen (Eastlake) 20 goals, 5 assists – 25 points Trevor Fune (Hilltop) 18 goals, 1 assist – 19 points Sean Devaney (Otay Ranch) 17 goals, 2 assists – 19 points Eleazar Cruz (Castle Park) 14 goals, 4 assists – 18 points Paul Chavez (Otay Ranch) 10 goals, 3 assists – 13 points Kayleigh Andrew (Southwest) 11 goals, 0 assists – 11 points Jacinto Montalvan (Hilltop) 7 goals, 3 assists – 10 points Jake Powell (Eastlake) 5 goals, 5 assists – 10 points Adrian Hernandez (Chula Vista) 7 goals, 2 assists – 9 points Lucio Gutierrez (Chula Vista) 5 goals, 4 assists – 9 points Kevin Eagles (Eastlake) 6 goals, 1 assist – 7 points Nick Stark (Bonita Vista) 6 goals, 1 assist – 7 points Casey Prenatt (Otay Ranch) 3 goals, 2 assists – 5 points Isaac Suarez (Mar Vista) 5 goals, 0 assists – 5 points Marco Macias (Eastlake) 5 goals, 0 assists – 5 points Bryan Suarez (Mar Vista) 4 goals, 0 assists – 4 points Jesus Gonzalez (Castle Park) 3 goals, 1 assist – 4 points Donovan Lazo (Otay Ranch) 3 goals, 0 assists – 3 points Van Brown (Mar Vista) 3 goals, 0 assists – 3 points Adam Yoshinaga (Mar Vista) 3 goals, 0 assists – 3 points Jacob Phillips (Hilltop) 2 goals, 1 assist – 3 points North County League Standings (Through Jan. 8) League/Overall Rancho Bernardo Broncos 5-0, 5-0 Scripps Ranch Falcons 4-0, 5-0 Westview Wolverines 3-1, 3-1 Cathedral Catholic Dons 2-2, 2-2 Patrick Henry Patriots 2-4, 2-4 Escondido White Tigers 1-4, 1-4 Poway Titans 0-5, 1-5 Wednesday, Jan. 3 Rancho Bernardo 5, Westview 0 Scripps Ranch 16, Cathedral Catholic 3 Escondido Charter 5, Poway 4 Monday, Jan. 8 Rancho Bernardo 16, Patrick Henry 1 White Tigers earn first win of season in dramatic fashion Escondido Charter chalked up its first win of the season in dramatic fashion as Bryce Mendoza scored with 1:06 remaining in the team’s Jan. 3 North County League game at the Escondido Sports Center to push the White Tigers past the Poway Titans by a score of 5-4. Mendoza finished the game with two goals and one assist. Poway had tied the game, 4-4, on a goal by Ben Louie with 18 seconds into the third period. The Titans made their comeback after trailing 4-1 early in the second period. Poway tied the game with three unanswered goals. Louie led the Titans with two goals while Keegan Fiske and Connor Curtin each were credited with one goal. Michael Little was credited with two assists while Trevor Curtin and Carter Schrader each were credited with one assist. North County League Scoring Leaders (Through