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  • International cosmic ray studies unfold in Utah's high, dry desertInternational cosmic ray studies unfold in Utah's high, dry desert

    A team of international researchers is probing cosmic rays in the dry, high desert of Millard County, where hundreds of specialty devices analyze the high-energy particles striking the Earth. There is proposal to expand the project's study area.

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  • AC/DC founding member Malcolm Young dead at 64AC/DC founding member Malcolm Young dead at 64

    Malcolm Young, the rhythm guitarist and guiding force behind the bawdy hard rock band AC/DC who helped create such head-banging anthems as "Highway to Hell," ''Hells Bells" and "Back in Black," has died. He was 64.

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  • Utah actor delivers the sparkle-jolly joy of 'Elf' in touring production opening soon in Salt Lake City - Salt Lake TribuneUtah actor delivers the sparkle-jolly joy of 'Elf' in touring production opening soon in Salt Lake City - Salt Lake Tribune

    Salt Lake TribuneUtah actor delivers the sparkle-jolly joy of 'Elf' in touring production opening soon in Salt Lake CitySalt Lake Tribune(Courtesy photo by Jeremy Daniel) The cast of the touring show of "Elf," which will play at the Eccles Theater Nov. 24 and 25. By Ellen Fagg Weist. · 42 minutes ago. An office shredder making debris that fills the air like falling snow creates scenic ...

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  • Letter: Free college would bring many benefitsLetter: Free college would bring many benefits

    Tuition-free college is an act a vast number of students would value and it would increase the amount of college attendees. As of right now, there are a lot of young adults who do not pursue an education higher than high school. There are various reasons why young adults don’t attend college or a university but the main reason still happens to be that our young adults can’t afford to get a higher education.We ask ourselves: Will making tuition free increase the number of an educated population? The answer is yes, the more people that are educated, more opportunities there will be for our country. Which in fact comes with a lot of benefits, like resulting in economic growth.By making tuition free, we would see economic growth resulting in more jobs and they will more likely fill up the higher-level occupations and that could lead to contributing to create more jobs for those with higher education.The bottom line is that making tuition free for those who want to attend or get higher education, would result in a lot of benefits. Colleges would have more students enrolled and our country would see economic growth.Daniela Ruiz, St. George

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  • What wine to serve at Thanksgiving? Here are 7 strategies to tryWhat wine to serve at Thanksgiving? Here are 7 strategies to try

    It’s that time of year again. It gets light later and dark earlier, the leaves surrender and fall from the trees, and everything at Trader Joe’s transforms into pumpkin spice. That can mean only one thing: It’s time to choose wines for Thanksgiving.The wine industry would have you fret over what wine to serve with your turkey and trimmings. Yams with mini-marshmallows? Cranberry sauce? Even turkey itself is supposedly unfriendly to wines.Nonsense. Don’t sweat it. You have more to worry about on Thanksgiving than wines. Why not have a little fun and pick a theme? Here are several ideas:1. Choose wines based on your heritage German blood flowing in your veins? Select a few Rieslings. Italian or French? You’ve got it made. If your great-granduncle once looked in the direction of Austria, open a few gruner veltliners and maybe a zweigelt for the red-wine lovers in your family. Latin America in your background? You have a wealth of choices from Chile, Argentina or Uruguay. If, like me, you are Scotch-Irish and married Chinese, well, consider Plan B.2. Choose wines based on your nameThis is fun and easy, and a great promo for Smith-Madrone, an excellent Napa Valley producer. (There may not be many people named for trees, but the Smith part is easy.) Personally, I’m drawn to McIntyre wines from California’s Central Valley. I’m not related to Steve McIntyre, but he makes nice wines and I like having a family label. You will not have to search very hard to find a wine that matches or comes close to your given or family name. Worth a try, anyway.3. Where did you travel this year? Relive your vacation to Barcelona with wines from Spain, your visit to Lisbon with savory reds from the Douro Valley or Alentejo in Portugal. Maybe you brought home a special bottle from a winery you visited in your travels around the United States. What are you waiting for? Open it.4. Celebrate the harvestThanksgiving was all about the harvest, after all. Beaujolais Nouveau is released one week before turkey day and is meant to celebrate the season just completed. Have at least one bottle of this on hand to toast fall and the coming winter. If you want to extend the theme, Beaujolais is a delicious, food-friendly wine. Have a few older ones on hand (and by older, I mean 2016 or back just a few years). Beaujolais Cru, labeled for their villages, such as Fleurie and Chiroubles, add a level of complexity and nuance. And a variation on that theme . . .5. Go localMaybe you visited nearby wineries recently and experienced the excitement of harvest. It’s the best time of year for winemakers, as their efforts during the growing season come to fruition and the delicious work in the cellar begins. Raise a glass in their honor. You may even be able to find an early release “nouveau” wine from the 2017 harvest. A variation on this theme: cider. Support your local cideries by opening a bottle or three for Thanksgiving. These are food-friendly and low-alcohol beverages to carry you through the meal.6. Bubbles, bubbles, bubblesBubbles go with anything and everything, after all. Start by welcoming your guests with a pleasant Italian prosecco, then serve a nice cava from Spain, a cremant from France and a rich sparkler from California, Oregon or New York, progressing from lighter to richer and heavier wines. If you’re a trend follower, start with a petillant-naturel, or pet-nat, from a local winery or - well, it doesn’t really matter, any place that makes a bubbly with a crown cap. And end with Champagne, the ne plus ultra of sparkling wine, with the richness to match the turkey and stuffing, the cheese and maybe even the pumpkin pie.7. Host a “Friendsgiving” Invite your guests to bring a bottle of wine or two of their choosing. These could be from any of the themes above, or just something they enjoy with a special dinner. Then you can enjoy a variety of wines, each special to your guests, and share the stories that make wine so personal and special.When all else fails, remember my perennial advice: Open one of everything. Or at least, a variety. Every bottle won’t perfectly complement every dish and please every diner, but each will find at least one partner and fan, and the cumulative effect will be a happy one. And that’s what Thanksgiving is all about.McIntyre blogs at dmwineline.com

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  • Utah actor delivers the sparkle-jolly joy of ‘Elf’ in touring production opening soon in Salt Lake CityUtah actor delivers the sparkle-jolly joy of ‘Elf’ in touring production opening soon in Salt Lake City

    An office shredder making debris that fills the air like falling snow creates scenic magic for actor Heather Jefferies. The recent Brigham Young University graduate plays Deb, an office manager, in the national tour of “Elf,” the good-hearted musical.For Jefferies, 23, a Sacramento, Calif. native, one of the highlights of the first act is performing the song “Just Like Him.” The scene unfolds the story of what happens the first time Buddy, a North Pole-raised orphan, visits the New York office Deb manages for his biological father, Walter. As the shredded snow falls around her, the actor says she loves the opportunity to pause, in concert with her character, and appreciate the stage magic around her.The national tour of the 2010 Broadway musical will play downtown’s Eccles Theater Friday through Sunday.“Elf,” the 2003 movie, became a generational holiday hit, as Will Ferrell made comedic catnip out of the story of Buddy, whose size and toymaking klutziness make him genetically out-of-step among the elves in Santa’s workshop. He heads out to find his father and to help naughty and nice New Yorkers rediscover the “Sparklejollytwinklejingley” sentiment — as one song tells it — of the holiday. Utah theatergoers might remember the brightly colored, tuneful show at Pioneer Theatre Company in 2013, in one of the musical’s first regional productions. As guest director Dan Knechtges told it: “Good froth always has depth.”Landing a fall run of the touring holiday musical was something of a surprising pre-wedding present for Jefferies, and she and her fiancé agreed to postpone their wedding so she could take the role. The tour’s last show is Dec. 31. On Jan. 2, she’ll return to Provo to marry Adam Jefferies, whom she met at BYU’s music dance and theater program. After he graduates in April, the couple plan to move to New York City to pursue acting careers.Jefferies will be familiar to many Utah theatergoers with her string of three performances in Hale Centre Theatre’s “Oklahoma!,” “Big Fish” and the regional premiere of “The Pirate Queen,” where the actor was billed under her family name, Heather McDonald. Swordfighting in a dress changes everything about how your character moves, the actor told The Tribune early last year about playing Irish leader Grace O’Malley.Actors have to self-brand, she says with a laugh, explaining why she adopted her husband-to-be’s name early after realizing there was already an actor named Heather McDonald enrolled in the actors union. The actor says the musical’s big production numbers, such as “A Christmas Song” and its signature “Sparklejollytwinklejingley,” seem especially popular with audiences, even in pre-Thanksgiving shows. The cast has enjoyed seeing theatergoers wear Christmas sweaters to the show and hearing them quote favorite lines along with the characters onstage.As Deb, whom she describes as “very charactery,” isn’t in those numbers, Jefferies says she likes to get caught up in the magic all over again as she watches from the wings.Have a Buddy, Buddy Christmas When • Friday-Saturday, 8 p.m., with 3 p.m. matinee on Saturday, and 1 and 6:30 p.m. show on Saturday Where • Eccles Theater, 131 S. Main St., Salt Lake City Tickets • $27-$75 (plus fees), at 801-355-ARTS (2787), artsaltlake.org or the theater box office

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  • Utah Navajos will soon have more political power in San Juan County, though some don’t like the changesUtah Navajos will soon have more political power in San Juan County, though some don’t like the changes

    Bluff • The old saw, nothing is easy in San Juan County, was born out this week as residents weighed in on proposals that could tilt political power to the Navajo community for the first time since the arrival of white settlers.Nonetheless, there were many Navajos who spoke out against the court ruling that the existing voting districts in the sprawling southeastern Utah county were in violation of the Voting Rights Act and the 14th Amendment.Virginia Jim, a Navajo who lives near Hovenweep, said she didn’t like the Navajo Nation suing San Juan County, as it did in 2012, largely because the Window Rock, Ariz.-based government has ignored Utah Navajos, while the county has provided roads and schools.“The Navajo Nation just comes in here and disrupts everything,” she said at a public hearing in Bluff on Thursday. “At least San Juan County helps us. The Navajo Nation does nothing.”The Bluff meeting was one of pair of public hearings called by federal District Judge Robert Shelby, who found last year that San Juan County’s voting districts for County Commission and school board were flawed and did not protect the voting rights of Navajos.After the County Commission failed to draw new voting districts that met constitutional muster, Shelby requested that an independent expert — Bernard Grofman, a political science professor at the University of California, Irvine — analyze population data and create alternatives.The county of 16,895 residents is at least 50 percent American Indian and 47 percent white, according to the latest data.Grofman presented three voting district maps for the County Commission and two for the school board. All of them could result in a Navajo majority for both the three-member commission and five-member school board — something that hasn’t occurred before.Shelby wanted to hear from San Juan County residents to consider the comments on the maps before he makes a final decision as early as this December. Few speakers differentiated between the proposals, instead focusing on the political dynamic in the county.Harrison Johnson, a Navajo, told a crowd of about 100 at the second meeting in Monticello that his people and Anglos were working together to build a better county and he didn’t appreciate the nation’s lawsuit. Now there is growing friction between the groups.“The Navajo Nation is causing all this trouble, and we don’t like this,” he said. “They say there is discrimination. But there is no discrimination. They are putting us Navajo against the whites.”Some Anglos expressed confusion about how the sprawling county is governed when the southern slice of San Juan County is part of the Navajo Nation.Jay Mueller of Mexican Hat said the Navajo Nation ought not have a say in San Juan County politics. “Can you have a nation within a nation?” he asked. “You have to decide one way or the other. I say, Washington, D.C., tear down that wall.”Although the county receives millions of dollars a year aimed at providing services and programs for Navajos, a lingering concern for many Anglos is that tribal members who live on the reservation do not pay property taxes. As such, the argument goes, Navajos should not be in control of the county budget.That didn’t sit well with Nathan Sosa of Bluff. “Just because you don’t own property, doesn’t mean you don’t get to vote,” he said. “I believe these maps are a long time coming. This could have been taken care of a long time ago.”Before 1984, County Commission seats were elected on an at-large basis. But a federal court decree that year yielded three districts, one of which is almost entirely Navajo. In 1986, for the first time, a Navajo, Mark Maryboy, was elected to the commission. Since then, despite new Census data in 1990 and 2000, no modifications have been made to San Juan’s voting districts.Jonathan Nez, the vice president of the Navajo Nation, defended Shelby’s order to redraw the districts.“It’s the 21st century and we still have discrimination. The Navajo citizens want equity,” he said at the Bluff meeting. “We just want our folks to decide who represents them.”Although some castigated the proposed maps as gerrymandering, Grofman said the conceptual plans adhered to the law. The proposals cannot violate the “one person, one vote” mandate and race cannot be a prominent factor when drawing lines, he said. Beyond that, the districts should be of similar population size.All of the present commissioners, including a Navajo, Rebecca Benally, have voiced objection to the court’s ruling. The most outspoken of them, Phil Lyman, said the entire process was biased.“We deserve an impartial judge and I don’t think we have an impartial judge. I think you should recuse yourself,” he told Shelby to applause in Monticello.The judge in 2015 had overseen a trial in which Lyman was convicted of misdemeanor crimes for having led a group of motorized vehicles up Recapture Canyon, federal land where such use is not allowed. Lyman is continuing to appeal his conviction in federal court.Some Anglos, including Kay Shumway of Blanding, said the new maps looked to be based on race. “This does not seem right to me,” Shumway said.But Leonard Gorman, the executive director of the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission, said that was not so.“The Navajo people are a protected people under the Voting Rights Act,” he said. “This is not racist, this is what the Voting Rights Act requires.”

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  • What to watch for: Your Utah vs. Washington guideWhat to watch for: Your Utah vs. Washington guide

    Time, Place and [Radio Waves in] Space • Utah makes a trip to Lake Washington and Husky Stadium in its final Pac-12 road game of 2017 at 8:30 p.m. MT Saturday. You can watch on ESPN or listen on 700 AM.Line • Washington is a 17.5-point favorite over the Utes as of Friday.Records • Utah 5-5, (2-5 Pac-12); No. 16 Washington 8-2, (5-2 Pac-12)Opposing coach • Chris Petersen is in his fourth year as coach of the Huskies. Hired in 2013 after a stellar eight-year stint at Boise State, it took Petersen three seasons to get Washington back on the map. The Huskies went 12-2 in 2016, winning the Pac-12 and earning their first shot at the College Football Playoff and an eventual loss to Alabama in the semifinal matchup. Washington finished the year No. 4 in the polls. Washington is 35-16 (22-13 in Pac-12) under Petersen. The coach went 92-12 at Boise State from 2006 to 2013, going 57-6 in conference play, helping put the Broncos on the national map with two undefeated seasons (2006 and 2009). Petersen began his coaching career at his alma mater, UC Davis, in 1987. He made stops at Pittsburgh, Portland State and Oregon before landing at Boise State in 2001.Utah ties • Washington’s defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski spent a year at Snow College in Utah in 1997 as the co-defensive coordinator and defensive line coach. Huskies defensive line coach Ikaika Malloe spent 2014-2015 at Utah State as the defensive line coach. Freshman wide receiver Ty Jones grew up in Utah and was an all-state talent at Provo High School. Jones, a former Utah commit, has played in seven games for the Huskies this season. Game day threads • The Utes will be in an all-white combo against the purple and gold of the Huskies. The jersey numbers are red, outlined in black with red and black stripes down the side of the pants. The white helmet with the traditional red block U has a series of black, white and red stripes down the middle of it. This is the second time in 2017 that Utah will be in an all-white combo, the last time coming in the 41-20 loss at Oregon on Oct. 28.#ICYMI: this week’s uniform combo for #UTAHvsUW @jayhowwie pic.twitter.com/217hNDHYU8— Utah Football (@Utah_Football) November 15, 2017 Pregame quotable • Petersen, when asked how his team plans to re-center after the loss at Stanford: “It’s not always going to be a bed of roses. These are hard-fought games. The good teams, good players, gritty teams, they’re going to come back to work. There’s no chance for feeling sorry for ourselves. Everybody in the conference and everybody else around’s throwing a party [because] we lost.”Media guide nugget • The 2017 Huskies are, as the media guide states, a “demonstrably young team.” Washington has 40 freshmen and 26 sophomores compared to 27 juniors and only 16 seniors. More than 60 percent of Washington’s players have three or more years of eligibility left. Telling stat • The 100-yard factor. According to Washington’s media guide, the Huskies are 211-66-3 (.759) since 1947 when a player rushes for 100 yards in a game. Washington is 4-1 in 2017 in such cases and went 8-0 a year ago. Running back Myles Gaskin this year joined Napoleon Kaufman and Chris Polk as the only players in program history to rush for 1,000 yards or more in three seasons. Gaskin tied the UW record for rushing touchdowns with 37, matching former RB Bishop Sankey.Utah LB Donavan Thompson (12 tackles against Wazzu) looks back on the loss and how the Utes are determined to make it to a bowl game. pic.twitter.com/jcy21BSUZm— Salt Lake Tribune Sports (@sltribsports) November 13, 2017 Huskies offensive outlook • The Jake Browning Hype Train has slowed in 2017. A year after the junior quarterback threw for 3,340 yards and 43 touchdowns, the offense has come back to earth in 2017. Browning has thrown for 2,097 yards and 16 touchdowns in 10 games. His quarterback rating remains high at 153.9, but the explosive offense the Huskies featured a year ago didn’t carry over into 2017. Gaskin has had a standout junior campaign, rushing for 1,038 yards and amassing 15 total touchdowns. Senior tailback Lavon Coleman has six touchdowns this year. While the passing numbers aren’t astronomical, Washington ranks No. 2 in the Pac-12 in scoring offense with 36.9 points per game but just No. 9 in total offense at 404 yards per outing.Huskies defensive outlook • If not for Bryce Love’s Heisman-worthy second-half performance last Friday night, the Huskies would enter this game against Utah as the No. 1 defense in the country. But Love’s 166 yards on 30 carries dropped the vaunted Washington defense down a couple of pegs nationally. Regardless, the Huskies are one of the best defenses around. Paced by defensive linemen Vita Vea and Greg Gaines, Washington is No. 4 in the nation in rushing defense, allowing just 101.5 yards per game. The Huskies are the No. 2 scoring defense in college football, allowing 13 points per game. Sophomore safety Taylor Rapp, last year’s Pac-12 Defensive Freshman of the Year and a Freshman All-American, is one of the premier defensive backs in the conference. Petersen announced Wednesday that star linebacker Azeem Victor has been suspended indefinitely after being arrested last weekend on suspicion of DUI.Here’s Chris Petersen on Azeem Victor’s suspension: pic.twitter.com/P0xDlTNexS— Adam Jude (@A_Jude) November 16, 2017 Injury report • Wide receiver Chico McClatcher suffered a season-ending ankle injury in September. Senior tight end David Ajamu suffered a broken ankle in fall camp. Starting left tackle Trey Adams suffered a season-ending knee injury in the loss at Arizona State in mid-October. Cornerback Jordan Miller broke his ankle at ASU as well and is out for the rest of 2017. Cornerback Byron Murphy has missed much of the year due to a broken foot. Utah coach Kyle Whittingham said the Utes have at least six players who are game-time decisions at Washington, but he did not identify any particular player. Utah was without leading wide receiver Darren Carrington II, starting safeties Chase Hansen and Marquise Blair (season-ending knee injury vs. UCLA), guard Jordan Agasiva and linebacker Sunia Tauteoli last week. Utah saw starting defensive end Kylie Fitts and starting cornerback Casey Hughes leave with an injury and not return against Washington State.Utah OC Troy Taylor assesses the state of the Utes offense ahead of the road trip to Washington this weekend. pic.twitter.com/Kh5D3fIfUp— Salt Lake Tribune Sports (@sltribsports) November 15, 2017 Three Big Questions1. Who is available? The scuffling Utes are dealing with the toll of another long season, and injuries are mounting each week. Defensively, Utah held its own against one of the more prolific offenses in the country while down as many as seven starters at one point last week. A repeat performance on the road at Husky Stadium is a tall ask if the Utes are without so many key playmakers on defense. Whittingham said he hopes Agasiva, who has been out since suffering a lower leg injury against ASU on Oct. 21, can return this week. Utah certainly could use Carrington against one of the top defenses around, but he is questionable, too.2. How miffed are the Huskies? The Utes are about to find out. Whittingham has said as much since his postgame presser after the loss to Wazzu last week. He expects Washington, coming off a loss at Stanford that essentially buried any hope of a return to the CFP, to be an “angry, angry football team.” Which could spell trouble for the Utes, who enter the game undermanned due to injury and on the heels of a seven-turnover performance against the Cougars last weekend.3. Which offense shows up? Utah seemed to put the month of October behind itself in the rout of UCLA two weeks ago, seeing the return-to-form of quarterback Tyler Huntley and a career-high night from running back Zack Moss. But that was against one of the worst defenses in college football. The Utes were overwhelmed by their own mistakes against Wazzu, putting the Cougars on short fields throughout the evening. The topic of the offense has, yet again, been the storyline of the season for Utah. It’s a new offense, with a new offensive coordinator, yet the same, similar problems are plaguing the Utes. Red-zone troubles have been an issue, the third-down conversion rates are troublesome and the lack of a consistent rushing attack allows defenses to focus on stopping Huntley.