Jan. 3) Matthew Gauthier (Scripps Ranch) 16 goals, 6 assists – 22 points Miles Cook (Rancho Bernardo) 9 goals, 10 assists –19 points Cody Sherman (Scripps Ranch) 7 goals, 10 assists – 17 points Wesley Rim (Scripps Ranch) 11 goals, 5 assists – 16 points Cody Ayers (Scripps Ranch) 9 goals, 6 assists – 15 points Matt Voegel (Patrick Henry) 10 goals, 4 assists – 14 points Jake Belland (Cathedral Catholic) 10 goals, 4 assists – 14 points Alex Pang (Rancho Bernardo) 6 goals, 6 assists – 12 points Matt Russell (Patrick Henry) 7 goals, 4 assists – 11 points Michael Little (Poway) 6 goals, 5 assists – 11 points Lyushen Loshak (Westview) 4 goals, 6 assists – 10 points Laurent Lee (Westview) 4 goals, 5 assists – 9 points Ben Goodard (Westview) 6 goals, 2 assists – 8 points Sam Lathus (Cathedral Catholic) 5 goals, 3 assists – 8 points Kyle Fraser (Scripps Ranch) 4 goals, 4 assists – 8 points CIF/Metro Conference Scoreboard Mesa League Thursday, Nov. 30 Eastlake 14, Bonita Vista 1 Otay Ranch 11, Hilltop 2 Tuesday, Dec. 5 Eastlake 11, Hilltop 0 Castle Park 13, Bonita Vista 2 Thursday, Dec. 7 Hilltop 5, Bonita Vista 2 Castle Park 7, Otay Ranch 2 Tuesday, Dec. 12 Eastlake 15, Castle Park 5 Otay Ranch defeated Bonita Vista by forfeit Thursday, Dec. 14 Eastlake 12, Otay Ranch 6 Hilltop 3, Castle Park 2 (overtime) Thursday, Jan. 11 Eastlake 10, Hilltop 4 Castle Park 5, Bonita Vista 3 South Bay League Friday, Dec. 1 Chula Vista 11, San Ysidro 0 Sweetwater vs. Southwest, postponed Wednesday, Dec. 6 Southwest 1, Chula Vista 0 Mar Vista 7, San Ysidro 0 Friday, Dec. 8 Chula Vista 2, Mar Vista 1 Sweetwater 2, San Ysidro 0 Wednesday, Dec. 13 Mar Vista 6, Sweetwater 2 Southwest 11, San Ysidro 2 Friday, Dec. 15 Chula Vista 2, Sweetwater 1 Mar Vista 5, Southwest 1 Non-League Friday, Dec. 1 Castle Park 10, Mar Vista 2 Tuesday, Dec. 5 Otay Ranch 11, Southwest 0 Wednesday, Dec. 6 Scripps Ranch 10, Sweetwater 0 (mercy rule) Friday, Dec. 8 Eastlake 17, Southwest 0 Tuesday, Dec. 12 Hilltop 10, Sweetwater 0 (mercy rule) Wednesday, Dec. 13 Poway 6, Chula Vista 0 Friday, Dec. 15 Hilltop 10, San Ysidro 0 Thursday, Jan. 11 Patrick Henry 10, Otay Ranch 8 North County League Monday, Dec. 11 Patrick Henry 9, Poway 6 Wednesday, Jan. 3 Rancho Bernardo 5, Westview 0 Scripps Ranch 16, Cathedral Catholic 3 Escondido Charter 5, Poway 4 Monday, Jan. 8 Rancho Bernardo 16, Patrick Henry 1 Wednesday, Jan. 10 Westview 14, Patrick Henry 3 Thursday, Jan. 11 Scripps Ranch 7, Westview 6 (overtime)

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  • Feb. prelim for freed teen accused of shooting at clerkFeb. prelim for freed teen accused of shooting at clerk

    A Chula Vista man is facing a Feb. 23 preliminary hearing on charges he took two packs of beer out of a store and allegedly fired a gunshot towards a pursuing employee. Cristian Nokolas Olmos, 19, remains free on $120,000 bond posted after his Oct. 13 arrest by Chula Vista Police.

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  • No bail for boat driver in homicide caseNo bail for boat driver in homicide case

    A judge declined to reduce $500,000 bail Jan. 2 for a man suspected of accessory after the fact to the bizarre slaying of a South Bay man who was found inside a 55-gallon oil drum in San Diego Bay. Attorney Roland Haddad, who represents Derrick Jefferson Spurgeon, 38, said there were new facts in the case which he said merited lower bail.

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  • Adults accused of furnishing drugs to high school students appear in courtAdults accused of furnishing drugs to high school students appear in court

    A North County couple accused of running a marijuana ring with high school students were back in court on Thursday. Both 48-year-old Kimberly Quach and her 50-year-old companion William Sipperley were in court Thursday morning for a readiness hearing which has been continued.

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  • Breathing room in immigration debateBreathing room in immigration debate

    Perhaps, for the moment, the young lady at Southwestern College carrying a full load of classes as she works toward transferring to a four-year university in pursuit of an engineering degree while working a couple of part-time jobs to help with family expenses, can exhale. Or maybe the young 20-something man busting his hump digging a trench in the middle of a torn up city street so he can buy food and diapers for the toddler he leaves with a sitter while his equally young wife works as an administrative assistant because it is her minimum wage job that provides health benefits for their child, can now spend the next day or two not looking over his shoulder. In light of federal Judge William Alsup’s recent ruling that the current presidential administration must — for now — maintain the DACA program, maybe the young neighbors, co-workers, friends, students, artists, strangers and people among us who don’t have citizenship because their parents brought them to the United States at a young age and have come to think of this country as home, can relax. For a minute. Last fall the Trump administration issued an executive order ending the DACA program. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals initiative created an opportunity for undocumented immigrants to work legally in the United States. In other words, a program was created so people could become productive and contributing members of our community, something that most of us claim to want but a few of us forget when it comes to including people with foreign sounding names, darker than plain donut skin or parents who came here looking for a better, safer life. President Trump tried to end that last September. But Alsup earlier this week ruled that while legal challenges to POTUS’s directive make their way through the court system, DACA had to be maintained. To be clear, the temporary injunction against the president’s action does not permanently reinstate DACA. There may come a time months from now when the program gasps its last breath in a court of appeals or the Supreme Court. At that time the nearly 700,000 undocumented students, friends, mothers, fathers, family members and workers will have to decide what comes next: keep working and contributing to our community or give up and become a drain on the system. Or, worse yet, take all their potential with them as they are repatriated to a place they have never known as home. As the debate surrounding immigration reform continues and we wrestle with each other in search of a reasonable compromise, it’s important to remember Alsup’s ruling is not a grand victory but it is a moment in which hope is provided. That is the next best thing to a win.

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  • 7-11 advice to be mulled by SUHSD7-11 advice to be mulled by SUHSD

    The Sweetwater Union High School District has reignited efforts into discussing what to do with one of its vacant properties. The district reestablished its District Surplus Facilities Advisory Committee, also known as the 7-11 committee, last fall to consider and make recommendations to the school board regarding their two-acre property at 453 Third Ave. California’s Education Code 17388 requires that “before any sale, lease, rental of any excess real property, except rentals not exceeding 30 days,” the district appoint an advisory committee to advise them in the use or development of the property. The committee is called the 7-11 committee because California education codes requires that no less than 7 and no more than 11 members serve on the committee. The district’s committee has 11 members. California Education Code says that members of the committee must include “the ethnic, age group, and socioeconomic composition of the district; the business community such as store owners, managers or supervisors; landowners or renters, with preference to be given to representatives of neighborhood associations; teachers; administrators; parents of students and persons with expertise in the environmental impact, legal contracts, building codes, and land use planning, including, but not limited to, knowledge of the zoning and other land use restrictions of the cities or cities and counties in which surplus space and real property is located.” At the committee’s Dec. 18, 2017 meeting, committee members voted to recommend that the school board declare the Third Avenue property as a surplus to the district’s educational needs because the district has no need for it. “We haven’t really been doing anything with (the property),” said Moises Aguirre, the district’s assistant superintendent, facilities and operations. “The property itself has no improvements; it’s just a vacant lot.” Aguirre said the property, near St. Rose of Lima parish, is too small to be used for another school or any other district use. In addition to recommending classifying the property as surplus, the committee also recommends that district sell the property to provide revenue. In a report the committee recommended that the district uses the funds from a sale “for vocational training or construction trades including but not limited to plumbing, pipe fitting, electrical, carpentry, roofing, and painting; and specifically, to ensure services are inclusive of students with special needs.” If the board declares the property as a surplus, it has a 45-day window to offer the property to a public entity at fair market value, Aguirre said. If the district gets no response from a public entity than it can pursue a buyer for the property, Aguirre said. Formerly, under previous superintendents, the district had planned to turn that property into what was called the Colony project, a mixture of residential and commercial property. But plans for the Colony never materialized and that property has remained vacant. The district’s board of trustees on Jan. 22 will consider whether or not to follow the recommendation of the advisory committee.