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  • Tony Jones on the NBA: Ex-Jazzman Jeff Hornacek is finding success with the Knicks doing it his wayTony Jones on the NBA: Ex-Jazzman Jeff Hornacek is finding success with the Knicks doing it his way

    A rise back to respectability is so complex, and yet so simple for Jeff Hornacek.The man holding him back from coaching the New York Knicks the way he wanted and deserved no longer is involved with the organization. Hornacek won’t say it, so I’ll say it for him.Phil Jackson is gone, a team president no more, which means his directive to run the dated triangle offense also is gone. That means Hornacek is free to be a coach, not a robot.The coaching reins have been loosened.“I think last year, our style, we were trying to mix it with the triangle style,” Hornacek said. “This year, we aren’t trying to mix it. That’s the biggest difference.”The Knicks are 8-7, including 1-4 on the road, so they haven’t yet learned how to win away from Madison Square Garden. Their roster still has a lot of growth remaining, and that may take a few years.But the Knicks no longer are a laughingstock. They no longer are the punchline of the NBA. They no longer are the comedy on Broadway.And Hornacek deserves credit for that.The former Utah Jazz shooting guard is blessed to have Kristaps Porzingis as his best player. The 7-foot-3 power forward has taken a significant leap and is one of the best 15 players in the NBA. Porzingis is averaging 27.8 points and 7.1 rebounds per game. He’s averaging 2.3 blocked shots per game and certainly will make the All-Star team for the first time.Hornacek is playing him inside and on the perimeter, putting him in positions to produce in half-court sets and allowing him to get out in transition. Porzingis is experiencing the same freedom as a player that Hornacek is as a coach after Carmelo Anthony was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder.“I think the biggest thing is Kristaps has learned how to score when the game slows down,” Jazz coach Quin Snyder said. “He’s a special talent, and he’s blossomed this year.”But New York’s relative success is about more than Porzingis. Hornacek has taken Enes Kanter and made him very productive in the paint. He’s taken Jarrett Jack and once again made him a viable NBA starter at point guard. He’s found a role as a bench scorer for Doug McDermott. Tim Hardaway Jr. is at least somewhat justifying the huge contract the Knicks inexplicably gave him over the summer.The bottom can fall out over a long season. There isn’t a lot of youth and talent on the roster outside of Porzingis and rookie point guard Frank Ntilikina. Kanter is a starter, so the Knicks only are going to be so good defensively. And there isn’t much depth.But at least the Knicks are competitive. At least MSG has a pulse. The Garden was rocking as the Knicks rallied for a win over Utah this week. The crowd was on its feet, the mood was festive. Basketball felt right again. This hasn’t been the case in past years. There hasn’t been hope for basketball in the NBA’s most visible market. Changing that is good for everyone for the Knicks and the NBA.Allowing Porzingis to continue growing is the biggest priority. He has a chance to be the best player the franchise has had since Patrick Ewing. Leading New York to a playoff berth would be a great start for him in his first year as the No. 1 option.Keeping the Knicks relevant — that’s quite the feat for Porzingis and Hornacek. They’ve done for a month. Can they do it for five more?NBA POWER RANKINGS 1. Boston Celtics (14-2) • Lost their first two games of the season and haven’t suffered defeat since. 2. Golden State Warriors (11-4) • Came up short in Boston on Thursday in the NBA’s best matchup so far this season. 3. Houston Rockets (12-4) • James Harden is your early MVP leader. 4. Minnesota Timberwolves (10-5) • Unbeaten in the Northwest Division so far, a meaningful feat. 5. Toronto Raptors (10-5) • Former Utes point guard Delon Wright hurt his shoulder and will miss time. 6. San Antonio Spurs (10-6) • Chugging along without Kawhi Leonard. 7. Detroit Pistons (10-5) • Lost a huge lead Friday night in Indiana against the Pacers. 8. Denver Nuggets (9-6) • The young talent is coming together. 9. Cleveland Cavaliers (9-7) • They’ve won four straight but still are too reliant on LeBron James. 10. Washington Wizards (9-6) • Suffered bad home loss to the Heat on Friday. 11. Philadelphia 76ers (8-6) • Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons are the future of the league. 12. Milwaukee Bucks (8-6) • The trade for Eric Bledsoe already paying off. 13. Orlando Magic (8-7) • Have cooled after hot start. 14. Portland Trail Blazers (8-7) • They have a mediocre record with a good net rating (plus 5.1). 15. New York Knicks (8-7) • Jeff Hornacek, Kristaps Porzingis leading mini-resurgence. 16. Indiana Pacers (8-8) • Have hope with young core playing well. 17. New Orleans Pelicans (8-8) • Anthony Davis injured yet again. 18. Oklahoma City Thunder (7-8) • Russell Westbrook shoots 5 of 22 in loss to Spurs. 19. Memphis Grizzlies (7-7) • Star point guard Mike Conley not at 100 percent. 20. Miami Heat (7-8) • Much like the Jazz, they need a go-to scorer. 21. Brooklyn Nets (6-9) • They lose D’Angelo Russell indefinitely to knee surgery. 22. Utah Jazz (6-10) • have lost seven of their last eight. 23. Los Angeles Lakers (6-10) • Forget best rookie. Kyle Kuzma may be their best player. 24. Los Angeles Clippers (5-9) • Ravaged by injury. 25. Charlotte Hornets (5-9) • Have lost six consecutive games. 26. Phoenix Suns (6-11) • Devin Booker has improved significantly. 27. Sacramento Kings (4-11) • A mere 1-8 on the road. 28. Chicago Bulls (3-10) • Scoring just 94 points per game, worst in the Eastern Conference. 29. Atlanta Hawks (3-12) • A franchise essentially starting over. 30. Dallas Mavericks (2-14) • Lost to Minnesota by almost 30 on Friday night.

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  • Patients evacuated as fire destroys E. Idaho nursing homePatients evacuated as fire destroys E. Idaho nursing home

    Officials in southeastern Idaho say a fire has gutted a nursing home, but all the patients made it out without serious injuries.

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  • Former Utah fire chief pleads guilty to starting wildfireFormer Utah fire chief pleads guilty to starting wildfire

    A former Utah Highway Patrol trooper and fire chief on Tuesday pleaded guilty to intentionally starting a wildfire in northeastern Utah this summer — the second wildfire he has been indicted for this year. Rex Richard Olsen, 37, pleaded guilty to starting a fire on June 9 that burned roughly 1,000 acres of sagebrush and grass near the town of Maeser, about 30 miles away from his own home in Roosevelt.The blaze forced a subdivision of Maeser to evacuate, and temporarily shut down State Route 121. He was charged in 8th District Court with second-degree felony arson. A misdemeanor for violating wildfire prevention restrictions was dismissed as part of the plea deal. Investigators found a match and a cigarette where the fire started. According to court documents, the cigarette acted as a “timed fuse.” In an interview with fire officials, Olsen said he started the fire “because he wanted to feel the excitement of it.” The damage the fire caused totaled more than $800,000, according to the Utah Attorney General’s office. The felony arson charge carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.In October, Olsen was federally indicted with starting another wildfire in the same area. The fire burned nearly 2,500 acres of brush on Bureau of Land Management land about 20 southeast of Vernal. The blaze — which started May 30 — took four days to contain and it temporarily closed U.S. Highway 40. If convicted of the federal charges, Olsen could face up to five years in prison.Olsen worked as a UHP trooper from 2004 to 2012. He left voluntarily to work in the private sector, but was rehired in 2016, according to the Department of Public Safety. He was fired on July 1, after an internal investigation by DPS. According to previous news reports, Olsen was the fire chief in Neola, a small town in Duchesne County.

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  • Letter: Taking a stand — or a kneel — is crucialLetter: Taking a stand — or a kneel — is crucial

    The only way we as people in the U.S. can change something we feel strongly about is by taking a stand, or a kneel. Kneeling during the national anthem is a way of “speaking” for NFL football players. It all began on Sept. 24, And after the president’s statement regarding this protest, over 200 of the players sat or knelt during the national anthem.If these players can’t vocally express their opinion, they can do it through their actions. Nothing about these players taking a knee during our country’s national anthem should offend anyone. They are just using their rights to freedom of speech to advocate for something they feel strongly about. This “stand” got so much attention because it is unexpected from professionals. But having our community come together to fight against what they think is wrong is definitely what we need more of.As a high school student, our right to protest is important because it is one way that draws attention from the public and gets people acting on the protest. People protest because they want to be heard and they want to see change, and that’s what should happen.Abigayle Kendell, Murray

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  • Hate crimes increasing in Utah and most are race related, FBI data saysHate crimes increasing in Utah and most are race related, FBI data says

    Incidents of hate crimes in Utah rose significantly for the first time in two years in 2016, and based on complaints and investigations this year, the local FBI believes those numbers will continue to rise.Last year, local law enforcement reported 66 incidents to the FBI, ranking Utah No. 23 out of the 49 reporting states and the District of Columbia, according to recently released 2016 hate crime statistics.Those 66 incidents encompass 72 offenses, or individual crimes, reported in 2016. The most common was simple assault, with 22 instances, followed by vandalism at 18 and crimes against society — drug, gambling, prostitution, weapons violation or animal cruelty offenses — at 13.Incidents rose from 47 in 2014 and 50 in 2015, aligning with a national upward trend.Across the U.S., agencies reported 6,121 incidents of hate crimes last year. That number marked a five-year high.Of those, most were committed against people because of their race, ethnicity or ancestry, followed by their religious affiliation and sexual orientation.Despite ranking No. 23 out of 50 reporting locales, Michelle Pickens, FBI supervisory special agent with the civil rights squad at the Salt Lake City Field Office, said she considers Utah’s numbers to be on the lower side of the national trend.She attributes that in-part to the Beehive State’s demographics.“When you compare us to other states, we’re not very diverse. So our incidents may not be as high as they are in diverse states,” she said. “However, that does not mean that they don’t happen here.”Based on her department’s work this year, she also said incidents will continue rising.Hate by the numbersThe annual FBI hate crimes report doesn’t break down statewide incidents by the targeted group, but Pickens said Utah didn’t deviate from those nationwide statistics.Nationally, more hate crimes — 1,739 across the U.S. — were committed against black people than any other race. Anti-Hispanic or Latino incidents ranked second, at 344 incidents.Jewish people were most likely to face the brunt of hate crimes targeting a person’s religion, with 684 reported incidents, about 54 percent of the total. Those incidents involved 862 victims, up nearly 18 percent from 2015 . Muslims were the target of 307 incidents, a nearly 20 percent increase from the year before.Following that trend, that means of the 47 hate crimes in Utah that targeted race, most were committed because the victim was black. Of the eight reported crimes committed against someone because of their religion, it’s likely the perpetrator was anti-Jewish.Bias against sexual orientation was the second most prevalent among Utah hate crimes, with nine reported incidents, compared to 1,076 across the country. National statistics show gay men were the most common targets of those crimes, accounting for 675 instances.While Utah numbers are climbing, FBI Special Agent in Charge Eric Barnhart said the bureau isn’t ready to posit why.“Is that better reporting? Are we doing better outreach to communities, saying if you experience this crime report it,” Barnhart said. “That’s what we don’t know, because it’s so underreported, we don’t know if it’s a true spike or just better reporting.”Equality Utah Executive Director Troy Williams attributed the increase to the U.S.’s current rancorous political climate and politicians who are “stirring up fear towards people who are different.”“I think that when that kind of political rhetoric towards undocumented folks, or Muslim Americans, or gay and transgender people, when that kind of rhetoric gets racheted up, it gives permission for people to inflict violence on minority groups,” Williams said.The Southern Poverty Law Center’s analysis of the FBI statistics also attributed the nationwide increase in hate crimes — particularly those committed against Muslims — to politics, specifically the election and rhetoric of President Donald Trump.Ajudicating hateAmong other causes, Equality Utah has advocated for an updated hate crimes statute to replace the current law, which doesn’t enumerate protected groups and is limited to misdemeanor-level offenses.Since the statute was adopted in 1992, the law hasn’t resulted in an upheld conviction. Williams said that’s evidence it’s not working. Williams said he hopes the recently released numbers encourage legislators to pass a more effective bill — and fast.“This isn’t just for minorities. This is legislation that is needed for everybody,” he said. “We all have a race. We all have an ethnicity. We all have a sexual orientation and a gender identity, and a lot of us belong to a faith group.”Hate crimes do get prosecuted in Utah, though. It just happens on the federal level.A jury will hear one recent example Dec. 18 in U.S. District Judge Dee Benson’s courtroom. They will decide if Mark Porter violated his neighbor’s rights to fair housing.The attack began on Nov. 3, 2016, when the 7-year-old boy, who is black, rode his scooter near Porter’s Draper apartment. Porter allegedly called the boy a racial slur and told him to go away.The boy’s father came outside and told Porter not to speak to his son that way. That’s when Porter reportedly yelled, “You and your n***** son can get out of here,” and struck the man in the neck with a 1 million volt stun cane.If convicted, Porter faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.Federal statutes set a high bar for prosecution, meaning only the most violent — or potentially violent — crimes get tried, even if a lower-level offense was seemingly committed because of a person’s race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.An underreported problemDespite recorded increases in incidents over the past five years, experts believe the instances are significantly underreported.A Bureau of Justice Statistics survey of crime victimization from 2004 to 2015 found there are an average 250,000 hate crimes committed each year. Between 2011 and 2015, they found less than half of those crimes were reported to police.Pickens said her department typically learns of cases through the news or local police — not victims.“We wish more would come forward, but we think a lot of them are afraid to come forward,” she said.Not only do victims infrequently report, but also many law enforcement agencies don’t share data with the FBI, typically because of a lack of resources and the relative difficulty of reporting to the FBI.Of the 130 participating agencies in Utah, only 32 reported in 2016 — and that’s an increase from 2015, Barnhart said.“How can we give these overworked, under-resourced departments an easy mechanism to give us that data?” he said.The FBI is looking at incorporating NIBRS — the National Incident-Based Reporting System — into more agencies across the country to help solve the issue, Barnhart said. In 2015, only about one-third used the system.