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  • Teachings from the South PoleTeachings from the South Pole

    Lesley Anderson, a High Tech High Chula Vista 11th grade biology and environmental science teacher, likes taking real world lessons into her classroom. When the science teacher had the opportunity to go to the South Pole recently as part of a research expedition, she could not help but bring her experience to her students.

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  • Holiday tournaments tip off boys basketball seasonHoliday tournaments tip off boys basketball season

    Holiday tournaments set the tone in the early going for the high school basketball season. There was no shortage of hoops events in December — and success by local squads. Otay Ranch captured the championship title of the Coronado Islander tournament in mid-month. Senior Chris Stanek earned tournament MVP honors. Prior to that, the Mustangs finished 3-2 at the Hilltop tournament to tip off the month and ended the 2017 calendar year by participating in the Spartan Classic at Chula Vista High School, finishing 2-2. Otay Ranch topped Steele Canyon, 98-83, to wrap up play in the Spartan Classic event. Stanek, a six-foot-three small forward, poured in 37 points in the game to earn selection to the all-tournament team. Howard Suda has coached the Mustangs since their inception in 2003. The team is off to a 9-5 start in 2017-18, including 1-1 in Mesa League play, after finishing 19-12 last year with a quarterfinal-round appearance in the San Diego Section Division III playoffs. Otay Ranch finished 7-5 in league play last season, and rates to be competitive once again this season after dealing San Ysidro a 94-67 defeat in its league opener on Jan. 3, then following that up with a last-second 83-81 loss at league unbeaten Montgomery last Friday. “Definitely, we have to beat Mater Dei Catholic if we’re going to have a chance to win the Mesa League this season,” Suda said. “They’re going to be tough to beat. Our team’s strength is playing fast. If we can continue to play fast, that will be our strength.” Tariq Deadmon dropped in 33 points in the win over Steele Canyon while Diego Sanchez added 11 points. Mater Dei Catholic improved to 11-5 on the season after defeating host Bonita Vista, 89-65, last Friday. The Crusaders have the best record among Division I Metro Conference schools, and can jam the hoop. Mater Dei Catholic entered the week averaging 72.5 points per game. Beon Ja Riley led the team with a 16.5 points per game average, followed by teammates Joshua Tawhiao (15.9 ppg) and Trey Anderson (14.9 ppg). Riley (19), Tawhiao (18) and Anderson (12) combined for 49 points in the win over Bonita Vista. The Crusaders opened the month by finished 5-0 at the West Hills tournament, defeating West Hills, Cathedral Catholic, Vista (twice), Mt. Carmel and Christian. Mater Dei Catholic finished 3-2 at the Capitol City Classic tournament in Salem, Ore., Dec. 19-22, and finished 2-3 at the prestigious Torrey Pines Holiday Classic Dec. 26-30. The Crusaders appear to be included among this season’s section heavyweights after dropping a 79-73 decision to Foothills Christian and a 66-65 setback to Lincoln at the Torrey Pines event, generally regarded as the top holiday boys tournament in the county. Foothills Christian entered the week 12-5 while Lincoln was 9-3. Torrey Pines topped Division I teams with a 14-2 record entering the week, followed by San Marcos at 12-2, Mission Bay at 14-3 and La Jolla Country Day at 13-4. Torrey Pines tipped off the season by winning its first 10 games before finishing 3-2 at its holiday tournament with losses to St. Augustine and Salt Lake Brighton (Utah). San Marcos opened the season by winning its first five games at the Game on Challenge Tournament before finishing runner-up to Torrey Pines at the North County Classic Dec. 11-16. La Jolla Country Day finished 5-0 at the season-opening Coast News Classic. Mission Bay defeated Helix, 66-52, to win the Sweetwater Host Lions Club Holiday Classic Dec. 18-22 in National City. Bonita Vista (12-6) met Lincoln in the championship game of the Spartan Classic, dropping a 44-41 finals matchup to the Hornets. The Barons opened the tournament with consecutive wins over San Diego, Julian and Steele Canyon before dropping a 57-49 decision to Grossmont but still advanced to the title contest. The Barons are braced by five returners: seniors Anthony Mendoza, Jordan McDaniel, Franklin Forbes, Patrick Carson and Tahj Stewart. The team has been impacted by three freshmen in 2017-18: Rashaun Square, D.J. Sanders and D.M. Sanders. Junior Adrian Wade is the team’s leading scorer. This is coach Don Dumas’ fourth year with the team. He said team chemistry and scrappiness are his team’s strength this season. “We like to do all the gritty things — diving for loose balls and rebounding — that you need to do to win a game,” he said. The Barons won the San Diego Section Division III championship two years ago but dropped off last season with an 11-18 record after finishing 21-13 in 2015-16. Add Lions Mission Bay point guard Boogie Ellis earned honors as the Sweetwater Host Lions Club Holiday Classic tournament’s most valuable player. Sweetwater freshman C.J. McMillan also made the all-tournament team. Mission Bay improved to 9-1 with the win while Helix saw its early season record dip to 7-3. Sweetwater head coach Jesse Aguirre said the tournament will be renamed in honor of a SuHi alumnus and Lions Club member who recently passed away. The tournament will now be known as the Frank Pakarek Sweetwater Host Lions Club Classic.   Sweetwater Host Lions Club Holiday Classic Friday, Dec. 22 Championship: Mission Bay 66, Helix 52 Hoover 55, Morse 32 Point Loma 54, Sweetwater 46 El Camino 76, San Dieguito Academy 57   Spartan Classic Saturday, Dec. 30 Julian 61, Southwest 52 Chula Vista 68, Health Sciences 40 Lincoln 53, Palos Verdes 45 Grossmont 57, Bonita Vista 49 Olympian 66, Kearny 50 Otay Ranch 98, Steele Canyon 83     PREP SPORTSLINE Boys Basketball Mesa League Friday, Jan. 5 Montgomery 83, Otay Ranch 81 Eastlake 96, San Ysidro 72 Mater Dei Catholic 89, Bonita Vista 65 Wednesday, Jan. 3 Otay Ranch 94, San Ysidro 67 Montgomery 84, Olympian 67 Non-League Friday, Dec. 5 Chula Vista 57, High Tech High Chula Vista 56 Hilltop 63, West Hills 59 Girls Basketball Mesa League Friday, Jan. 5 Bonita Vista 81, Mater Dei Catholic 76 Eastlake 67, Hilltop 22 Montgomery 50, Otay Ranch 32 Boys Soccer Mesa League Friday, Jan. 5 Eastlake 1, Bonita Vista 0 Castle Park 2, Chula Vista 1 Non-League Friday, Jan. 5 Mira Mesa 1, Olympian 1 Lincoln 3, Mar Vista 1 Health Sciences 7, High Tech High Chula Vista 2 Girls Soccer South Bay League Friday, Jan. 5 Sweetwater 1, Mater Dei Catholic 1 Mar Vista 2, Castle Park 1 Southwest 1, San Ysidro 0 Wednesday, Jan. 3 Hilltop 1, Mar Vista 1

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  • Where Eagles dare: Olympian bumps up to Mesa LeagueWhere Eagles dare: Olympian bumps up to Mesa League