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  • Utah’s Representatives don’t want to tax tuition waivers, but they voted to do it anyway Utah’s Representatives don’t want to tax tuition waivers, but they voted to do it anyway

    Utah graduate students would take a significant hit under the tax bill approved Thursday by the U.S. House of Representatives, and the state’s federal delegation is counting on the Senate to fix the issue. Included in the many provisions of the House GOP tax proposal is a shift away from the traditional tax-free status of campus tuition waivers. Under the bill, those waivers — common among graduate students and the children of university employees — would be counted as personal income and taxed. All four of Utah’s elected representatives voted in favor of the House bill. But reached Friday by email, members of the state’s federal delegation said they are confident that the tax-free status of tuition incentives would be protected through negotiations between the House and Senate. “I share the concern about preserving the tuition waiver, which is being addressed in the Senate bill,” said Rep. Mia Love, R-Utah. “I am anticipating it will be preserved as the process moves forward.”David Kieda, dean of the University of Utah Graduate School, said wavier recipients would see a tax cut under the Senate proposal. But if the House bill becomes law, or if the wording of the final bill ends tax-free tuition waivers, a typical student would stand to lose thousands of dollars.He said he has run several scenarios tracking how the taxes on a tuition waiver would affect different types of students. Those calculations show a range of a 25 percent tax hike for an in-state student at the U., he said, to cases of an almost 200 percent increase for out-of-state and private school graduates.“It’s not just the federal taxes,” he said, “because if it becomes taxable for the feds, it becomes taxable for the state and also you have to pay [Federal Insurance Contributions Act taxes] on top of that.”The result of those changes would mean fewer students pursuing graduate degrees and taking longer to complete their degrees, he said, or a drop in the number of slots in graduate programs as schools are compelled to offer larger stipends and waivers to compensate for increased taxes.“You’ll have to shrink your graduate enrollment because your budget is fixed,” he said.Love said she voted in favor of the bill because of its “overwhelmingly positive impact” on Utahns in the form of economic growth and lower tax rates. When asked how the congresswoman would vote if a final bill removed the tax-free status, spokesman Rich Piatt said, “We don’t anticipate that happening.”Utah’s newest congressman, Republican Rep. John Curtis, described the vote as the first step in a long process of changing the U.S. tax code. Despite some reservations, he said, he voted for the bill to allow the legislative process to continue. “I support incentivizing education and not penalizing students earning graduate degrees,” Curtis said. “As the House and Senate continue to work through this process, my understanding is the Senate version of the bill includes the tuition waiver for graduate students, and I am hopeful that the final product will keep in place these important educational incentives.”Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, said he understands where the concerns over tuition waivers are coming from, adding that five of his children are enrolled in college and graduate school courses. “When the House and Senate work together, we are able to create a better product,” Stewart said. “I am in support of the Senate provisions that keep fundamental tuition programs intact. I am confident that these provisions will make it into the final bill after reconciliation.”Utah’s fourth congressman, Republican Rep. Rob Bishop, declined to provide a statement to The Tribune. Senate Republicans are developing their own tax reform proposal, with several key differences from the House counterpart. Any bill would have to pass both chambers before advancing to the president’s desk. Ending waivers’ tax-free status is “not in the Senate bill and we have no interest in putting it in the Senate bill,” said Conn Carroll, spokesman for Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah.Matt Whitlock, spokesman for Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said Hatch is focused on “transforming the nation’s tax system from a source of confusion into one that is simpler and fairer for all Americans, and that includes for educational pursuits.”Incentivizing higher education has a positive effect on the economy, Kieda said, as student earn degrees and return to the workforce at higher earning levels.“If this is supposed to fix the budget situation it doesn’t — it goes the wrong way and actually is irresponsible,” he said. “If you do a good budget analysis, you should be preferring to retain tuition waivers over the corporate tax cuts.”Spencer Jenkins, an assistant commissioner with the Utah System of Higher Education, said college and university administrators are communicating with Hatch’s office about the GOP bills."We’re watching it closely,” he said. “Obviously, there’s a lot of moving parts to it.”The House bill would not tax scholarship funds given to students. And Jenkins said it does not appear that undergraduate students who receive an out-of-state tuition wavier to attend a Utah school would be taxed. As chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Hatch plays a central role in the development of the GOP’s tax bill. That position also has placed him under fire from critics of the bill’s more controversial elements, such as its repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate to get health insurance and the sunset of personal tax cuts that would cause many low- and middle-income earners to see higher taxes in the future.On Thursday, Hatch lashed out at a Democratic senator who argued that the GOP tax bill prioritizes tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy at the expense of middle-class Americans.“I come from the lower middle class, originally,” Hatch said. “We didn’t have anything. So don’t spew that stuff on me. I get a little tired of that crap.”

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  • AC/DC co-founder and guitarist Malcolm Young dies at 64AC/DC co-founder and guitarist Malcolm Young dies at 64

    AC/DC co-founder and guitarist Malcolm Young has died after battling dementia for several years, the band announced Saturday. He was 64. Young died at home with his family at this bedside, the band said in a statement. Young, along with his brother Angus, founded the legendary rock band in 1975 in Australia. “Renowned for his musical prowess Malcolm was a songwriter, guitarist, performer, producer and visionary who inspired many,” the statement said. “From the outset, he knew what he wanted to achieve and, along with his younger brother, took to the world stage giving their all at every show. Nothing less would do for their fans.” Angus Young, in a separate statement added that Malcolm took “great pride in all that he endeavored.” “His loyalty to the fans was unsurpassed,” he wrote. “As his brother it is hard to express in words what he has meant to me during my life, the bond we had was unique and very special. He leaves behind an enormous legacy that will live on forever.” AC/DC was inducted in 2003 into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which described its sound as “scorched-earth, metallic hard rock which has rarely deviated from a template of headbanging-inducing guitar riffs, flashy drums and banshee-yell vocals.” “In the process, AC/DC have carved out a niche somewhere between hard rock and heavy metal that’s been an inspiration to aspiring musicians — and given us crank-up-the-volume radio staples ‘Back In Black,’ ‘Highway to Hell’ and ‘You Shook Me All Night Long,'” the hall of fame notes on its website. The band plans to create a memorial website at which fans can send messages to Malcolm Young’s survivors, including his wife, O’Linda; children, Cara and Ross; son-in-law, Josh; three grandchildren; and his sister and brother. The family has also asked that in lieu of flowers, fans donate to The Salvation Army.

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  • Orem students crochet wigs for cancer patientsOrem students crochet wigs for cancer patients

    Students at Lumen Scholar Academy crocheted wigs that will go to children with cancer all across the country.

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  • Cooper rewrites record book, saves best for last to lead Lehi to 5A championshipCooper rewrites record book, saves best for last to lead Lehi to 5A championship

    Lehi (12-2) won its first title since 2000, and the first since departing Class 3A around the turn of the century. Cooper set Utah High School Activities Association records for career passing touchdowns (118), career completions (876), et al.

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  • Black Friday sneak peeks with early Samsung, Bose and PC dealsBlack Friday sneak peeks with early Samsung, Bose and PC deals

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  • Trump puts big-game trophy decision on holdTrump puts big-game trophy decision on hold

    WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump said Friday that he has decided to put a decision about big-game trophies on hold. “Put big game trophy decision on hold until such time as I review all conservation facts,” Trump said on Twitter. “Under study for years. Will update soon with Secretary Zinke. Thank you!” Trump was referencing his administration’s decision to remove restrictions on importing African elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia. His tweet came on the same day that a notice allowing elephant trophies from Zimbabwe appeared in the Federal Register. The decision meant Americans would soon be able to hunt the endangered big game, an activity that garnered worldwide attention in 2015 when a Minnesota dentist took Cecil, perhaps the world’s most famous lion, near a wildlife park in Zimbabwe. A US Fish and Wildlife Service spokesman said the move would allow the two African countries to include US sport hunting as part of their management plans for the elephants and allow them to put “much-needed revenue back into conservation.” Critics, however, note the restrictions were created by the Obama administration in 2014 because the African elephant population had dropped. The animals are listed in the Endangered Species Act, which requires the US government to protect endangered species in other countries. “We can’t control what happens in foreign countries, but what we can control is a restriction on imports on parts of the animals,” Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, said earlier this week. On Friday, Pacelle said, “Grateful to President Trump for reassessing elephant and lion trophy hunting imports. This is the kind of trade we don’t need.” Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke issued a statement Friday night about putting the decision on hold: “President Trump and I have talked and both believe that conservation and healthy herds are critical. As a result, in a manner compliant with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, the issuing of permits is being put on hold as the decision is being reviewed.” Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric are themselves big game hunters. Photos posted in 2012 by the website Gothamist show Donald Jr. holding an elephant tail. The website says the photos were from a 2011 hunt in Zimbabwe.