    The Olympian High School boys basketball team moves up from the South Bay League to the Mesa League this season after punishing teams for a 30-4 record in 2016-17 that included a runner-up finish in the San Diego Section Division IV championship game and three rounds of state playoff games. The Eagles are off to a 10-5 start in 2017-18 under returning head coach Marty Ellis. The team lost two seniors off last season’s titanic team but seems to be rebounding nicely this season. Senior Isaiah Williams (15.6 points per game), sophomore Gio Martinez (11.6 ppg) and freshman Steven Deutsch (10.1 ppg) have keyed the team through the early part of the season in scoring. Williams has been a factor under the basket by averaging 14.5 rebounds per game. Deutsch can shoot from long range after dropping 38 three-pointers in 14 games. Williams dropped in 20 points while Martinez had 15 points and Arvin Cagampan had 14 points in a 66-50 win over Kearny to close out a 3-1 showing at the Spartan Classic on Dec. 30. Ellis said the ability of his team to play defense likely will determine how much success it reaps this season. The two-round format in league play will help in the team’s adjustment to a tougher schedule. “Once you play a team once, you can make adjustments the next time you see them,” Ellis said. Olympian dropped its Mesa League opener, 84-67, at Montgomery on Jan. 3. The Aztecs, off to a 13-3 start, will be a team to watch this season after finishing 5-0 at its own holiday tournament. Montgomery defeated Mount Miguel, 85-75, in the championship game of the 35th Aztec Holiday Classic on Dec. 30. Five players finished in double-digit scoring for the tournament hosts. Timothy Crawford led the group with 29 points while Kyle Paranada had 20 points, Sebastian Morgan had 14 points, Rahin Williams had 12 points and Ze’Tiam Burton had 10 points. Williams and Crawford each had nine rebounds. The ninth-ranked Aztecs improved to 2-0 in league play after edging visiting Otay Ranch, 83-81, last Friday. Montgomery trailed by five points with just over a minute to play until Williams scored on a lay-up with two seconds left. Paranada led Montgomery with 22 points while Williams contributed 18 points. Tariq Deadmon led the Mustangs with 26 points while Chris Stanek had 23 points. Paranada tops the Aztecs in season scoring (20.3 ppg), followed by Crawford (17.4 ppg), Williams (12.6 ppg) and Morgan (9.7 ppg). Williams and Crawford are averaging 6.9 and 6.7 rebounds per game, respectively. Montgomery entered the week averaging 77.3 points per game. Eastlake finished 3-1 at the Aztec Holiday Classic with wins over Castle Park, Calexico and Coronado before being toppled in the tournament semifinals, 65-47, by Mount Miguel. The Titans (9-7) tipped off Mesa League play last Friday with a 96-72 win at San Ysidro. Seniors Grant Holman and Brian Leonhardt, both standout baseball players, bring their athleticism to the court for the school’s basketball team. Holman (6-6, 220) plays center while Leonhardt is the team’s power forward. Holman is a defensive threat under the basket. Leonhardt led the Titans in the win over the host Cougars with 30 points while Kevin Bateman added 17 points. Holman scored 14 points while teammate Jarret Isaacson had 11 points. Kailen Rains led San Ysidro (6-13) with 23 points. Alex Vazquez and Raheem Nowlin each had 17 points for the Cougars.     PREP SPORTSLINE Boys Basketball Mesa League Friday, Jan. 5 Montgomery 83, Otay Ranch 81 Eastlake 96, San Ysidro 72 Mater Dei Catholic 89, Bonita Vista 65 Wednesday, Jan. 3 Otay Ranch 94, San Ysidro 67 Montgomery 84, Olympian 67 Non-League Friday, Dec. 5 Chula Vista 57, High Tech High Chula Vista 56 Hilltop 63, West Hills 59 Girls Basketball Mesa League Friday, Jan. 5 Bonita Vista 81, Mater Dei Catholic 76 Eastlake 67, Hilltop 22 Montgomery 50, Otay Ranch 32 Boys Soccer Mesa League Friday, Jan. 5 Eastlake 1, Bonita Vista 0 Castle Park 2, Chula Vista 1 Non-League Friday, Jan. 5 Mira Mesa 1, Olympian 1 Lincoln 3, Mar Vista 1 Health Sciences 7, High Tech High Chula Vista 2 Girls Soccer South Bay League Friday, Jan. 5 Sweetwater 1, Mater Dei Catholic 1 Mar Vista 2, Castle Park 1 Southwest 1, San Ysidro 0 Wednesday, Jan. 3 Hilltop 1, Mar Vista 1     Girls water polo: Eastlake Lady Titans win trio of games at Winter Classic tournament Eastlake High School’s girls water polo team won its final three games in this year’s Winter Classic Dec. 14-16, defeating Serra, Steele Canyon and Mission Bay, to finish 3-2 in the pre-Christmas tournament. The Lady Titans defeated Poway and Steele Canyon in a pair of non-league games on Dec. 19 and Dec. 20 to run their winning streak to five games (and overall record to 8-6) to end the first semester. Eastlake entered the week fourth in the San Diego Section Division II power rankings behind University City (6-4), Scripps Ranch (8-3) and Grossmont (5-5). Bonita Vista (1-1) was seventh while Otay Ranch (4-2) was 10th. Hilltop (2-3) entered the week 14th in the Division II power rankings while Mater Dei Catholic (3-0) was 18th. San Ysidro (2-2) entered the week second in the Division III power rankings while Chula Vista (4-5) was fourth, Olympian (2-3) was seventh and Southwest (0-1) was ninth. Mar Vista (0-4) entered the week 19th in the Division I power rankings.  

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  • Chula Vista Woman Dies in Collision With Border Patrol Vehicle ... - NBC 7 San DiegoChula Vista Woman Dies in Collision With Border Patrol Vehicle ... - NBC 7 San Diego

    NBC 7 San DiegoChula Vista Woman Dies in Collision With Border Patrol Vehicle ...NBC 7 San DiegoFamily members and friends are mourning the death of a Chula Vista woman who was killed Tuesday in a traffic collision involving a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle in Eastlake.Chula Vista woman who died in collision with Border Patrol identifiedCBS 8 San DiegoChula Vista woman identified as victim of Border Patrol crash10Newsall 3 news articles »

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  • Victim identified in Border Patrol crashVictim identified in Border Patrol crash

    The San Diego County Medical Examiner identified Thursday the Chula Vista woman killed in a crash with a Border Patrol SUV in Eastlake. Maria Webb, 44, was driving a Pontiac Aztec south on Hunte Parkway when she was broadsided by the Border Patrol SUV.

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  • Winter Storm Brought Record Rainfall to San DiegoWinter Storm Brought Record Rainfall to San Diego

    San Diegans awakened Wednesday to rain for a second day as a powerful winter storm brought record rainfall to the region. The amount of precipitation received in one day broke records in San Diego, Vista, Chula Vista, and Alpine, according to the National Weather Service.

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  • New Port of San Diego chairman is a 43-year-old lawyerNew Port of San Diego chairman is a 43-year-old lawyer

    Attorney Rafael Castellanos was sworn in Tuesday as the new chairman of the Port of San Diego. A 43-year-old Democrat and business attorney, Castellanos presides over a $188 million budget in a year when the port is working on several high-profile projects, including a massive makeover of the Chula Vista bayfront.

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  • Pit bull who seriously injured man had reportedly attacked beforePit bull who seriously injured man had reportedly attacked before

    One of two pit bulls who mauled a man in his 70s last weekend allegedly bit another person in 2016, a county official said Tuesday. The victim was walking along El Cajon Boulevard near College Boulevard in the San Diego community of Rolando Sunday evening when the dogs attacked, said Dan DeSousa, director of the county's animal services department.

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  • Man found dead in barrel was stabbed 66 timesMan found dead in barrel was stabbed 66 times

    The 28-year-old man whose body was found stuffed in a barrel in October had been stabbed 66 times, according to the Medical Examiner's Office. Omar Medina was found in a 55-gallon oil drum that was weighted down by cinder blocks in the San Diego Bay about 200 yards off the coast of Chula Vista on Oct. 12. When Harbor police officers pulled the metal barrel from the water, they immediately inhaled the scent of decomposition.