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  • Downtown Salt Lake ice rink starts season with frosty first nightDowntown Salt Lake ice rink starts season with frosty first night

    Noel Hogue, Sequoia Oswald and Nina Giardinelli skate on opening night at the Valda E. Tarbet Ice Rink in the Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City on Friday evening.

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  • Tribune Editorial: Time to put out the fireworksTribune Editorial: Time to put out the fireworks

    Fireworks are lighting up the state capital again as legislators considered a bill on Wednesday to cut the number of days Utahns can embrace their pyromania. Legislators opened a committee bill file in August to review the issue, and are now moving forward with reforms. Utah is unique in that we celebrate not one, but two, firework-worthy holidays in July – Independence Day on July 4 and Pioneer Day on July 24. Many Utahns take the two holidays as a reason to celebrate all month long, much to the chagrin of their early-to-bed and animal-loving neighbors.Utah State Forester Brian Cottam told legislators in August that “stupid human tricks” doubled the cost of fighting wildfires to $18 million this year.Frequent phone calls and emails to government leaders voicing dissent over the month-long fireworks frenzy have worked. Legislators are considering a bill that would drastically cut the days residents could use fireworks to two days before and one day after both holidays. The Legislature legalized aerial fireworks in 2011 for the entire month of July, but scaled that back a year later to three days before and three days after each holiday. That’s still two full weeks. The proposed legislation is a significant change.Rep. Jim Dunnigan said back in August, “I think that maybe we can still have fun, but maybe not quite so long.”The proposed legislation will also give cities more control over their own city regulations. While cities still won’t be able to place an outright ban on fireworks within city limits, they will be able to place more restrictions on them, with input from fire officials. Additionally, those who sell fireworks will have to list legal dates to ignite them and maps where they are allowed.We’ve argued before that excessive fireworks play is not only bothersome, it is often outright dangerous. Fire departments in Salt Lake County this past July responded to nearly 70 fireworks-related calls this week. A Midvale apartment complex was evacuated. Part of Tooele burned. Two homes in Cottonwood were also heavily damaged.The Legislature is doing the right thing in scaling back July’s fire hazard. Utah’s dry, arid climate exacerbates the danger. And the tinder-dry, combustible foothills just beg for ignition. Fireworks negatively impact our air quality as well as neighborhood dogs and other family pets.It’s a completely preventable problem that we should be trying to prevent.

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  • Argentina searches for missing navy submarineArgentina searches for missing navy submarine

    ARGENTINA – An Argentine navy submarine with 44 crew members has been missing for three days after the Navy lost contact with it off the country’s Atlantic coast, the military service says. The ARA San Juan submarine was last spotted Wednesday in the San Jorge Gulf, a few hundred kilometers off the coast of southern Argentina’s Patagonia region, the navy said. Crews are searching for the vessel by air and sea, navy spokesman Enrique Balbi told reporters Friday. The submarine had been traveling from a base in far southern Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego archipelago to its home base in Mar del Plata, a city hundreds of miles to the northeast. The sub’s last known location in the San Jorge Gulf is nearly midway between the bases. The vessel had been due to arrive at its destination Sunday. Balbi said officials hope the crew would bring the sub to the surface, if able. “The submarine knows that if it does not have communication with land for this long, it has to surface,” Balbi said. News of the search struck a chord in the Vatican. Pope Francis, an Argentina native and a former archbishop of Buenos Aires, offered his “fervent prayers for the 44 officers aboard the ARA San Juan” in a message released on his behalf Saturday by Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s secretary of state. Francis encourages efforts to find the vessel and “asks that his closeness be conveyed to their families and to the military and civil authorities of the country in these difficult moments,” the message reads. Search efforts The Argentine navy said it ordered “all terrestrial communication stations along the Argentine coast to carry out a preliminary and extended search of communications and to listen into all the possible frequencies of the submarine.” The US Navy said it was helping. It will deploy a P8-A Poseidon maritime aircraft to Argentina on Saturday, the US Naval Forces Southern Command said in a statement. The 21-person US crew had been in El Salvador supporting “counter-illicit trafficking patrol operations,” the agency said in a statement. The aircraft was deployed to the western coast of Africa when a Korean ship sank in April and more recently, it was sent to Dominica in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. NASA also will help in the search with a P-3 Orion aircraft, agency spokeswoman Katherine Brown told CNN. She said the US plane was “already in Argentina on a scientific mission.” The P-3 is a turboprop aircraft capable of long-duration flights, according to NASA.

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  • Lehi’s Logan Bunker and Skyridge’s Alex Palmer reunite in the state championshipLehi’s Logan Bunker and Skyridge’s Alex Palmer reunite in the state championship

    Lehi linebacker Lincoln Bunker hung back as his teammates sprinted straight from the end of the handshake line across the field to thank their fans.As the crowd of purple roared, Bunker scanned the line of Skyridge players for Alex Palmer.The two seniors grew up together. They met when they were about 6 years old, Bunker said, and started playing football together in fourth grade. They faced off in the Class 5A state final Friday night in what would be a 55-17 Lehi victory at Rice-Eccles Stadium.“It was good to see him out there,” Palmer said. “He’s been through a lot, and we’ve been through a lot together, so it was good to see us both make it to the championship game. And it will always mean a lot to me.”Before Skyridge opened just three miles from Lehi in the fall of 2016, every Lehi student had the choice of whether to stay or go.For Palmer, the decision boiled down to where the majority of his friends were going. He tried to convince Bunker to come with him. Bunker tried to keep Palmer at Lehi.“He’s just my best friend,” Bunker said. “… When he first switched schools, it was really hard.”Skyridge’s football program grew remarkably fast. The Falcons became the fifth second-year team to ever earn a berth in the state title game. “I don’t regret it,” Palmer said about going to Skyridge. “Not a single regret about it.”Bunker and Palmer, who had played on the same team for years, never got to match up against each other in a high school game.Until Friday.“He’s a hell of a player,” Bunker said. “He did a hell of a job. He’s a good athlete — he’s a great athlete — and we just came out on top.”Palmer logged a team-high 11 carries and totaled 38 yards rushing. He was just as complimentary of Bunker, who tied middle linebacker Jeremy Hansmann in tackles to lead the Pioneers with seven apiece. Bunker also made a sack for a loss of 6 yards.When Bunker finally picked Palmer out of the postgame handshake line, the two exchanged a long hug.Then they headed separate directions, Bunker to hoist the championship trophy and Palmer to join his teammates as they quietly walked off the field.Lehi’s Lincoln Bunker on playing against longtime friend Alex Palmer of Skyridge. #TribPreps pic.twitter.com/DQmhnOUQe1— Trib Preps (@TribPrepsEd) November 18, 2017

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  • Goffin beats Thiem to set up ATP Finals semi with FedererGoffin beats Thiem to set up ATP Finals semi with Federer

    London • David Goffin is into the last four of the ATP Finals, to go any further he'll have to do something he's never done before: beat Roger Federer.The No.7-seeded Goffin beat Dominic Thiem 6-4, 6-1 at the O2 Arena on Friday to set up a semifinal meeting with Federer.From 0-3, 0-15 down in the opening set, Goffin won 15 consecutive points to take control of the match, and never looked back."I've never found a key to beat Roger," said Goffin, who has lost all of his six meetings with the 19-time Grand-Slam champion. "Honestly, I don't know what to do tomorrow. But I'm going to try something, something different, something that I've never done in the past."The victory took Goffin to 2-1 in the round-robin stage of the elite season-ending tournament after a win over Rafael Nadal and defeat to Grigor Dimitrov, who will meet Jack Sock in Saturday's other semifinal.Dimitrov defeated Pablo Carreno Busta 6-1, 6-1 in the late match to become the first player to win all three round-robin matches on debut since Andy Murray in 2008.Unlike during his 74-minute thrashing by Dimitrov on Wednesday, Goffin was able to recover from a slow start.Thiem produced some blistering groundstrokes to break in the second game of the match and held for a 3-0 lead, but from there his game disintegrated."Well, I had a very, very good start obviously," Thiem said. "Again, some very bad mistakes. I let him back into the game. Somehow after the 3-0, I lost it until the end."When Thiem finally ended his opponent's run of five straight games, Goffin kept his composure to serve out the set. Thiem then received treatment on his left knee, but it didn't seem to help.He was broken again in the third game of the second set and then twice more as Goffin cruised to victory.Goffin was far from faultless himself, with both players' unforced error totals doubling their winner counts.However, in the major moments Goffin was able to keep his game under control, taking five of his seven break point opportunities. Thiem was wasteful, completing just one of his six."As soon as I came back at 3-3 with a good service game, I knew that he was struggling a little bit with his groundstrokes," Goffin said. "He was hitting too hard maybe a little bit. He lost his timing in his backhands. He started to think about how to hit the ball."Goffin is making his full debut at the event, having stepped in as an alternate for one match last year.Reaching the semifinals in London is the latest step in a groundbreaking season for the Belgian. He broke into the top 10 for the first time in February and reached a career high No. 8-ranking earlier in November.

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  • ASU Volleyball: Sun Devils swept by in Salt Lake City - Devils in Detail - Devils in DetailASU Volleyball: Sun Devils swept by in Salt Lake City - Devils in Detail - Devils in Detail

    Devils in DetailASU Volleyball: Sun Devils swept by in Salt Lake City - Devils in DetailDevils in DetailThe ASU volleyball team lost once again tonight, marking the 17th straight loss for the Sun Devils.and more »

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  • Roy woman recounts dog attack that left her arm mangledRoy woman recounts dog attack that left her arm mangled

    A woman said Friday she faced several more weeks of recovery after a dog attacked her earlier in the week, leaving her arm swollen and mangled.

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  • Outdoor experts raising avalanche awareness as ski season approachesOutdoor experts raising avalanche awareness as ski season approaches

    After last winter successfully resulted in no avalanche-related deaths for the first time in 26 years, many outdoor enthusiasts are hoping to keep it that way this season.

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  • Storm brings snow to Utah ski resortsStorm brings snow to Utah ski resorts

    A winter wonderland fell over northern Utah's mountains Friday. Snow blanketed the mountain resorts, which is exactly what they needed before their individual opening days. Some resorts saw a foot of snow by the end of Friday, see below for individual totals: Snowbird: 12 inches. Alta: 12 inches. Brighton: 11 inches. Snowbasin: 10 inches. Park City: 5 inches. West Jordan Bench: 1.5 inches Alta Ski Resort's new general manager, Mike Maughan, said he had seven inches of snow by 1:00 p.m. "This is the perfect type of storm," Maughan said. "It’s heavy, dense snow; it’s what you need for the base to mix good skiing. It will give us a great start. Our crews will be able work on that snow. We will supplement that with some snow-making snow." He plans to open Alta the Monday after Thanksgiving.

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  • Guns in America: A Fox 13 Special ReportGuns in America: A Fox 13 Special Report

    Within two months America has experienced two of the five worst mass shootings in modern American history. We at Fox 13 News decided it was time to step back and have a conversation with Utah leaders, talking about the problems and possible solutions from a Utah perspective. Our management devoted a half-hour of prime time programming to the discussion. We hope you watch the video above. If you want to learn more about the dynamics underlying the gun debate, we recommend checking out this report from the non-partisan Pew Research Center.