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  • California man thought he had the flu — it was deadly flesh-eating bacteria - The San Luis Obispo TribuneCalifornia man thought he had the flu — it was deadly flesh-eating bacteria - The San Luis Obispo Tribune

    The San Luis Obispo TribuneCalifornia man thought he had the flu — it was deadly flesh-eating bacteriaThe San Luis Obispo TribuneA Chula Vista man who went to the doctor on Dec. 30 reporting flu-like symptoms died three days later — the diagnosis was necrotizing fasciitis, flesh-eating bacteria. NBC 7 San Diego reports that Adrian Munoz, 37, spent days “in and out of the ...and more »

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  • Flu's death toll doubles to 91; 3,000 more cases reported in last weekFlu's death toll doubles to 91; 3,000 more cases reported in last week

    Registered nurse Annette Rodriguez holds a vial of this season's flu vaccine at the County South Region Public Health Center in Chula Vista last week. Registered nurse Annette Rodriguez holds a vial of this season's flu vaccine at the County South Region Public Health Center in Chula Vista last week.

    Chula Vista News / 7 d. 3 h. 59 min. ago
  • Woman dies in collision with Border Patrol in Chula Vista - CBS 8 San DiegoWoman dies in collision with Border Patrol in Chula Vista - CBS 8 San Diego

    CBS 8 San DiegoWoman dies in collision with Border Patrol in Chula VistaCBS 8 San DiegoCHULA VISTA (CNS) - A woman was fatally injured early Tuesday when her SUV was struck by a Border Patrol vehicle in a Chula Vista intersection, police said. The collision happened about 12:35 a.m. at the rain-soaked intersection of Otay Lakes Road and ...Woman killed in collision with Border Patrol vehicleThe San Diego Union-TribuneDriver killed in collision with Border Patrol SUV in Chula Vista intersection10NewsWoman Dies in Collision With Border Patrol Vehicle in EastlakeNBC 7 San DiegoTimes of San Diego -fox5sandiego.comall 7 news articles »

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  • Morning Report: Chula Vista's Making Headlines - Voice of San DiegoMorning Report: Chula Vista's Making Headlines - Voice of San Diego

    Voice of San DiegoMorning Report: Chula Vista's Making HeadlinesVoice of San DiegoWhen Chula Vista took over the Olympic Training Center from the U.S. Olympic Committee, city leaders saw an opportunity to get a developer to build new dorms for the center for free. In exchange for covering the cost of the dorms, the developer ...Arrests made in string of robberies in Chula Vista, National CityThe San Diego Union-TribuneTwo Arrested in String of South Bay Robberies: PDNBC 7 San DiegoArrests made in series of violent Chula Vista, National City robberies10Newsfox5sandiego.comall 6 news articles »

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  • Chula Vista Offered Free Land and Tax Relief to Amazon Based on Nothing - Voice of San DiegoChula Vista Offered Free Land and Tax Relief to Amazon Based on Nothing - Voice of San Diego

    Voice of San DiegoChula Vista Offered Free Land and Tax Relief to Amazon Based on NothingVoice of San DiegoOn Oct. 17, the city of Chula Vista joined a nationwide bidding war for the new Amazon company headquarters by offering $410 million worth of free land, property tax abatements and other sweeteners. Council members agreed, as a staff report put it, to ...

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  • Chula Vista Redefines Affordable Housing, and Cuts Deal to Build Less of It - Voice of San DiegoChula Vista Redefines Affordable Housing, and Cuts Deal to Build Less of It - Voice of San Diego

    Voice of San DiegoChula Vista Redefines Affordable Housing, and Cuts Deal to Build Less of ItVoice of San DiegoIn March 2016, Chula Vista officials struck a deal with one of the biggest developers around. The developers would build new dorm rooms for Olympic athletes and the city would call the dorms affordable housing. Because of the deal, there will be fewer ...

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