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  • Developer unveils new plans for old Cottonwood Mall site in HolladayDeveloper unveils new plans for old Cottonwood Mall site in Holladay

    HOLLADY, Utah -- Ivory Development has released new plans that show what they'd like to do with the old Cottonwood Mall site in Holladay. The plan includes mixed-use buildings, a plaza, homes and town homes. Many people who live in the area  say the current site is an eyesore for the city. "It's been empty for so long," said Midvale resident Megan Sei. Jeremy Christiansen, who lives just a few blocks away, drives by the site every day. "I get tired of looking at just this horrible bare spot," he said. The 56 acres used to be home to the Cottonwood Mall, which served as a shopping and dining hub for decades. A photo shows the former Cottonwood Mall. Photo courtesy Ivory Development But, times change and the mall began to decline. It met the wrecking ball in 2008. Macy's survived and sat almost entirely alone on the vacant lot until the retailer moved out earlier this year to make way for a possible sale and new plan by Ivory Homes. Now, Ivory Development has unveiled the proposal. "What we're looking at bringing in, is just the absolute best possible mixed-use development," said Ivory Homes CEO Clark Ivory. A map of the plan sets aside 40 acres for 107 single family homes and 75 townhomes. The rest is allotted for mixed-use buildings that will house condos or apartments, office space, shops and restaurants. A map shows the 56-acre plan for the former Cottonwood Mall site. Photo courtesy Ivory Development Ivory said the buildings could range from four to ten stories tall, and parking garages would sit hidden in the middle of the building developments. The plan also calls for a plaza that will allow for activities like an outdoor market, concerts, and events for kids in the summer, Ivory said, as well as an ice skating rink and Christmas market in the winter. This rendering shows the mixed-use buildings and proposed Plaza. Photo courtesy Ivory Development. And for Cottonwood Creek? Ivory said they'd create a trail for people to walk on that would stretch from the neighborhoods to the mixed-use buildings. "It's great to me because we're within walking distance," Christiansen said, of hearing of the plans. He said he and his wife moved to the area a decade ago, when the current owners Howard Hughes Corporation made promises of a new development that would include retail and restaurants. However, the promises and plans failed to get off the ground. "The idea of what they were going to do at this location was extremely attractive to us," Christiansen said. "The fact that they haven't over the last 10 years has been kind of depressing." Ivory Development's plan isn't final, and Ivory said there's still room for changes. He also said they conducted an extensive traffic study of the area, and found that the development would bring in 40% less traffic and have less of an impact than the plans put out by Howard Hughes Corporation years ago. Traffic for the new site would measure up to half the traffic as what the area saw during the Cottonwood Mall years, he indicated. The Holladay planning commission and city council will each hold public hearings and meetings on the matter. According to a timeline provided by the city, the council could vote on the land sale and development plan in February. If they approve, Ivory said they'd start demolition of the Macy's in the spring of 2018, with construction to kick off in the fall. He said they'd start building the residential area first, with the mixed-use buildings to follow in 2019.

    FOX 13 / 12 h. 52 min. ago more
  • Lehi football team rallies around young girl battling cancerLehi football team rallies around young girl battling cancer

    SALT LAKE CITY - Two battle-tested high school teams went head-to-head for the State 5A Football title Friday night, but the toughest person in the stadium may have been a 5-year-old girl sitting in the stands. “Kids are as tough as nails,” said Jessica Hadfield. Her daughter, 5 year-old Andelyn, has Stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma. In the past year, she’s had two stem-cell transplants, chemo, a tumor removed, and more. “She gets worn out and cold,” her mother added of the symptoms. Yet, as the temperatures dropped Friday night, Andelyn slipped on her gloves and hat to brave the cold to watch the football game. “Well, dad is coaching, so, that’s part of it,” Hadfield said. Her husband, Andelyn’s father, is a tight-ends coach at the school. “And then there’s just a group of them that have won her heart,” The group she refers to are some of the tight ends and wide receivers who play on the team, who have showed up to Andelyn’s birthdays and become a system of support for her over the past year. Friday night, many of them had the letters “A.J.” written on their arms. A.J. is Andelyn’s nickname. “For moments your world stops, crumbles down around you,” Hadfield said. “But every turn, we’ve had people like these kids, strangers even, that lift them up and carry us through.” A state title can boost some moral too. Lehi High School knocked off inner-city rival Skyridge Friday night for the crown.

    FOX 13 / 13 h. 5 min. ago more
  • Trump delays new policy on importing elephant partsTrump delays new policy on importing elephant parts

    President Donald Trump said Friday he's delaying a new policy allowing the body parts of African elephants shot for sport to be imported until he can review "all conservation facts."

    KSL / 13 h. 10 min. ago
  • The Triple Team: 3 thoughts on Jazz vs. Brooklyn NetsThe Triple Team: 3 thoughts on Jazz vs. Brooklyn Nets

    Three thoughts on the Jazz's defense not being able to slow the Brooklyn Nets down, Raul Neto's career-best game, and two Jazz players who need to use their best skills more often.

    KSL / 13 h. 15 min. ago
  • Crews respond to nearly 150 crashes as winter weather hits northern Utah FridayCrews respond to nearly 150 crashes as winter weather hits northern Utah Friday

    SALT LAKE CITY -- The mix of rain and snow made for a messy commute for drivers Friday. There were around 150 crashes, which is around triple the amount the state usually sees. Friday kept members of the state’s incident management team very busy. “I've been doing this for 21 years now,” said Billy Frashure, an Incident Management specialist. Frashure knows Utah’s roads like the back of his hand, and he knows the drivers and how they react when the snowy season starts. “It's the same thing every year: the first storm always surprises people,” Frashure said. This year is no different. The first significant storm that hit Friday created slick conditions, resulting in more than 100 crashes. “Today was sort of hectic,” Frashure said. “It's just been crash, one right after another after another.” As the storms roll in, Frashure has some simple advice for drivers if the roads are wet - slow down. “The speeds are just a little bit too fast for the conditions and that's what creates a lot of it,” Frashure said. If you do get in a weather related crash, like many drivers did Friday: “You never want to get out of your car, you always want to stay in your car, seat belt closed, so if another car spins out of slides out or whatever,” Frashure said. And if you can, drive your car off the freeway to get it out of traffic. If you're on the road and see Frashure or his colleagues, he has a favor to ask of you. “They really need to slow down, move over. If you can't move over at least slow down,” he said. While Friday's storm warmed us up to winter driving conditions, Frashure wants you to be ready for the heavy snow that's sure to come. “The main thing is slow down a little bit, be patient, you'll still get there,” he said. Frashure says they're ramping up for next week when another storm could hit. As for Friday night and Saturday, there is a concern for black ice so be extra cautious on freeway ramps and bridges.

    FOX 13 / 13 h. 24 min. ago more
  • Man charged with impersonating federal agent in ClintonMan charged with impersonating federal agent in Clinton

    A Salt Lake man was recently charged with impersonating an officer in Clinton. But whether the man had intentions of kidnapping a juvenile girl, as police and court documents indicate, was still unknown Friday.

    KSL / 13 h. 42 min. ago
  • 6 terrible driving habits you probably have6 terrible driving habits you probably have

    Everyone starts out as a bad driver. Here are tips to know if you want to graduate to becoming a good driver.

    KSL / 13 h. 50 min. ago
  • Beaver County man wanted on sex abuse charges turns himself inBeaver County man wanted on sex abuse charges turns himself in

    A Beaver County man who previously was wanted on a warrant for 35 sexual abuse-related felonies turned himself in on Friday afternoon, Beaver County Sheriff Cameron Noel said in a news release.

    KSL / 13 h. 53 min. ago
  • Man wanted on rape charges turns himself in to Beaver County Sheriff’s OfficeMan wanted on rape charges turns himself in to Beaver County Sheriff’s Office

    BEAVER COUNTY, Utah — A suspect wanted for rape and other charges turned himself into authorities Friday. According to the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Cameron Noel was asked to contact a relative of Destry Mel Stewart around 5:30 p.m. Thursday. Upon making contact, the sheriff learned the relative was with Stewart and that Stewart wanted to turn himself into police. The man was taken into custody around 7:30 p.m. A warrant was issued for the Stewart’s arrest earlier this week, and police had turned to social media to solicit the public’s help in finding the man. According to a wanted poster, Stewart faces charges of unlawful sex with a 16 or 17-year-old, rape and forced sodomy.

    FOX 13 / 14 h. 25 min. ago more
  • Trump nominates longtime federal officer as U.S. marshal for UtahTrump nominates longtime federal officer as U.S. marshal for Utah

    A 20-year veteran federal law enforcement officer, Harris is an assistant special agent in charge with the U.S. Postal Service, Office of Inspector General. Harris worked in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Salt Lake City from 2000 to 2006.

    Salt Lake City News / 14 h. 59 min. ago
  • Firefighter accused of leaving his dog locked in crate to die after evictionFirefighter accused of leaving his dog locked in crate to die after eviction

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A dog found dead in a crate inside a bedroom closet has led to charges against a Missouri firefighter who police say left the pet behind when he was evicted from his apartment. Blayne Trevor Theunissen, a 25-year-old firefighter with the Kansas City Fire Department, is charged with animal neglect and animal abuse, a misdemeanor. According to the charging documents, animal control officers made the grisly find Sept. 17 when they were called out to The Crossing at Barry Road, an apartment complex south of I-29 and Barry Road in the Northland. Officials say they found the decomposing body of a female chocolate Labrador retriever mix inside a crate in the abandoned apartment. (Facebook) The apartment manager told the animal control officer that after Theunissen was evicted, they went into the apartment and found the dog dead and decomposing in the bedroom closet. The dog was a female chocolate Labrador retriever mix. The dog's body was examined by a veterinarian, who determined she was severely emaciated at the time of death. Her 'body condition score' was a 1 out of 9. The veterinarian's report said there were large maggots found on her of more mature larvae. The investigator noted he tried to reach Theunissen numerous times through the firefighters union and by the phone number that had been given by apartment management. "At this time, Blayne Theunissen is refusing to cooperate with the investigation involving animal abuse and neglect," said the special investigator in his report. The fire department declined to comment on this story. The eviction notice went up on Theunissen's  door on June 30, according to apartment management. The eviction was executed on Sept. 7, although Theunissen was not there. It is unclear how long the dog had been left alone, unfed in her crate in the apartment closet.

    FOX 13 / 15 h. 17 min. ago more
  • Police provide tips for preventing package thefts ahead of Black Friday, Cyber MondayPolice provide tips for preventing package thefts ahead of Black Friday, Cyber Monday

    SALT LAKE CITY -- Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up, which means millions of packages and presents are just a click away. Some of those purchases may be stolen off your porch if you are not careful. "Porch pirates are out and about this time of year, and we’re out to either stop those pirates or prevent the theft from actually happening," said Lt. Brian Lohrke with Unified Police Department. Lohrke offered a few tips for consumers, like illuminating your porch and setting up cameras. "A lot of cameras are really good visuals," he said. "We actually catch a lot of thieves using the surveillance video." That helps catch someone who stole your package. So how do you prevent it from happening at all? Police suggest having your package delivered to a third-party person, maybe a family member who is usually home during the day. They also recommend communicating with neighbors who can pick up packages for you as they arrive. UPS states the majority of their 750 million packages shipped during the holiday season are successfully delivered. If you are still concerned, UPS suggests you have your package shipped where you are. If you are at work during shipping hours, for example, have your package shipped there. You can also tell the delivery driver where you would like your package left at your house, like in the shed or behind the garage. UPS also offers Access Point Locations, which are places where you can pick up your package, like the nearby grocery store or UPS store. FedEx offers the same thing; they say they will hold your package for free at a FedEx office location for up to five business days. Meanwhile, local police are keeping an eye out for thieves. “We do have operations in which we have bait boxes out there in which we catch our criminals," Lohrke said. "Now, I’m not gonna tell you when or where that’s gonna happen ‘cause that takes the fun out of our hands, but at the same time do know that this is high on our priority list this time of year." If you become a victim of package theft, report it to your local police department right away. Also contact the shipment company to report the theft.

    FOX 13 / 15 h. 36 min. ago more
  • Feds won’t seek the death penalty for Utah man charged in cruise ship murderFeds won’t seek the death penalty for Utah man charged in cruise ship murder

    SALT LAKE CITY — Federal prosecutors have opted not to seek the death penalty against a St. George man accused of killing his wife aboard a cruise ship in Alaska. Kristy Manzanares. (Image provided to FOX 13 by the Hunt-Manzanares family) The decision to not seek to execute Kenneth Manzanares — should he be convicted — was announced in a court filing obtained by FOX 13 on Friday night. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for Alaska notified the judge it had made the decision after consultation with the U.S. Department of Justice. Kenneth Manzanares has pleaded not guilty to a federal murder charge in the death of his wife, Kristy. The couple was vacationing on board the “Emerald Princess” off the coast of Alaska back in July. FBI agents wrote in affidavits that witnesses had reported seeing blood in the room and Kristy Manzanares had a severe head wound. Kenneth Manzanares reportedly said “she would not stop laughing at me,” authorities said in filings. Passengers aboard the ship had reported hearing the couple fighting. A federal judge has scheduled a trial to begin in April 2018 in Juneau.

    FOX 13 / 16 h. 30 min. ago more
  • Work on I-15 Technology Corridor expected to begin in Spring 2018Work on I-15 Technology Corridor expected to begin in Spring 2018

    LEHI – Plans are moving forward to ease congestion in Lehi with the I-15 Technology Corridor project. A Utah Department of Transportation video illustrates the urgency to fast-track the I-15 Technology Corridor project. It stretches from Lehi’s Main Street to SR 92 – Timpanogas Highway. UDOT has selected Ames Construction and Wadsworth Brothers Construction as the design-build contractor team for the I-15 Technology Corridor project. Construction is expected to begin in Spring 2018 and last through 2020. #keepingutahmoving https://t.co/BHAfh8h6u4 — UDOT Region Three (@UDOTRegionthree) November 17, 2017 “This has been an area where you typically see a bottleneck,” said John Gleason, a UDOT spokesperson. Gleason said this is the last section of I-15 that needs to be reconstructed. UDOT will rebuild the corridor and widen the freeway to six lanes in both directions, and replace 13 bridges. “It’s going to help traffic flow east and west as well with the bridge at Triumph Boulevard over I-15," Gleason said. Christina Sanders experiences the traffic nightmare every week. “It can get pretty frustrating sometimes," Sanders said. Sanders works in Lehi for an internet marketing company called 97th Floor. Her company was behind the “Flippin’ Traffic” campaign. With support from residents and businesses, they helped convince lawmakers this past legislative session to begin the $450 million project sooner rather than later. “That was our main message: Let’s get it done now. It’s already there. Let’s do it,” Sanders said. With Silicon Slopes gaining steam in Lehi, businesses don’t want the traffic to slow things down. “We’re all about efficiency and time spent not in the car, but actually towards the business problem,” said Kat Kennedy, Chief Product Officer for Degreed. Ames Construction and Wadsworth Brothers construction are taking on the project. They’ll begin in Spring of 2018 and should be completed by 2020.

    FOX 13 / 16 h. 44 min. ago more
  • Salt Lake City apartment fire sends one to the hospital - fox13now.comSalt Lake City apartment fire sends one to the hospital - fox13now.com

    fox13now.comSalt Lake City apartment fire sends one to the hospitalfox13now.comSALT LAKE CITY – Firefighters are investigating what sparked an apartment fire that sent one person to the hospital Friday. Fire crews were called to the apartments on 714 N. 900 W. at about 2 p.m. and quickly put out the flames. Salt Lake City Fire ...

    Google News / 19 h. 30 min. ago
  • Teen accused of killing West Valley City girl competent to proceedTeen accused of killing West Valley City girl competent to proceed

    SALT LAKE CITY -- A juvenile court judge has ruled a 17-year-old boy accused of raping and killing a 12-year-old West Valley City girl is mentally competent to proceed toward a trial. In a ruling handed down Friday, 3rd District Juvenile Court Judge James Michie said the teen "suffers from one or more mental disorders, intellectual disabilities or related conditions." Kailey Vijil (image provided to FOX 13) "Despite these limitations, the overall preponderance of the evidence has shown that he has attained legal and adequate sufficient degree of competence to proceed," the judge said, announcing his ruling. The teen, whom FOX 13 is not naming because he is a juvenile, is accused of luring Kailey Vijil from her home in 2015, sexually assaulting her and strangling her. Kailey's body was found in a field. Since then, the case has made its way through the courts with concerns about the teen's mental health. Judge Michie said the legal standard is that the boy understands the nature of the criminal charges against him and can assist in his defense. He would not say what the boy has been diagnosed with. A pair of court hearings surrounding that were conducted behind closed doors. The boy will next face a preliminary hearing, where the judge will decide if there is enough evidence to face trial. If he is bound over for trial, then Judge Michie must decide if it is in juvenile court or in the adult court system. Speaking to reporters outside of court, Kailey's father, Orlando Vijil, said he was pleased to see the case moving forward. He wore a T-shirt that said "Justice for Kailey" with a photo taken just a few weeks before her death. "I don't think there was any winners. We are both going through the same thing," he said, referring to the teen's family. "There's nothing to celebrate here."

    FOX 13 / 19 h. 43 min. ago more
  • KSFI (FM100.3)/Salt Lake City Launches Christmas MusicKSFI (FM100.3)/Salt Lake City Launches Christmas Music

    BONNEVILLE INTERNATIONAL AC KSFI /SALT LAKE CITY flipped to its annual holiday music programming this morning, blending classic from BING CROSBY, ANDY WILLIAMS and BURL IVES with the likes of MARIAH CAREY, MICHAEL BUBLE and KELLY CLARKSON. "There's nothing like CHRISTMAS in UTAH, and there's nothing like UTAH's home for the holidays on FM100.3," KSFI PD SUE KELLEY said.

    Salt Lake City News / 19 h. 44 min. ago more
  • The tragic misfortune of ChenWei Guo, who drove to a Utah canyon just as a couple sought another victim - Salt Lake TribuneThe tragic misfortune of ChenWei Guo, who drove to a Utah canyon just as a couple sought another victim - Salt Lake Tribune

    Salt Lake TribuneThe tragic misfortune of ChenWei Guo, who drove to a Utah canyon just as a couple sought another victimSalt Lake TribuneAustin and Kathleen Boutain decided they would kidnap someone, a random driver in the hills covered with fields of high grass cowlicked by the mountain wind just east of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, according to documents presented ...Prosecutors: Ex-con spent hours looking for a victim before killing University of Utah studentSt George NewsMan Who Killed University Of Utah Student Tried To Kill Other Man With Crossbow But Ended Up Slitting His ThroatOxygen (blog)'Crossbow Killer' Could Face Death Penalty in UtahThe Epoch TimesKKTV 11 Newsall 15 news articles »

    Google News / 21 h. 2 min. ago more
  • Former Dallas Cowboys player charged with murder in wife's deathFormer Dallas Cowboys player charged with murder in wife's death

    This undated photo provided by the Salt Lake County Jail shows Anthony D. McClanahan. Prosecutors say McClanahan, a former professional football player, sliced his wife's neck and then crawled on the ground outside their rented Utah condominium before flagging down a police officer.

    Salt Lake City News / 1 d. 0 h. 33 min. ago
  • Scott D. Pierce: Ex-MythBusters will appear in Salt Lake City on ... - Salt Lake TribuneScott D. Pierce: Ex-MythBusters will appear in Salt Lake City on ... - Salt Lake Tribune

    Scott D. Pierce: Ex-MythBusters will appear in Salt Lake City on ...Salt Lake Tribune(Courtesy photo) Former MythBusters Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara will perform "Down the Rabbit Hole" at the Eccles Theater. By Scott D. Pierce.and more »

    Google News / 1 d. 3 h. 4 min. ago
  • Utah sex workers talk about the personal, practical and political aspects of their jobs - Salt Lake TribuneUtah sex workers talk about the personal, practical and political aspects of their jobs - Salt Lake Tribune

    Salt Lake TribuneUtah sex workers talk about the personal, practical and political aspects of their jobsSalt Lake Tribune(Rich Kane | The Salt Lake Tribune) Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro, Bella Arsenic and Nicole Emma speak at the "Let's Talk About Sex (Work), Baby!" panel discussion, which took place at the Utah Coalition Against Sex Assault in Salt Lake City on Nov. 16, 2017.

    Google News / 1 d. 5 h. 18 min. ago more
  • Actor Tom Sizemore denies groping allegationsActor Tom Sizemore denies groping allegations

    In this Aug. 11, 2014 file photo, actor Tom Sizemore arrives at the premiere of "The Expendables 3" in Los Angeles. A newly released police report details allegations that actor Tom Sizemore groped an 11-year-old girl at a Utah photo shoot in 2003.

    Salt Lake City News / 1 d. 5 h. 39 min. ago
  • Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes marshals Utah counties to sue Big PharmaUtah House Speaker Greg Hughes marshals Utah counties to sue Big Pharma

    Tribune file photo) House Speaker Greg Hughes in the House Chamber at the State Capitol Building in Salt Lake City, Tuesday March 3, 2015. Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes is on a new campaign trail - this time not for public office, but to encourage counties statewide to bring lawsuits to hold big drug companies accountable for the damage the opioid crisis has inflicted on Utahns.

    Salt Lake City News / 1 d. 7 h. 57 min. ago more
  • 3 editorials Tribune editorial: Lobbyists need anti-harassment training, too49m ago3 editorials Tribune editorial: Lobbyists need anti-harassment training, too49m ago

    The Salt Lake Tribune) Rep. Norm Thurston, R-Provo, talks about HB155 during the third reading of the bill that amends provisions related to driving under the influence during debate in the House of Representatives at the State Capitol in Salt Lake City Thursday February 23, 2017. The bill passed the House 48-26 and advances to the Senate.

    Salt Lake City News / 1 d. 12 h. 35 min. ago more
  • He tried to kill a man with a crossbow before slaying a University of Utah student, police say - Salt Lake TribuneHe tried to kill a man with a crossbow before slaying a University of Utah student, police say - Salt Lake Tribune

    Salt Lake TribuneHe tried to kill a man with a crossbow before slaying a University of Utah student, police saySalt Lake TribuneSalt Lake County prosecutors on Thursday charged Austin Boutain, 24, in 3rd District Court with aggravated murder as well as attempted murder, kidnapping, robbery and 10 other felonies. If convicted on the murder charge, he could face the death penalty.Suspect accused of killing U of U student charged with murder, could face death penaltyfox13now.comEx-con, wife charged in carjack killing of University of Utah studentBoston.comCouple in U. student death plotted to kidnap and kill, police sayDeseret Newsall 13 news articles »

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  • Ex-con, wife charged in carjack killing of Chinese studentEx-con, wife charged in carjack killing of Chinese student

    An ex-convict accused of gunning down a University of Utah student with a weapon stolen from a slain Colorado man was charged with aggravated murder, robbery and a dozen other counts on Thursday. Austin Boutain, 24, hatched the deadly carjacking plot with his wife, who is also accused in the Colorado murder case, prosecutors said in court documents.

    Salt Lake City News / 1 d. 17 h. 11 min. ago more
  • Ex-con charged in student death that sparked manhuntEx-con charged in student death that sparked manhunt

    Prosecutors are filing aggravated murder charges against an ex-convict accused of gunning down a University of Utah student with a weapon stolen from a slain Colorado man.

    Salt Lake City News / 1 d. 19 h. 28 min. ago
  • Warped Tour will call it a day after 2018 run, including June stop in Salt Lake CityWarped Tour will call it a day after 2018 run, including June stop in Salt Lake City

    Tribune file photo) Silverstein lead singer Shane Told dives in to the crowd at the Vans Warped Tour at the Utah State Fairgrounds on Saturday, Aug. 1, 2015. The tour will wrap up in 2018 after its 24th season on the road.

    Salt Lake City News / 1 d. 19 h. 28 min. ago
  • Utah lawmakers call for audit of downtown shelter, other service providers for homelessUtah lawmakers call for audit of downtown shelter, other service providers for homeless

    A Utah lawmaker said he's received reports of "major problems" and "appalling" conditions at the Road Home, leading a panel of legislators to call for an audit of the downtown shelter and other service providers for the homeless. After legislative auditors presented findings Wednesday of a recent audit of state spending on initiatives to combat homelessness, Sen. Jake Anderegg, R-Lehi, said he's heard concerns about the shelter.

    Salt Lake City News / 1 d. 21 h. 45 min. ago more
  • Salt Lake City will join NWSL next season - USA TODAYSalt Lake City will join NWSL next season - USA TODAY

    Salt Lake TribuneSalt Lake City will join NWSL next seasonUSA TODAYMajor League Soccer's Real Salt Lake is adding a women's team that will play in the National Women's Soccer League next season. The Utah team was announced as a "new" team to the NWSL. But at a news conference Thursday league official Amanda ...This Utah river played a part in Salt Lake City's beer-brewing history and now it could help restore a Victorian mansionSalt Lake TribuneFrozen shrimp stored in 'hospital bucket for vomit,' mice, roaches shut down Salt Lake City restaurantfox13now.comSex beast stabbed in the chest by female jogger who chases him off after he groped her on runThe SunFourFourTwo USAall 87 news articles »

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  • This Utah river played a part in Salt Lake City's beer-brewing...This Utah river played a part in Salt Lake City's beer-brewing...

    The Salt Lake Tribune) The Fisher Mansion in Salt Lake City was built in 1893 for Albert Fisher, president of the Fisher Brewing Company. The Salt Lake Tribune) Tom Riemondy, Albert Fisher's great-great-grandson, stands inside the Fisher Mansion in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017.

    Salt Lake City News / 2 d. 2 h. 27 min. ago
  • Salt Lake wants 27 more officers, but some council members want moreSalt Lake wants 27 more officers, but some council members want more

    The Salt Lake City Police Department wants to hire 27 more officers as part of Operation Rio Grande . But some City Council members worry the city might need even more to properly patrol surrounding neighborhoods.

    Salt Lake City News / 2 d. 7 h. 27 min. ago
  • 'MythBusters' alumni will try not to blow anything up at Salt Lake show this weekend'MythBusters' alumni will try not to blow anything up at Salt Lake show this weekend

    MythBusters alumni Tory Belleci , Kari Byron and Grant Imahara will perform their live show "Down the Rabbit Hole" at the Eccles Theater Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017. SALT LAKE CITY - Stars from the hit TV show "MythBusters" and "White Rabbit Project" are coming to Utah on Saturday, Nov. 18, for their live show " Down the Rabbit Hole ."

    Salt Lake City News / 2 d. 11 h. 55 min. ago
  • Finding Her VoiceFinding Her Voice

    Long before she picketed at Weber State University, before she took the LDS Church to court and before she sang opera to sublimate her anxiety, Victoria Sethunya used to wander into a barren grassland and dig for edible roots. Long before she picketed at Weber State University, before she took the LDS Church to court, before a masked gunman threatened her life, before she was shackled by ICE agents and a lifetime before she sang opera to sublimate her anxiety, Victoria Sethunya used to wander into a barren grassland—terrain called the veldt—and dig for edible roots.…

    Salt Lake City Weekly / 2 d. 23 h. 50 min. ago more
  • Soap Box: Nov. 2-Nov.8Soap Box: Nov. 2-Nov.8

    "Never too late" Cover story, Nov. 2, "Too Little Too Late?" Never too late.…

    Salt Lake City Weekly / 2 d. 23 h. 50 min. ago
  • The Jiggle FactorThe Jiggle Factor

    It was the age of "jiggle TV" when actresses Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith wore bikinis or wet T-shirts or décolleté gowns as they solved crimes in a weekly detective show called Charlie's Angels. It was the age of "jiggle TV" when actresses Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith wore bikinis or wet T-shirts or décolleté gowns as they solved crimes in a weekly detective show called Charlie's Angels.…

    Salt Lake City Weekly / 2 d. 23 h. 50 min. ago more
  • Conspiracy TheoriesConspiracy Theories

    A year ago, after the presidential election, Dylan Petrohilos hung an Antifa flag in front of his house. A year ago, after the presidential election, Dylan Petrohilos hung an Antifa flag in front of his house.…

    Salt Lake City Weekly / 2 d. 23 h. 50 min. ago
  • Justice League Assemble!Justice League Assemble!

    Karen from Accounting 8. Wonder Cuck 7.…

    Salt Lake City Weekly / 2 d. 23 h. 50 min. ago
  • Breathe Clean FestBreathe Clean Fest

    Everyone wants to breathe clean air and live in a healthy environment—but how? Breathe Clean Fest Everyone wants to breathe clean air and live in a healthy environment—but how? At the Breathe Clean Festival, you can learn about ways you can improve the environment and your own health and that of your family and community as well.…

    Salt Lake City Weekly / 2 d. 23 h. 50 min. ago more
  • What happened to all the supergeniuses?What happened to all the supergeniuses?

    Do supergeniuses still exist? Do supergeniuses still exist? The world has more people, so there should be more Newtons and Einsteins than ever, but I can't think of many today like that.…

    Salt Lake City Weekly / 2 d. 23 h. 50 min. ago
  • Q&A with Mark CheneyQ&A with Mark Cheney

    What goes up, must go down ... What goes up, must go down ... and just about nothing embodies this axiom like a roller coaster. For a quarter century, Mark Cheney has tended the iconic wooden White Coaster at Lagoon in Farmington.…

    Salt Lake City Weekly / 2 d. 23 h. 50 min. ago
  • Pot HeadsPot Heads

    The Deseret News asks a good question: Pot Heads The Deseret News asks a good question: Does Utah cannabis research provide answers or is it just a smokescreen? It's not like a lot of research hasn't already been done, but Utah thinks it can do better—maybe.…

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  • Good-Natured WeirdosGood-Natured Weirdos

    Three teenagers from Rahway, N.J., who call themselves the Rahway Bushmen, have been discouraged from their signature prank: Good-Natured Weirdos Three teenagers from Rahway, N.J., who call themselves the Rahway Bushmen, have been discouraged from their signature prank: dressing up as bushes and popping up in Rahway River Park to say "Hi!" to unsuspecting passersby. NJ.com reported in October that the Union County Police Department warned the Bushmen that they would be arrested if caught in action.…

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  • Salt Lake City police report describes Tom Sizemore sex assault investigation, why no charges were filed - Salt Lake TribuneSalt Lake City police report describes Tom Sizemore sex assault investigation, why no charges were filed - Salt Lake Tribune

    Salt Lake TribuneSalt Lake City police report describes Tom Sizemore sex assault investigation, why no charges were filedSalt Lake TribuneThe alleged groping was investigated by Salt Lake City police, who referred the case to the Salt Lake County district attorney's office to consider criminal charges. The district attorney's office declined to prosecute, citing problems with witnesses ...Tom Sizemore Was Removed From Movie Set for Allegedly Violating 11-Year Old GirlHollywood ReporterSaving Private Ryan | Screen RantScreen RantCNN.com - Actor Sizemore gets 6 months for beating up Heidi Fleiss - Oct. 27, 2003CNN.comFox Newsall 104 news articles »

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  • New Salt Lake City housing plan envisions 864 affordable units ... - Salt Lake TribuneNew Salt Lake City housing plan envisions 864 affordable units ... - Salt Lake Tribune

    Salt Lake TribuneNew Salt Lake City housing plan envisions 864 affordable units ...Salt Lake Tribune(Chris Detrick | The Salt Lake Tribune) Capitol Motel, 1749 South State Street in Salt Lake City Tuesday, November 14, 2017. Salt Lake City might buy this ...and more »

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  • You're Fired!You're Fired!

    Politics aside, you gotta admit Donald Trump’s presidency is peculiar. Keeping Score Local notables grade Trump’s presidency (so far).…

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  • TraditionsTraditions

    The 72nd annual Yellville (Arkansas) Turkey Trot, which took place on Oct. 14, is famous for its Turkey Drop, in which live turkeys are dropped from a low-flying airplane and then chased by festivalgoers. Traditions The 72nd annual Yellville (Arkansas) Turkey Trot, which took place on Oct. 14, is famous for its Turkey Drop, in which live turkeys are dropped from a low-flying airplane and then chased by festivalgoers. This year, KY3.com reports, several turkeys were dropped during the afternoon despite animal-rights activists having filed a formal complaint with the sheriff's office, saying the pilot "terrorized" the birds.…

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  • Vetting Veterans DayVetting Veterans Day

    Originally known as Armistice Day, Nov. 11 marks the end of World War I, another generation's war. Men my grandfather's age fought in that "war to end all wars." Life, to be sure,…

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  • Soap Box: Oct. 26-Nov. 1Soap Box: Oct. 26-Nov. 1

    You really should do your homework. Hits & Misses, Oct. 26, "#fakenews" You really should do your homework and study what those stories are all about, simply by following the links provided, providing you even looked beyond the headline. Your attempt at labeling others for publishing fake news points to your own false and shallow views.…

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